The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Cheats

Infinite Money Glitch
This glitch will let you loot Dorian's Body for Infinite Amount of Money.

Okay to start it off, You need to have a Paralyze Spell, you can buy a Debilitate off of Ita Rienus in Bravil for about 142 gold. She is in the basement of the mages guild 'round 6 am to 6 pm.

Soon as you have acquired the spell, and hopefully you have the skill to cast it. Fast Travel to the Imperial City, Talos Plaza. Find Dorian's house, and Enter. Dorian is mostly always home, so you don't have to worry 'bout have to find him in the streets.

Walk up to Dorian, and cast Debilitate on him. Soon as your done casting loot his body, when you loot him you'll find the amount of money on him, will never go down! But its a messily sum of 10k, so its gonna take awhile. To get a nice round sum of 1 mil. So what you should do is loot him a few times, and wait for the spell to were off, he'll stand up and start to attack you.

Just block and yield to him, he'll eventually accept your yeild, when he does talk to him and bribe him till the meter is full. Then use your Debilitate spell on him again, now the amount is up to 20k. Loot to your hearts desire, or wait for him to get up again, and bribe him to max again which will increase the amount on him by another 10k.

Rinse and repeat to your hearts desire.

Small warning thou, while doing this. Don't loot his body while guards are there, your bounty will go up by the same amount of money you stole!

Thats how you use the money glitch, on the Ps3 Version of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

On the Xbox 360 version, it had you kill Dorian, and you'd be stuck with looting only 20k, least on the Ps3 Version all you have to do is Bribe, Paralyze, then loot.