The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Tips

Where to buy houses
ANVIL (Benirus Manor)
Price: 5,000
Furnishings: n/a (already furnished)
Total cost: 5,000
Desirability factor: 10/10
Extras: Lich tomb in the basement, 2nd floor balcony

SKINGRAD (Rosethorn Hall)
Price: 25,000
Furnishings: (Colovian Traders)
Desirability factor: 10/10
Extras: Maid, hidden treasure, 2nd floor balcony

Price: 10,000
Furnishings: (Novaroma)
Desirability factor: 9/10
Extras: None

Price: Free*
Desirability factor: 8/10
Extras: Altar of Enchanting, Altar of Spellmaking, alchemical table & garden,
portals to all Mages Guilds