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Command codes

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Vampirism cure alternative
As a vampire sunlight is a REAL BIG PROBLEM so if you dont want to loose the vampirism extras then just feed on any character at exactly 4:00 AM or at 3:00 AM. When the sun rises nothing will happen to you. ( NOTE if you wait or sleep then the sun WILL damage you. If you do sleep or wait then you will have to do it again.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Free Pirate ShipTo get the Pirate ship as your own base of operations in the beginning of the game. First jump on the pirate ship to anger the pirates. Now as they attack you lure the pirates to the guards. Do this until all pirates are killed by the guards. Remember do not attack or else guards will attack you as well. Run around with no weapons. The pirates do not respawn and you have the ship all to yourself to store your gear in.
Note by userThis works fine, in theory, however you cannot store your gear in any of the boxes or chests except the locked one. Any gear stored in other locations will dissappear eventually


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"Full Elvin Armour"
(This only applys to those whom are already envolved in the fighters guild)

Ever wandred what it would be like to have full elven armour, well its pritty damn awsome, lol. What you need to do is play through all the missions that the fighters guild give, until you reach a point wehn you and some Dark elve dude from Anvil go and look for a way to put the Blackwood company out of bussenes, follow him and do what he tells you to do. you will travel through about two Alyied ruines, this first has nothing but the seccond is a frot and in there is a redgaurd with full elven armour, kill him and get the armour, easy as pie.
100 sneak before level 1
Start a new game and choose your race.

As long as you dont aproach the cell door the game wont trigger valen dreths insults and the game wont progress until you move towards the door.

Go into sneak and hop up onto the raised platform in the wall.

Now just run into the wall until your sneak skill is up to 100.

(You can use this after he starts insulting you but it will only work up until the blades and the emperor get near to your cell)

Dreth wont detect you because his sneak skill is 5 and you are technicly 2 rooms away from him

(You can do this for these other skills as well: Restoration, Athletics and Acrobatics)

This also makes the starter dungeon extremely easy.

If you choose sneak as one of your primary skills when you select your class you will level up 5 times automaticaly depending on your difficult level.
A fence who isn't a fence.
If you aren't a member of the Thieves guild(though, it's a very high chance you are) or just don't wanna use an official fence for some reason, The owner of the "Inn of Ill Omen" will buy your stolen goods. It isn't much use unless you invest in him, as he only has 50 gold.
A Useful Magic Training Trick
As you have probably noticed, certain magical schools, namely destruction require you to dedicate a lot of time and effort (and magicka) to advance levels. Well my trick is a way to advance levels quickly and effectively.

First of all you need to complete all of the recommendation quests for the mages guild so that you can gain entrance to the Arcane University. Then go into the Praxographical center (i think thats what its called) it should be on the left side of the university. Once inside, go and activate a spellmaking altar. Next choose a spell, for example fire damage, and set the settings to self for one second of one point of fire damage. Don't worry, this will hurt you very little. It should be extremely cheap and cost very very little magicka to cast.

Use this fire damage level and it will increase your destruction level just as much as any other destruction spell, but you don't have to use a spell that costs a lot of magicka and requires to be cast at a living target. You can also do this with any other Magic type.
Alteration skill
You can just continually use open door magic on any lockable item(door, chest, crate, jewelry box, and others) and eventually you will get your skill to 100.
Another way to duplicate
There is another way to duplicate items that I found by accident. First, you need at least 2 magic scrolls of the same name that aren't stolen and an item (not stolen) that will be duplicated. Second, go to you inventory and press the X button twice on you scrolls (need 2 or more of same kind remember). Third, go to the item you wish to duplicate and press X on it. the items nuber will jump to the same as the number of scrolls. Now you don't have to spend time looking for the things you dropped, one example being rings, that aren't easy to see.
Being taught skills
Several people have asked me why they can only learn skills from people at certain times. I am here to clear this up. You can learn skills 5 times each level. Each time you level up, the amount you can learn resets. I suggest learning difficult skills that are hard to level up.
Boots of The Crusader
When you enter the grove of Kynareth, a huge bear will appear and attack you. DO NOT ATTACK! If you know how, go invisible. Otherwise, put your shield up. A message will appear onscreen saying a cave opened. Go into the cave and you can get the boots. (The spriggans inside are nice.)
Before you do this you might want to sleep to restore health and other stats. If you get stuck in jail all you do is punch/attack your cell mate
keep fighting and soon a gaurd opens the cell door. It is easier to go to options gameplay and turn the difficulty down to make sure you win against the cell mate & gaurd. After this loot the gaurd to get his weapons and armour and walk free. NOTE soon after getting free and being
a good citizen you get your stuff back.
You might want to turn the difficulty back up.
Crusaders items
If you are infame, and love to kill, then do not use a hell of a lot time to find the Crusaders Equipment because, whit one kill or if you steal one item, then you canĀ“t use it anymore, unless you will go all the way to all the wayshirns again

Dark Brotherhood
To join the Dark Brotherhood, a group of assassins, murder a random person for no reason and the game will say "Your murder has been observed by forces unknown." Then, go to sleep. A guy in a black robe will visit you. He'll ask you a couple questions. Say nice things and he will tell you to kill someone. Kill them and go to sleep again. He will visit you again and let you into the Dark Brotherhood.
Dark BrotherHood
There is another way to join the Dark Brotherhood all you have to do is go into the arena and accept the Grey Prince's quest. Finish the quest, come back, get the training from him plus you also get an easy kill when you have to fight him in the arena to become grand champion... so just to recap you get the Grey Prince's training, easy grandchampion title and entrance into the Dark Brotherhood without having to kill any innocents.
Display cases
At Rosethorn Manor, you can get display cases. To put stuff into them, open the menu, go to the item, and press and hold L2. It will appear in front of you. Holding L2, manuever it into the case. This way you can store things in a cool but safe way.
Dragon Stone
If you go to Lake Arrius Caverns (just North of Cheydinhal, between 2 small lakes) you will find a Doomstone. It is East of Lake Arrius, so just follow the path from the entrance to the caverns East. Also, you need about 75 fame to do this. While it is night, go up to and activate the stone. You will recieve the Dragon Dream greater power. It costs 0 magicka and has the following effects:

1. Fortify Magicka 50 pts for 120 secs on Self
2. Fortify Health 40 pts for 120 secs on Self
3. Fortify Fatigue 100 pts for 120 secs on Self

Just remember that it is a Greater Power and can only be used once a day.
easy 100 sneak
some people in oblivion dont report pickpocketing to heres your best chance to get 100 sneak go to imperial city and go to the house next to the one for sale(or your house if you have bought it)and the house should belong to someone named christophe(excuse my spelling) and then pickpocket him he will not report pickpocketing and he has a pretty decent weapon...(he sleeps during the daytime because he does thieve guild meetings and midnight)
Easy Alchemy levels!
Buy the house in the imperial city. Buy the upgrades for the house. go in the house and use the duplication glitch to make a whole bunch of food (You can do this anywhere, but it is easier to grab the items you drop in the house). keep making potions using the food (leave at least one of each for later). Now you are a master of alchemy.
EASY Daedric & Glass!
go to leyawiin castle (after level 20) and talk to Mazoga the Ork. She will take you on a quest to this camp where you have to kill a few guys. One of the guys has glass armor, and Mazoga has Daedric, so just kill her after you murder the guys at the camp and take her daedric armor
Easy Gold
Okay so in the beginning of the game getting gold may seem like a pain in the ass, but if you don't mind killing a few guards then it will be easy- what you want to do first is go to options-->Difficulty--> then set it to minimum, attack a guard -I would do this outside Rindirs staffs in Imperial market place since he doesn't care if your a murder- increase how much he likes you then attack a imperial watch guard, take the armor they drop and sell it to him for as much as you can, do this for a little while and it'll make having that bounty over your head worth it <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> have fun <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy Killing
When you want to kill some really hard guy because of his wep, just go to OPTIONS and go to GAMEPLAY. Then change GAME DIFFICULTY to very low (put it all the way back if I were you). And there you go, you can kill any one!
Easy Lock Picking
When attempting to open a lock, press Square and X at the same time. This makes it auto-attempt and stops you from breaking the lock picks.
Easy lock pickingskill level up
I hope this helps anyone that is having trouble being a thief. All you have to do is complete nocternals quest and she gives you an item called skeleton key it is a lockpick that can never break. You have to be level 10 or higher in order to do this though.
Easy money
Okay, if you are in the thieves guild and want to sell a lot of stuff to gain a lot of money to start your missions. Go to Trenus Duronis house that is located in Imperial
City's Temple district. He is a drug addict so is barely in his house at night, and if he is, he doesn't care. His house is full of stuff to steal that you can sell to the thieves guild.
Easy Money
When anybody dies; enemy or ally, always take any money or potions. Even if its not a lot, it adds up quickly.
easy money/dupe trick
(only works on game of the year edition)


get or buy 2 scrolls of the same kind. equip the scrolls in the inventory (misc) then drop what you want to dupe (does not work on knights of the nine armor, and certain things also gets glitched with bigger item's)

easy money with duplication.

find a bowl. drop it on the ground right side up. continuously dupe what ever you want to ( I recommend a ring with over two thousand value). once you have duped the first time only grab one then repeat the dupe repeat until enough rings are in the bowl. once done go to the three brothers place in imperial city (has most gold) and sell all but one. the last one is to save for next time.
Easy Sneak
Ok so first you need to join the Dark Brotherhood. Then the first contract you get(kill the captian guy) hide in the crate. Then once you are in, go to the next level. Walk into a room with a chest on the desk. Now sneak and just use a rubber band to keep it so your guy runs in the corner. If done properly, your sneak should go up.
Easy sneak and level up at start of game
Before you leave your prison cell at the start of the game, go into sneak mode. Rubber band the left joystick around the L2 button so that it is constantly sending you forward. Run against the front of the cell or the wall next to it. Your sneak will go up because of the prisoner across the hall.

While you're waiting for the sneak to build up, you can jump until the fatigue runs out to get the acrobatic level up. While you wait for the fatigue to recover, use the heal spell to get your restoration level up. After you run out of magic, go back to jumping and so on. All the while you're sneaking and building that level up also.

Before you leave the sewer, make sure you have created a custom character that includes sneak, restoration, and acrobatics as major skills. Then the first time you go to sleep, you will be able to level up many times over immediately.
Easy sneak Skill
In order to do this you have to have bought a horse or gotten on from the "Purification" quest in the Dark Brotherhood as a stolen one may get you caught. If you walk the horse outside of the imperial city the turn it's back to a corner of the wall, you can get off and walk behind it. If you activate sneak mode and rg the analog stick to move forward, (directly up as diagonal will face you away form wall) you will walk directly into the corner and the walk/run discrepancy does not matter here as you do not move a distance. the horse will count as a creature and you are moving so it will increase your sneak. Verify if it works for you. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy way out of Jail
All you have to do is summon a creature and hit it a few times. Then guard comes in and you can kill him and take the keys.
Easy way to pick locks.
Me and my sister use this to pick locks constantly! when you get up to the pick lock screen. you go to one of the bars and press up and pause it quick. If you look at the bar it may be half way up if not unpause and dont do anything until it goes back down. Keep tring to pause it when it is half way up. when you do press X 2 times Really fast on Resume and you should get the bar unlocked keep doing this to all the bars are unlocked (if there is any).
P.S. This is not a glitch. It could fail if you don't do it fast enough or if you don't have the bar at least half way up)(not to close or to far away.) please verify me if this works! Plz!
Enchanted weapons dont need charge.
If your enchanted weapon is out of charge, and you need it to kill a ghost or something, don't worry. The weapon can still hurt them without charge, so if you're only using it to kill ghosts, don't waste your money Recharging it.
Enemies and Loot
Enemies and loot eventually re-spawn over a period of 48 hours or more, so right after you loot out a joint be sure to stop by 2 to 3 days later for some more loot.
Entrance to the Thieves Guild
All you have to do is go to jail once for stealing an item. Sleep once (in the imperial city preferably the waterfront) and you'll be given a mysterious note to go to the garden behind the waterfronts abandoned shack. You'll be told to steal amantius allectus's diary. Wait or sleep for a short time long enough for methredel to get the diary she will put it into a chest in her house for the day. You can steal it from there very easily. If you fail to get the diary and she takes it to armond, then you must steal a sword instead much more difficult but still a second chance.
Extra Lockpicks in Prison
Whenever you go to jail you will always be put in the same cell. While you're a free man make a visit to the jail and drop as many lockpicks as you want right outside the cell door. You can pick them up whenever you get caught and put in prison.
Fast level up
When you chose your major skills at the begining of the game, always pick alchemy and armourer. Their is an abundance of ingredients throughout the game and every time you mix ingredients it goes towards increasing your level" which happens very fast " and afterwards you can sell your potions for a tidy profit. choose armourer because you will always need to repair items and every hammer strike goes towards increasing your level, if you go to "a fighting chance" in imperial city the owner will teach the armourer skill up to level 70.
Fast Money
In order for this trick to work you must have completed the 2 previous quests Mazoga the Orc and Knights of the White Stallion. After doing so the Count of Leyawiin will give you 100 septims for every Black Bow you recover from Black Bow Bandits. Black Bow Bandits can by found at Telepe, Rockmill Cave, and Undertow Cavern. Rockmill Cave has the most with 20 Black Bow Bandits, that's an easy 2,000 septims!
Fast Sneak Skill
This is a very easy way to get your sneak skill to 100. go to the Imperial Prison. Go behind the sitting Imperial Jailer, sneak and make a paper clip straight. Then wrap it around the control to move your character and the L2 control. Then play something else for about an hour and BAM!!! Your skill is THREW THE ROOF!!! ☺☺☺☺ ☻☻☻☻
Fine Steel Longsword
You can find a Fine Steel Longsword on the broken 2nd level of Fort Coldcorn; next to it is a chest with some loot and a note. The note will say,"The sword leads the way. Half a mile. It's just past the big rock on the Right." Hopefully you didn't grab or bump the sword on your way up because it was pointing in the direction on the hidden treasure. Follow the directions from the note and find your treasure!
Free arrows
go to the arena. a guy is practicing his bow and arrow....come up to the target and pick up the arrows he shot into it...dont worry he stops shooting if you are in the way....unlimited arrows!! enjoy
Free Arrows!
go to the blood works in the arena, there is usually is a man shooting arrows at a practice target. wait until he has fired some then run up to the target and take all his arrows. he never runs out so you have a supply of infinate arrows!
Free Ebony and Gold
If you are a level of 18 or higher, you can get a free ebony item and around 275 gold. Go to the cave called sinkhole cave just north of the Imperial City. Go inside and kill the rouges. When you reach a bowl looking room, go left until you reach a passage way that leads to Sinkhole Cave Citadel. Go inside and kill some more rouges. Then procede across the bridges to the back of the room, where a chest that is unlocked will posses an ebony item and quite a bit of gold. The thing i like about this hint is that about every week or so. The rouges return and the chest is refilled with a more valuble item and more gold.
Free Full Elven Armor
You have to either be level twenty and do Claviscus Vile's daedric quest or find the dungeon and you can take umbras armor and her sword also has a soul trapping enchantment on it so i would sell stuff before going to take her stuff.

PS Umbra's stuff is heavy armor and it does not have enchantments on it.
Free Lock-picks (Short and very easy!!)
To get the lock-picks. Fast travel to the waterfront in imperial city (Must be morning time). Then take 2-3 steps back. Turn right and keep on going till you go to the place filled with wooden shacks. Then find the 'House For Sale' or your own house if you bought it. Next to it should be Chritophe's house. Go inside (normally unlocked), pickpocket him and take all the lock-picks you desire. You also could take other stuff from him if you'd like, he doesn't mind. He'll only say 'Pfft, take it. Its worthless to me anyway'

fun with spells
Once you have been recormended by all leaders in the mages guild go to the arcane university. On one of the floors you can create your own spells. One I made exploded healed me and protected me! To do powerefull ones it costs a LOT!!!!
gatekeeper lv
lvs.1-10 hes lv 10 15-20 lv.24 lv25-36 lv.39 lv.40-60 lv75
Get 100 sneak easily!
Before you battle The Gray Prince, go up to him and talk, he will give you a mission and then you have to finish it, he will give you a few attack skills and then become depressed. Ask him to battle you when you are a champion and The Gray Prince will not want to fight you, go behind him and sneak around in circles. (I put an elastic band around the two analog sticks so i would run in circles).
Get a noticed killing in the open and no bounty
Basically, when you do the arena you go up against unnamed characters that will not count as "murder" but as the champion, who I can't remember the name of, has a name and it counts. This is really good for people who are struggling for someone to kill that wont restrict a quest from them. Also the fight is normally tough and difficult but if you complete the miscellaneous quest "Origin of the Grey Prince", the champion loses the will to live and asks you to end his life in the arena. When you go up against him it appears hes going to fight back as he rushes at you but then stops suddenly and begs you to end his life. I had a play with him here but just kill him all the same. Behold those long wanted word in the top corner, "Your Killing has been observed by force unknown", or something like that.
get alot of money very easily
ok, first join the mages guild. once u join go to any mages guild. now go in and find all of the alchemy stuff. it is worth 50g each and when u take the stuff it is not considered stealing so u can sell it. (exept in the alchemy shop in Bruma, there it is stealing.) now after getting as much of the stuff as u can carry, go to a merchant and sell it all. if u do this with every guild hall it will easily get you aroung 5000g.

this also works with the fighters guild and weapons. just make sure u join the guild first or it is stealing.
getting 100 sneak
This is my method of getting 100 sneak from level 1 in less than an hour.

NOTE: You will need to be grand champion and have your adoring fan

1. Take your adoring fan to a secluded place where no one goes.
2. pickpocket everything from the AF's pockets
3. now continousally press A and B to pickpocket and close out
4. Watch TV or something while you do it.

getting out of jail
when in jail you get a chance to pickpocket the guard as he gos by most of the time u get away with it and if you dont just kill him and take his keys (for the evidence chest )
Getting out of jail EASY
This tip is for characters that have at least a 30-40 destruction touch spell its not that hard to get. While your in Jail equip your touch spell when the guard walks by (he most likely will) talk to him to slow him down then R2 to attack he should fall and then search his body get the keys and get out (the guard should have the evidence box key too but if he doesnt or u didnt grab it you still have your lock pick)

Getting Umbra sword and full ebony armor
Ok so you go to the alyied ruin called Vindasel and get to the end of it (its not long and all the enemies are rats) once you get to the end youll find a wood-elf girl names Umbra she will not attack you for she is not evil. if you try to speak to her no options will pop up so all thats left to do is to kill her (WARNING) Umbra is very strong so if your a low level she will be very difficult but if you go to your options and then gameplay and turn down difficulty she will be easier. once you kill her pick up her sword (umbra) and her armor whitch is called "Umbra Ebony Helm" for example so its a special kind of armor.Umbra is the strongest weapon in the game so when you get to a high enough level the attack power will be 30 so it is very strong. Have fun pwning people with the best weapon in the game
Giant Mud Crab
To find the Giant Mud Crab simply head out to Greenmead Cave and explore the whole cave until you get to the Inky Grottos section of the cave. There you will find the Giant Mud Crab, good luck!

~Keep in mind the Giant Mud Crab is very weak despite its large size.
Giant Ninroots

1.) The 1st can be found in the vicinity of "k" in "Skingrad", check your map to find it.
2.) The 2nd can be found in the vicinity of "h" in "Kvatch", check your map to find it.
3.) The 3rd and 4th can be found near the pond around Shardrock.

Giant Skull
A giant skull can be found at the base of a statue at Fort Redman in the Hall of Judges section.
Giant Slaughterfish
You can find the Giant Slaughterfish by going to the Niben Bay near the vicinity of "a" in "Bay". Their underwater will be a passage that leads to the Giant Slaughterfish.

~Be prepared by having a water-breathing spell and some good armor because this guy puts up a good fight.

Green Mote GOOOD!
This one's more simple than it sounds.

If your doing the green mote mission in the forgotten isle's, when you get to the room with the chalice you can use the penalties from withdrawl to advance your stats above 100. Just practice your skills in this room until you've gone up all the levels you want, and rest while in withdrawl. Your stats will go back to what they should be when you take the chalice, even if they can't normally go that high.

This tip is especially useful for mages of all sorts, as they not only have the best skills for going up levels, but get the most out of it. (intelligence above 100? yes pleeeeease!)
If you are riding on a horse, DO NOT LET IT DIE/FAINT! Because if it does, it is instant death.
How Ti Get Full Umbra Ebony Armour
Firstly Get 60 steel arrows with some silver or just get around 100 steel arrows.

South of the Imperial city there is an ayleid ruin called Vindasel fight your way through until you come to a railing on the right side of you and now get in sneak and walk to the edge where there is no railing however do not jump otherwise the lady will kill you without a doubt, she is level 50 with a health of 394 and a sword that has an attack of 15!

so walk down onto the edge and look left there should be 2 ledges jump on one of them and then jump on the second one now hit Umbra with your arrows, she will come up and try and attack you but she wont be able so now Umbra will only attack the wall so keep on hitting her with arrows until she dies search the body and you will have a full set of Umbra armour, the full set ways 141.75.
<img src="" alt="" />
Follow link to see full Ebony armor

I did this when i was level 5 and its easy as long as you do it right

Have Fun
how to get 100 sneak easily !!!
All you have to do is go to the arena and become grand champion the get your adoring fan to follow you into the house in the imperial waterfront the tell him to stay there where he is when he is facing the wall then get sneaking. A good way to do this is wedge the left thumb stick against a book so your character will still be moving forwards against a wall and your adoring fan will stay there until you tell him otherwise so you can go off and do something else while you lvl is steadily going up. : )
How to get 500 gold in a snap
To get 500 gold you have to wait in night after 9:00 pm in the arena entrance. It is a chest on top of a table, you can find this when you go in the arena wich is between bloodworks and betting doors. Then wait for the guy to leave and close both doors, after closing the doors, use sneak then try to lockpick the chest open, you are gonna need tons of lockpicks if your'e not very good at it but be sure you are hidden behind the doors or else a guard will see you but if u go to jail, the 500 gold coins isn't gonna get taken away from you.
How to get a WHOLE lot of money
You know that Imperial Watch Towers? Well, when you go to one of them, wait for no guards down stairs. After that, go up through the rooms QUICKLY because the guards will get up and catch you.
How to get full Dwarven Armour
First things first you need to be a level 8.
Then you need to go to the Shivering Isle get
to passwall then go to the GateKeeper then you
see Adventurers,some with Steel armour & one
with Dwarven armour when all the Adventurers
are dead the Captain will say retreat then kill
him after you kill him search him the you will
see he has Dwarven armour
How to increase your stats
To increase your stats. You must first have Grand Soul gems (I have 56) and an item to enchant (I use necklaces). Then you must be able to gain access to the Arcane University (Get all of the recommendations). Then you must go to the room where you can enchant items. Go to the podium. And enchant an item (I usually do the skill one). And then duplicate the enchanted necklace. Then you only want to pick up 2. Then equip one. Then drop the one your not wearing. This should make them both drop. Don't worry if they don't both drop. After you drop them, the effect will still be there. But your not wearing anything. And the best thing is it's infinite. Have fun... And please give me credit!!!
How to kill without a bounty (need to be Grand Champion)
Ever wanted to kill your annoying annoying fan following you around constantly? Then go over to Bravil I think and go over to two hay bails somewhere in the city. When your fan comes running to you, shoot the arrow at his neck. This is hard but it pays off to get the creep off your back. (This also works with getting into the Dark Brotherhood.)
how to level up your sneak to 100 fast
go to kvatch then go in to the canvas tent to the
left at 12:00 pm when you get inside athrelor
shold be sleeping in his bed if not go out side
and wait 24 howers then go back in side do
this untill he is sleeping when he is sleeping
sneak arawnd the pole in the middle of the tent
when it is morning just wait until night and repeat
the prosess hope this helped:)
How to not die in Luaferas tomb (the 2nd mission in the theives guild)
When you are in the theives guild and you are asked to steal a bust, the tomb is haunted. If you are the Grand Champion, drag your addoring fan and he will distract the ghosts while you get the bust. After that, GET THE CRAP OUT!! Your fan will either be alive or not, just run out of the chapel! Return to the guy in the Garden and get your reward.
how to really lock pick
Ok here we go this is for all the people who want to really lock pick the right way. watch the tumblers when you push them up with the analog or d pad. When they go up fast leave it DONT PRESS X. Its when it goes up the slowest is when you push X. it takes a godd eye the first couple of times.
but from then on its the lock pick master. peace
How to skip the tutorial
To skip the tutorial in Oblivion you must first do the tutorial once. Then right before you exit the sewers at the final door save. DO NOT save over this file again. Next time you want to make a character in Oblivion, go to this saved game. When you click on the door to exit the sewers you will be able to change everything about that character and practically make a new one.
I killed someone & I'm not in trouble! ;)
now to do this you need: invisibility spell, & the mask of the grey fox you get after mastering the thief's guild (sorry, i forgot the name).

before you kill, steal, or do some other illegal bull, equip the mask, then do the illegal things you want to do, then when you want to be a good person again, just activate the invisibility spell, then take off the cowl, finally walk up to the guard, still invisible, & press 'X' wile shielding. The guard will hate you, but you won't get into any legal trouble.
I'm Innocent!
If you ever have anything that is stolen(red hand beside it) and you are in the Thieve's Guild, just sell it to a fence and buy it back. Somehow, it it no longer stolen!
increase a variaty of stats at once, the fun way
to do this you must have both jemane brothers plus brother martin and jaufre fallowing you. if you dont know who the jemane brothers are go to corral and look for a drunk guy that talks about someone smearing his name. do the missions and fallow there lead. "Hint" when the brothers are both fallowing you never return them to weatherleah, it isnt worth the gold, its better to have two partners.
after that..
buy a house in the imperial city or any house you own.
bribe guilbert so that he likes you 100 percent
next attack martin wile in your house.
fight fight fight!!!!!
if you are weak than don't hesitate to yield to spare your life.
after about three or four fights your armor and weapons should be damaged
repair them and your armorer skills will go up,
and also your fighting skills as well.. it will take some time. but as entertaining as it is to attack your partners freely you shouldn't have any problems. : hint" use the duplicate trick to get a large amount of repair hammers so that you never run out. hope you have fun gettings stronger. i sure do.
Increase Alteration
There is a manor in Anvil in which there is a hidden room in the basement that only a member of the family who sold you the manor can open. You may attempt to cast any spells that unlocks doors on the "portal" on the wall (but it will never unlock). However, even failing will increase your alteration skill and eventually you can reach 100.
increase speech craft
Nobody cares about speech craft but if you do then this will help

Find a random imperial guard and start to persuade them and keep tapping X and spinning the left analog either clockwise or anti-clockwise no difference.

it will increase your speech craft much faster.
Increase your armor skills
Here are some tips on how to increase your armor faster
In general, to gain Armorer skill be sure to carry multiple repair hammers every time you go adventuring and repair everything you possibly can.
Repair your own armor and weapons after each fight (even if the health is at 99%).
Repair your fallen enemies' items even if you're not going to carry them with you afterwards.
When fighting a weak enemy, be sure to let them hit you a few times instead of immediately killing them.
Bows are damaged with every shot (even if you don't hit any target): fire your bow into a door or practice target, and repair it after every shot. (If you are firing at inanimate objects, you will not gain any marksman experience).
If you join the thieves guild, you need to sell a certain amount of stuff to get missions. Here are the amount of money you need to sell to get missions.

Pickpocket= 50= Untaxing the Poor
Footpad= 100= The Elven Maiden
Bandit= 200= Ahdarji's Heirloom
Prowler= 300= Misdirection
Cat Burglar= 400= Lost Histories
500= Taking Care of Lex
Shadowfoot= 600= Turning a Blind Eye
700= Arrow of Extrication
Master Thief= 800= Boots of Springheel Jak
1,000= The Ultimate Heist
item duplication
you will need 2 or more of the same type of scrolls and an item you wish to duplicate

1. Tap X twice on the scrolls(can't be stolen)

2.go to the object you would like to duplicate(can't be stolen)

3.drop the item you are duplicating and the item will duplicate according to the ammount of scrolls you have.

you can use the item duplication as many times as you like so



kill umaril easy
kay umaril is a tough fellow so when you get to him dont care about the auroans. use a sword with frost or fire enchantment.hit him till youre about dead then keep running and healing do this for both times.
kill umaril easy
kay umaril is a tough fellow so when you get to him dont care about the auroans. use a sword with frost or fire enchantment.hit him till youre about dead then keep running and healing do this for both times.
kill umbra easy
as an argonian, you have max poison resist. just lure umbra to the second trap and avoid her attacks while triggering the poison gas. the trap will kill her pretty quickly compared to a low level trying to beat on her.
Killing Spree
(Acquires Poison apples)

1. Join the Mage guild
2. Wait until midnight (12:00)
3. Go up stairs into the bedrooms
4. Sneak up to someone that is sleeping
5. Put 3 poisoned apples in their inventory (pick pocket, L2, then poisoned apples)
6. Wait until tomorrow and they will eat the apple and die. You can then take their stuff.
Leveling fast, and i mean at a moderate speed...:P
Okay so if you're going to be a magic using class once you have made or selected your class level up your alteration by shooting open easy lock at the bared gate for a while, then your mysticism by continuously casting Minor Life Detection by Baurus and then go out to where you exit the sewer, do *NOT* exit it, unless you want to level Conjuration the God-Damn-This-Is-Pissing-Me-Off way, when you are by the gate since summon skeleton costs a lot of Magika for the level or moderate Magika for High Elfs, continuously summon Skeleton until you run out of Magika then go to choose race or what ever and then hit circle to complete the action, boom full Magika again, then do it again and again, I'm sure you'll land yourself somewhere in the 14-20s place once you rest for a while. have fun! and if you want to look cool then be sure to get conjuration to 75 so you can do the Light Bound Deadric armor glitch and have an awesome set of armor to go with it, the armor is good protection and best of all, its weights nothing...hehehehehe have fun again!
Leveling up as a vampire
When you are a vampire every time you sleep you become more so. This is annoying when you need to be in sunlight or when you need to level up your character. There is however a way around having to feed. If you are currently not affected by sunlight and you sleep to level up all you have to do is put up luck as one of your skill in increases and the vampirism won't set in further. This worked from luck of 55 up. With a character from level 24 up. I don't know if it works before then but most likely.
Lvl light, heavy armor and alittle restoration
First turn difficulty down to very easy second equip. yourself with light and heavy armor third find a rat and let him beat on u , u won't take alot of damage use your restoration and heal yourself as needed and save,save,save. I did this before i left the natural caves at begining of game your equipment will be damage but take awhile for all of it to break.Equip a shield if skills stop lvling.
Mace of Zenithar
I forgot this in the other mace tip, but as soon as you leave the undercroft, some pretty strong warriors will ambush the chapel. Try to kill them without ANY casualties. This will prove useful also.
Mages Guild Chest Problem
When you become mages guild archmage, DO NOT put any items in the chest of drawers infront of the bed or after a nap you will lose all of your items. I lost the full crusader set, full daedric, sufferthorn, and the mace of molag bal in there. Put it in the nightstand, where it's safe. Just not there!
Making your own spells
When you get recommendations from all the city Mage Guilds, you can go the the Arcane University in the Imperial City. One cool thing you can do is create custom spells. If you know any unlocking spells, you can make stronger ones you don't know. Same thing goes for any other spell. Basically, you can ultimatize any spell you know.
Master of Sneak
If you have an illusion skill of 25 you can buy an invisibility skill, just sneak around anywhere near people while invisible and you can also pickpocket, just be careful not to get caught. It may take a while but it works.

(It helps if your invisibility skill is 50 or 75 so you can stay invisible longer.)
Master Of Sneak
This is just a different variation of mastering sneak.
I went into the corner of the second floor of the Cheydinhal Mages Guild got in the back corner, and just started to walk into the wall (in sneak mode) just keep the analog stick down somehow and you can go do whatever.
Also works for athletics (very slow though)
When you join the Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, or any other Guild, you can take most of the stuff legally. Then you can turn around and sell them right back to them or other shops. The alchemy items( alembics, mortar & pestle, calcinator, and retort) sell for quite a bit, and they respawn after a while, so you can have an infinite amount of them at your disposal.
Nearly Full Set of Chainmail Armor
To get this set you must go to Bruma and start the mission Two Sides of the Coin by speaking to Arnora after rumors circulate about a husband stealing his wife's money. Follow all the guidelines supplied throughout the quest until you get to the part where you're supposed to kill Arnora. Once you confront her she will give you an option to show Jorundr her amulet in exchange for her life and half of his treasure, agree to do it her way. Show the amulet to Jorundr and he will tell you the location of his treasure, follow the arrow to the treasure where you will find a corrupt guard named Tyrellius Logellus. He will have a short conversation with you and then attack; once you kill him you can loot his body for a nearly full set of Chainmail Armor just missing the helmet, it also comes with a Silver Longsword. Then go to the chest and collect your loot to end the mission.

~This is a great opportunity to get this rare set of armor early in the game, Chainmail Armor usually doesn't start appearing until about level 8.

Never Breaking Lock Picks
In the game you'll notice lock picks become further and fewer between. So I suggest that before you start the main quest or side quest...especailly the Theives Guild that you'll want to do the Deadric quest of the Nocturnal.

Alves Uvenim will give you the location.

After completing the quest you'll be rewarded with a SKELETON KEY. An amazing never breaking lock pick. This has to be one of the best rewards in the entire game.
no bounty killing
first get conjuration up to 100. this is very easy if you are in the arcane university because you can make your own spell that summons a skeleton for 5 seconds that only uses about 2 magika.constantly use the spell u made ande you will easily get 100 conjuration. now that you have 100 conjuration, go to Bruma and by the "summon dremora lord" spell from the high elf in the mages guild. now go buy anyone u want to kill and summon the dremora lord. once summoned attack it three time with destruction magic.
it will then start to attack u. so, constantly back away from it while doing nothing. the other person u want to kill will start to help u by attacking the creature. the creature will attack the other person.
it may not kill the other person but it will wound him. so keep summoning and attacking and letting the person attack it. eventually he/she will die.
but he/she will not have been killed by u but by ur monster(eventually the monster will die on it's own anyway.)
now u can loot the persons body.
good luck.
Permanent Magic
First enchant a piece of armor or a ring. then do the duplicating cheat but make only two. Then equip one of the items then try duplicating two more. If you done it right you should drop two items and none will be in your invetory then look at the magic page. It should say that the magic is still active even though its not equiped. But be careful You can't equip it again.
Quick Conjuration, Block, and Hand to Hand Skill
If you started the game with conjuring as one of your major skills, you should atomatically have the summon skeleton spell. If not, i suggest looking around in Chorrol. Once you have left the sewers, procede to the arrow until you come across sinkhole cave. Kill the rogues there and make sure the area is safe. Then summon a skeleton and punch it three times so that it will attack you. Block while letting the skeleton hit you until your health has reached half way. Then unload on the skeleton with punches. I did this and i became a master of conjuration and journyman of hand to hand. If you are a low level when doing this, i suggest going to the options menu and lowering the difficulty so your skelton doesnt kill you.
Quick leveling up
When you are asked what class you want to be, make a custom class. Then make your major skills ones that are easy to level up. This way, you can get your health, magic, fatigue, and the amount you carry up quickly.
Raising duel skills
I have noticed that while rasing Conjured creatures you can also raise your blade skill. This is something I just noticed and it will need more research to make sure.

- I summoned a scamp and then fought him with a an Elven Longsword. They scamp will do some damage on you by casting spells and stunning you. You could most likely block and raise your blocking skill also.

- I also got gains to my light armor skill to from the scamp hitting me.

Again this needs more research but I wanted to throwh this tip out there.

Again...Summon (any creature may work I used a Scamp) then hit once with sword...block for gains on Block skill and light armor or slash away and watch the gains. *crosses fingers*

Let me know if this works for anyone else.
Restoring the Knights
Most of the people you talk to near the Crusader items will go to the Priory. Meet them there and let them join. This will prove useful later on.
Risk free ticket into the Dark Brotherhood! (SI required.)
Go to Split in SI and do the side quest there. The DB will somehow see it, but there's no risk of a bounty or jail time. Of course, you still have to sleep in Cyrodiil if you want Lucien Lachance to visit you.
See through walls
Make sure you have a magic staff, and reduce it's status to zero. Attack a wall, and you should be able to see whats on the other side.
See through water
If you position yourself right where the air meter pops up, you can see underwater.
Shivering Isles Potion of Feather
In Crucible of the Shivering Isles there is a building where they have a fight club at night. You can use a table there to get onto the roof. After this you can go three houses left of where the table faces the roof. (by roof of course) Then you go one house left of there and theres a house with a bunch of quills and bones on it in the middle theres a potion of feather.
Spell eating
Here's how to get 100% spell absorbing:

1, choose the atronach as your sign.50%
2, get the spell drinker amulet from the mages guild.15%(65%)
3, go to the sigil stone in the first oblivion gate ans save Before you take it. reload until you get one that gives spell absorbing.7%(desendant stone, trancendant's may give more) Sigil stones can be duplicated. use 5 on any items you want.35%(100%)
4, Laugh at those puny wizards!
When you have become the Gray fox (need to be in the Tviefs guild) just take the mask on and begin to kill the guards, becours you woudt not get infame, the gray fox will ^^

happy hunting
Stealing from blind NPCS
I tested this on armor only, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work for any item if it's large enough for your atavism to collide with it.

First off, go to any armor shop that has a piece of armor on display that you want. Jump up onto the shop keep's counter and just run into and knock the armor item off the counter. This is not illegal and noone will even care. Next, keep kicking it by running into it multiple times until you have the item in a corner away from the view of the shop keeper.

The shop owner will actually follow you around the shop while you run about. Get him/her to follow you to the opposite end of the store, then quickly run back to where you placed the armor item. Use the sneak ability and pick it up before they see you. Done.
STRENGTH(carry lots)
go into the realm ot oblivian. before you take the sigil stone save the game then pick up the stone and check its enchanting abillity what your looking for is fortify strength by 12 points if its not that ability then just load where you saved and take the stone again and check its ability again keep doing this until you get the desired you can use the duplicate cheat to make as many of the stones as you want then enchant your armer with them even your shield.if you enchant a full set of armer your strength will go to around 780 and you will be able to carry alot of stuff(seriously alot)

NOTE:enchant armer u like wearing because when u have alot of stuff and u take ur armer off your strength will drop to what it once was and u will get over encumbered(just make sure u keep some spare of these stones incase u get new armer and u can enchant them too)

If u want to do this fast dublicate invisibility potions or scrolls and keep using them in oblivian so u dont have to waste ur time fighting to get to the sigil stone.;-)
The Gauntlets of The Crusader
Just like with the Mace, go to the chapel of Layawiin or Chorrol. Go through the middle door downstairs and find a dark-skinned guy(can't remember his name). Talk about all the options. Go back upstairs and talk to the priests. They will tell you of that guy's curse. Go talk to him again. Go talk to the priests again. Now go to altar in the middle and pray. Say yes to the question. Go talk to the cursed guy again and he will run around a little. Talk to him again after he stops. Go talk to the priests and get the gauntlets off the ground. Now you have the gauntlets.(The curse is pretty much unnoticable.)
The Mace of Zenithar
To get the Mace of Zenithar, go to either the chapel in Layawiin or Chorrol, I can't remember which one. Go into the undercroft. Go straight ahead and you will see a tomb. Activate it. You will be teleported to a chamber with the mace in the distance. There is a huge gap. You have to have on the Boots of the Crusader to go across(Follow my other tip to get those). That's how you get the mace.
The many ways of breaking out of jail
1) Perhaps the simplest of methods, you can pickpocket the guard of his keys that most jails have patrolling (by crouching and hitting "X" when you point at him). You can use the keys to unlock the cell, and make a run for it! (If you are caught pickpocketing, he will open the cell to kill you and you can still escape around him).
2) If you had any before the arrest, you will still have 1 lockpick. You can use this pick on the lock of the gate, however this is perhaps the hardest method since if it breaks you are hopeless. (The "SQUARE + X" at the same time method may work well here.)
3) Good behavior. If you sit on the small stool or chair provided for long enough, the guard just may just let you out.
4) If you chose the astrological sign of "The Tower", you can use the skill "Tower Key" to unlock the cell door. This may be preferred since it only unlocks the cell and the guard will not notice until you actually open it. Note that this will only work if the cell lock is "Average" or less. Most are.
5) If there is another person in the cell with you, if you punch him and start a fight the gaurd will come in to kill you both. Run around the guard and make your getaway. (Whether or not there is another person is set, meaning that if there isn't anyone one time you go to jail in a town, there never will be and if you go to jail and there IS one, he will be there evey time.)
6) Of course, the normal method of sleeping on the bed provided works too, but is not really a jail break.
You can combine any these methods for an even cleaner getaway. For example: if you steal the keys and escape that way, you can save your 1-time cast of "Tower Key" to unlock the Evidence chest and reclaim what you had before the lockup.
the white stallion lodge
If you haven't bought your own place then you could get one for free. Its kind of small and you have to share it with someone but still I keep some of my stuff there that I don't want to sell. Go to Leyawin castle and and talk to the count and you get a quest where you have to help this orc. After the quest along w/other rewards both of you also get a key to the White Stallion Lodge. It has 2 beds and you can practice sword techniques along with using your bow and arrows. Its a good temporary house.
Thieves Guild
Okay, in order to get into the thieves guild, you must go to prison alot of times, (I recommend murdering). Every time you go to prison ALWAYS go to jail. Serve your time and then sometime when you get out of prison a dark elf will come to you with a mysterious note. Read it in your inventory, then go to the Garden of Deloriagh I think (the place with all the houses in the Imperial Waterfront District). You also need to be at the Imperial City to join. Go to the Garden and look for a man with a torch in someones yard. He is with an Argonian. Then you show him the note and he will tell you to have a race to steal a diary (the guys name starts with a A). The wood elf will get there first but you can pickpocket the diary from her (make sure there are no guards, cuz I got caught). After that, if you get imprisoned, wait until midnight then go to the guy and give him the diary.

You are now apart of the Theives Guild!
Tip when Stealing Items from Shops
When a merchant isn't looking, crouch down in front of the item you wish to steal. The merchant doesn't see you take it, therefore, no reprecutions
Tips for Free Items
Free armour:
for free armour, help Martin out of the chapel. Once your out, fast travel to the weynon priory and kill the assassins. Once you did, go to the monastery and kill the assassins that are killing jauffre and then he will tell you to go to a temple. So fast travel there and do whatever it tells you to do. After you in the tempe, jauffre or someone will ask you to join the Blades, accept them and go in side the temple. Find the armoury place and take whatever!

Blade of Woe:
Kill a man without any reason then go to jail and then come back, go to sleep in a inn or a house then you will wake up and a man will come, he will tell you to kill Rufio so he'll give you the blade of Woe!

Akaravi katana:
Okay like I said for free armour, join the blades and juaffre will give you the akaravi katana

Some free items:
Go to jail and get to sneak mode go around the area and repeatedly the sneak level will go high and high, once your a master of sneak go to sleep and wake up back to the city (or village) go back to sneak mode and target someones back, and when the eye is not bright then pickpocket your target.
Trainer of Combat
if your the listener for the dark brotherhood you can beat up arquen all day and night long improving your skills and then when you get bored just tell her to yeild and she will (everyone honor the godly listener) but yeah and right after you get near death and such just rest for an hour and begin again.If you wanted to you could get all your skills up that way

I got this help from (mackin) so credits should go to him.
Training Tip
To raise your acrobatics find a high spot n jump off.u'll get damage but also extra exp.

Summon a skelleton and shoot at it.Your arrow will bounce right off the skelleton cauze it has no flesh.It al so saves u alot of money.

Light/Heavy armor:
Simply punch a guard and resist arrest.Then run around town to get some guards to follow u.Once ur comfortable wif the amount let them attack u.But u need to have alot of potion.

After u bacame a Grand champion of the Arena,An Adoring fan will appear.Ask him to go to ur house then pickpoket him.He doesn't care cauze he IS an adoring fan.Your sneak will rise up real quick to.
tricking gaurds
When you see a sword or any thing you liked so much just take it run away and go to your house or faction then drop what you,ve taken then go out and let the guards speak with you if you have enough money pay and trick this dude then come back to your house or faction take what you you,ve stolen and use it! Then the guards will not follow you or want to arrest you easy right ? Trust me this will work I did it a hundred times
Can't believe nobody has said anything about it yet but if you look at the bottom of the mithril cuirass you can see a silver triforce like off of Zelda.
Truely Strongest Sword In Game (Shivering Isles Required) (Contains Spoilers)
Forget about Umbra and and your Perfect Madness Sword or Perfect Amber Sword. It gets even better. Shadowrend IS the greatest sword this game has to offer. It does 1 more regular damage than the so-called perfect weapons however it is 2-handed making it the same damage as a Perfect Amber or Madness Claymore. But it is it's enchantment that makes it truely great. Damage Health 25 meaning nothing is resistant to it unless it is resistant to magic all-together. And Weakness to Magic 15% for 30 seconds on strike making the other enchantment stronger against your enemy every time you hit them. This sword is only found in the Shivering Isles along with its main quest line. When you are creating the new Staff of Sheogorath you must get the Screaming Branch from Milchar. You must fight a shadow form of yourself they will drop this sword.
Umbra Hint: Great Armor & Quick Level Up, Early. PS3
First, get a couple of scrolls and use the duplicate trick to make more scrolls. Second, get a bottle of strong healing, a bottle of strong respite, and a bottle of strong sorcery. Get a Blunt weapon, a Blade weapon and a Bow and some arrows preferably all low damage weapons, and most importantly find a Paint Brush, also learn a weak spell from all of the Mage classes. Find the VINDASEL Ruins near OLD BRIDGE SW of the Imperial City Waterfront. Go inside kill a few rats and mud crabs and try to avoid the 2 floor traps. At the end you'll find a girl named Umbra DO NOT attack her yet! Duplicate the paint brush till you get around 50 of them. Drop one paint brush at a time mid-waist around Umbra really close together so she can't get out, you'll have to be somewhat fast about it. After she is trapped save the game. Then duplicate all the weapons, potions, and arrows (at least 50 of each but a lot of arrows 1000 plus) leave them in separate piles around the area and save the game. Attach Umbra and keep your distance, she will kill you very easily at low levels. But since you've trapped her with the paint brushes she can't get to you. Abuse her anyway you want and as long as you want to help you level up but make sure mot to kill her till your done abusing. When your weapons break, drop them away from the good ones, then get a good one and continue. Save the game often so you don't waist your time if you screw up and let her kill you. If you leave the Ruins to go sleep or to purchase training for each level up, when you return Umbra will be free of the paint brushes so you'll have to trap her again. When you finally wear your fingers out leveling up, Kill her and you'll get a sword named Umbra and a full set of Ebony armor which you'll have to repair if you want to use it.
Umbra's Sword
If you wait until your a high enough level (I was lvl 23) till you get the sword It comes alot stronger. My dark elf had a lvl 99 blade skill when i got it and the sword did 26 damage and it was damagaed some. This may work for others.
Unlimited Ingredients& Repair Hammers& Lockpicks
This is pretty much on how to duplicate items sorry
To do this you need to duplicate the object and to duplcate you.

1: must have two or more scrolls
2: You select the scrolls
3: Go to the item to be duplicated
4: Drop that item
5: Exit your inventory
Varla Stones
Varla stones can recharge every enchanted weapon in your arsenal at once, they are very rare and worth a 1,000 septims a piece. Something you may want to duplicate because not many are in Oblivion.
way faster way earlier sneak mas-ta"
tutorial right after destruction spell ( killing rat ) a zombie chases some rats. let the two run by. kill zombie. go back to door and watch rats claw at the door for a sec. go into corner to the right. start sneaking in corner. you level up fast because the rats are close but they dont care about you more than getting away which after becoming the master they will be still clawing at door. i used a case to prop controller on to walk into corner. rubber bands i do not have. ever once and a while you have to hit "x" at eace interval to except being a super sneaker. i was a master before i saw the light of day for the first time.
Way to make money or free armor
1.join the thieves guild(if you already haven't)
2.go to a shop of your choice(with display items)
3.steal a display item out quickly
5.go to your house or a hotel
*if at a hotel, rent a room, and put your stolen good in the chest
6.go talk to a guard
*either go to jail, or pay the fine
7.go back to your house, or hotel, and take out the stolen good from the chest
8.sell the stolen item to the thieves guild!
*or just keep the stolen item
Welkynd Stones
Welkynd stones are common in almost every ayleid ruin and can fully recharge your magicka up to 100%.
Where to buy houses
ANVIL (Benirus Manor)
Price: 5,000
Furnishings: n/a (already furnished)
Total cost: 5,000
Desirability factor: 10/10
Extras: Lich tomb in the basement, 2nd floor balcony

SKINGRAD (Rosethorn Hall)
Price: 25,000
Furnishings: (Colovian Traders)
Desirability factor: 10/10
Extras: Maid, hidden treasure, 2nd floor balcony

Price: 10,000
Furnishings: (Novaroma)
Desirability factor: 9/10
Extras: None

Price: Free*
Desirability factor: 8/10
Extras: Altar of Enchanting, Altar of Spellmaking, alchemical table & garden,
portals to all Mages Guilds


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(Shivering Isles REQUIRED) Easily Get full Amber Armor(STRONGEST ARMOR)
STRONGEST ARMOR IN THE GAME, STRONGER THEN glass/daedra/dragon/ebony) Anyways, it's relatively simple and easy. Going into Bliss, go to a place called the Missing Cauldron. Once there, ask the men about Amber. He will tell you that if you find Amber he can craft it into Armor for you. Now get ANY piece of Amber. Use the duplication glitch as such:

Get 2 exactly same scrolls.
Press X(one time) on them.
Then go to the item you wanna duplicate and drop it(Square)
If it doesn't work the first time, continue.
By the way, this glitch lets you dupe almost anything(no nirnroot/stolen items/and some weapons/armor). Using it in combination with Super Healing Potion, I've never died since level 15 in that game.

Anyways, after duping amber to at least 2 or above(if you only have 2 scrolls, dupe amber, pick up one, dupe that, and continue) until you have around 25 or so. Then keep picking all the Amber options. It is easy to get all stuff this way. Full sets and weapons. The weapons aren't very strong though. I suggest Dawn/Duskfang or Umbra.
anarexic rat!
go into goblin jims cave (for nubs the D in skingrad is pointing in that area) into the pantry table there ussualy is a dead but tiny rat!
Arena Glitch
In the arena get a good bow and arrows, after you come out of the gate run to the side of the side gate jump on the big part of concert keep jumping until you are stuck turn around and keep shooting arrows and win.
corpses in door! lol
same as goblin glitch, but with people, do it multiple times and it should go REALLY glithy open and close door and maybe the corpses will strech and fly around the room
Dark Brotherhood Murderer Glitch(contains spoilers)
As the listener of the Dark Brotherhood you can have a murderer follow you. Well if you have them following you and then attack Arquen the chick you give the Night Mother's orders to. This also is a glitch you can attack her and she will fight back but not report you and all you have to do to stop fighting her is block and talk to her or knock her out and when she gets up she won't attack you. Anyways if you attack her and get her unconscious then talk to the murderer you have following you and tell him any of the ways to follow you and he won't follow you until Arquen gets back up.
duplicating and easy money
just get two of the same scrolls then you have to double tap A then go to the item you want to duplicate drop it then you should have two. If you want to duplicate weapons and armor make sure they are fully repairee and if they have magic effects make sure you recharge that to. You can also have more then two of the same scroll. I have 75 same scrolls so i can duplicate the same item a ton of times. WARNING: dont dupe too much or your console will freeze. Onde you have enough items you can sell them and get a ton of gold.
Duplicating Items
Right - this one works. Simple as that.

*Get two (or more) magic scrolls of the same type.
*Drop all but one of the items you want to duplicate (if you do this, you'll need to press O so you can see it hit the floor)
*Press X TWICE (apply/equip) on the magic scroll
*Press [] (drop) on the item you want to duplicate
*Press O to get back to the world and pick up your items.


If you have more than 2 of the same magic scrolls, that is how many duplicates you will create. You still only need to press X on the scroll twice though.

You can duplicate magic scrolls as well, so you could be duplicating things by 10 or 20 at a time, rather than just 2.
Easy Money
A great way to increase your Alchemy level and make lots of money is to join the fighters guild and then go to the fighters guild in Skingrad. When entering the building go into the room on your right. There is a cabinet by the window that has 1 beef, 1 cheese wedge, 1 carrot and 1 bread. Take them out then put them right back in. The next time you go to remove them they will duplicate and you can make as many potions as you can carry very fast and then sell them across the street for lots of gold coins. You can become a master alchemist in a matter of minutes and make enough money to buy anything you want, just keep going to that cabinet and repeat the steps above.
Easy Money - Item Duplication
400 Coins
Access to the Wind Cave (Located Southwest of Weynon Priory)

Go to Wind Cave and explore it. In one of the first chests you'll find there is a piece of clothing worth over 2000 gold! Take it and exit the cave. Travel to the Imperial City's Market District and find "The Gilded Carafe," a alchemy shop. Speak with the shop owner and use your speechcraft ability to get her to like you. Then, look through her inventory of scrolls until you find one that she has 16 of. Buy all of them (if you negotiated low enough it should equal around 400 coins total for all of them). Exit the shop.

Next, go to "Three Brothers Trade Goods" in the Imperial City's Market District (when you exit "The Gilded Carafe" take a left). Once inside, go to your inventory and scroll down until you get to the 16 scrolls you just purchased. Double-click on them and then scroll up until you get to the cloak you found in the Wind Cave and drop it. When you exit your inventory instead of there being one cloak (I forgot the name of it sorry) on the ground, there will be 16; each worth 2000 gold! Talk to one of the shop owners and use your speechcraft and merchantile skills to get him to like you. Then, negotiate with him until he agrees to pay you 1000 gold per cloak (the most he can pay for anything). You'll have to sell each cloak individually but, for the gold, it's worth it. After you do it enough times, you'll have 100,000 gold in no time; enough to buy almost every house in the game!
NOTE: Save one or two cloaks for later so you can duplicate them again. Also, this trick will only duplicate items up to 16 (the number of scrolls you have) so, let's say you have 5 cloaks in your inventory and you do this trick. There will only be 12 cloaks on the ground when you go to pick them up because (4 remaining in your inventory + 12 duplicated items = 16). This trick can also work with any other scroll so long as you have two or more of the same scroll and so long as they are not stolen.
Easy money at start of the game
If you have just started the game and you want to get loads of money straight away (which is very hard unless you do this), set your start birthsign to "the lover" so you get a paralyse spell. Fast travel to talos plaza in imperial city. Go to the statue, turn right so youre facing down a road. Go down the road and go into the 1st house on the left, (Dorians house) go to Dorian, hes normally in the 2nd room. Use your paralyse spell on him, then you can pickpocket him. He only has a hundred or so coins but no matter how much money you take he will never run out of money! And you can easily come back and do it again!
Easy Money glitch (Ps3)
Okay, today I'll be telling you about a glitch/cheat on Oblivion which I found very useful. It's simple and easy and won't take long, you can do this from the start of the game too! I'll be starting this cheat from when you are about to leave the sewers for the outside world. Once you have edited your character to how you like it, change your birth sign to
"The Lover", it doesn't really matter what skills you have... Once you have left the sewers, go to the "Imperial Talos Plaza district" and go to "Dorian's" house (Should be easy to find). Go into his house, he should be standing in the living room of his manor, then equip yourself with "Lovers Kiss", bribe Dorian ALL your money, then go into sneak mode, and paralyze him, but just as you've just done that, pick his pocket
(In his pocket he should have however much money you have bribed him, keep pressing his gold and you should end up with however much money you want!) You should now be rich...Bye!
Enchantments with out all the armor.
By now you all know of the duplication glitch well I just found a glitch that stomps on that ones nuts.
Start with armor which has a enchantment, or make one, One you would not mind haveing all the time. Now duplicate it and make 2, after that equipt one of them, and using 4 scrolls to duplicate, drop the armor which is not equiped, this should unequipped the other, now look at your enchantments you should still have the enchantment of that armor.

This ability shall stay with you forever, now The effects can stack but not with an item of the same type with the same name, you need to find/make one with another name.

XD I hope that was understandable...
I got my speed up too 400 XD using enchanted armor i made in the mages gild.
Floating Dummy Head In The Fighters Guild
After Azzan has given you the quest to sort out the thieves in Anvil, talk with Maglir and walk to the entrance of the fighters guild. Turn to face the dummy at the front and you will see his head detached from the rest of his body.
get ur butt scratched!
first get a goblin corpse, then drag it into a doorway that is open, close it if it worked the goblin should be stuck in the door, get it right and a hand will break the law of perpetual motion: it is not supposed to exist! angle urself and put it into 3rd person and the hand should look like it is scrathing ur privates!
Ghoul glitch
There are two types of ghouls ones with black one with puek yellow. There is a 50/50 chance that the puek yellow one will die but stay in the air and floating. You can search it but it just acts like a wall if it does this so watch were you kill it.
glarthir stalker!
ask about him in skingrad, shortly aftert he should start trying to talk to you, keep running and he will contuisly follow you, and keep on saying yes you we need to talk!
goblin fuuuun!
first glitch hit goblin on noggin with Hammer!
second glitch, Door glitch, drag in door and close.
cheat\hint in goblin jims cave there are wooden bridges, some of which colapse, lure goblin across and... whoops down he gos!
item duplication
you need 2 or more of the same type of scrolls (EG "cold touch") and an item you would like to duplicate (EG steel helmet)

1.Tap X twice on the scrolls(can't be stolen)

2.Go to the item you would like to duplicate(can't be stollen either)

3.Drop the item you are duplicating and the item will duplicate the number of scrolls you have.

you can do this till you harts content HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK =)
Items came back!
When I was in a cave(don't remember)I checked a chest and got a magical weopon.Then, I saved and turned it's difficulty down all the way.Finally checked the chest agian and got another set of the items!
Master Athletic Skill Glitch
First find one of the many bridges around the Imperial City. Go underneath the bridge. find a corner in the bridge that you can swim in. From there just get facing the corner and find a way to hold your left analog stick forward. (note: this will take longer than the sneak master glitch but is well worth it)
never break a lock pick
hit one of the bars up and press auto attempt and the whole thing unlocks
Never Ending
At the Start of the game (when you're with the King the 2nd time ) you are told to stay with him.DON'T! Go out into the open with the blades the Assassins will keep coming. the game will lag a little but in the end I came out with a mastery of Blade,Block Blunt,Hand to hand, light AND heavy armor, Destruction ,Restoration, Marksman.
It is worth doing good luck and have fun
Signed your Wingman
No more stolen items!!!
When you steal from a house, put the stuff inside something with an item that is not stolen. You then take the item that was not stolen out first, then everything else.

Please Note: You cannot do this with something from a different area.
Permanent Bound armour and weapons
Basically, you need to either get the bound armour spells and enough conjuration to use them, or you can use the stone pillars with green writing, there are 3 kinds one gives you the helm and weapon, another gives you the cuirass and a weapon and the third gives you the boots and a weapon. So now you are also going to need repair hammers and a nearby enemy/ summon. block a few attacks with your weapon and let youself take some hits. repair the bound items and drop them. wait for the spell to wear off and you can pick them up and have them forever.
Peryite's Shrine Exploit
Peryite's shrine is east of Bravil, (on the map) Just above and between the 'h' and 'R' in "Silverfish River. When you get there, you will get a message saying that the people are frozen in time and you must be level 10 to begin this quest. Well don't. You can hit them to increase anything that deals in giving damage. They will not die as they seem to regenerate health very quickly and have the crowns meaning even if you manage to kill one they will just lose conciosness. Note that most destruction spells will knock them off their feet. Their is a problem with this, but it can be fixed easily. See, when you hit them it is an assault. Don't worry though since it has not been reported it does not give bounty. After doing your fill of this, go to any guard and commit crime (Doesn't matter what, anything illegal). choose to pay the fine, and you will avoid possibly crashing your game in the far future. You only have to pay for that crime, not the ones against the people of the shrine.
P.S. The crime I usually commit is pickpocketing in plain sight. I steal like 3 seps and only have to pay 1.
Stealing Horses
Its easy enough to steal a horse. Just push it out of the veiw of the workers, owners or guards. This does apply to many things though that other users have mentioned
this is the best way to get rich money money money
you will never run out of money this way it is the best and fastest way to get money.all you have to do is get about 20 of the same scrolls and go to a store and dupe an expensive item say about $3.700. dupe it go to a store and sell 1 AT A TIME THE MOST YOU CAN GET IS $1200.00 you can dupe this right inside the store if you want it does'nt matter . some stores only pay $800.00 go to the market place find a store that pays the max! i repeat ONLY SELL 1 AT A TIME!!! so if you got 30 rings make sure you only offer 1 at a time. go get rich why be poor bye bye.
First you go to the mystic emporium in the imperial city market district. Next, you go in when it's open. Make shure you have at least 200+ gold and buy the scroll he has the most of (for me it was 15 max. but it may variey) and buy any other spell. After you have done that do the duplicate items trick on the spell you bought using the spell he had max on and after that pick up only one of them and do it again and again until you have as many as you want. after that go to the march rider in Cheydinhal and duplicate your most valuable item (notice: when i did it the first time my game almost froze so save or dont i dont really care just warning you) and do it next to her so you can pick them all (or at least a bunch of them up) and sell them to her, however, she wont buy more than 1000 gold worth from you at a time. now after you do that a few times (or just one) you will have sooooooo much gold after doing it once i had 102740 gold!!!( notice: i was selling a item that was worth 1000 gold) well happy cheating!!! XD
turn summon bound armour in to real deadric armour!!
first you have to go to a shop and buy any summon bound armour spell.Then yo need to buy a repair hammer or a couple.Next you have to go to somewhere the has a very easy enemy to kill like a mudcrab or something.Then you have to use the bound spell and let the mudcrab hit you for at least 2 hits.then you go to your inventory and you go to your armours.You have to use your repair hammers and repair the bound item.Then you have to go back to the bound item and you will be able to drop it.You must drop the bound item [make sure you know where it lands!] then wait to the spells wears off.You will notice that the bound armour will still be there on the ground!!!!! pick it up and you can wear it forever.
Ultimate Sneak Training Technique!
Ok, First go to Chorrol's castle, Start the quest of the portrait by speaking to the Countess (between 8 and 6 i think..) then youll receive a key giving you full access to the castle, Go into the west tower, which is Vacant of Guards of Civilians, and put your pad on the floor, Resting a book or something over the L3 analogue pressing forward lightly, before you know it, youll have maxed out your Stealth making you awesome.
unlimited gold
After completing the quest "cure for vampirism" speak to the count to collect your 5,000 gold reward. Afterwards speak to the count again about your reward and he will give you another 5,000 gold. You can do this any number of times and you can even leave the area and come back later.
unlimited money
1. you need a paralyze spell scroll or poison.

2. go to the Impereial city Talos Plazza district.

3. go to Dorian's house you will find his house near the hotel.

4. paralyze him then pickpocket him then keep mashing X and the money keeps coming back. ( for me he has 11k because in level 52 so the higher your level is the more money you ill get )

Easter eggs

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Umarial Killing Spree
When fighting the umarial go to any city and she'll do a killing spree but you'll be under arest if she dies or talk to a guard.


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Easier Cloning
You don't need to go to the menu half way through your punch.
All you need to do is click the scroll that you have multiple of once.
If you have 25 Firebolt scrolls, click it once, and drop the item you want cloned.
The item you drop has to be a single item, you can't drop multiples of them or the glitch won't work.
So when you clone, it drop the clones of you item according to your number of scrolls.
Then pick up one scroll and repeat.

You can clone scrolls too.
I have cloned Fin Gleams and sold then for 800g and Sheilds of the Nine for 1000g.
You cannot clone Ninroot or Armor of Valor.
Easy cloning
Normal cloning
1.Get two or more scrolls
2.Equip the scrolls a couple of times
3.drop ONE of the item your cloning
4.pick it up
5.hey presto your done

Cloning and selling
1.Get two or more scrolls
2.Equip the scrolls a couple of times
3.drop ONE of the item your cloning
4.pick it up
5.go to a shop with 1000 or 1200 gold
6.sell the item
7.soon you'll be rich

Easy pickpocketing
if you know an unkillable person knock him/her out and stand over them in sneak and tap x loads of times .
it takes 5 seconds or so to get up so they will shout but not take it back
Free Lorn Arrows
Go to the arena in the Imperial city and watch the blue team archer shoot arrows. Half the time you can go in there, the arrows the archers shoots will be there and you can simply take them without being labelled a thief. Naturally, you may want to save before attempting this.
How to Duplicate
switch weapon to fists.
before the punch is done open inventory.
go to your books.
select a book that you have multiple of.
(cannot be stolen)
press x on that book as many times as you have it. (it works for me when i click it 5 or 6 times)
then page over to whatever item you wish to duplicate.
drop that item.
then exit inventory.
there should be as many items duplicated as you have multiples of the scroll.

Now certain items will not duplicate, like nirnroots or scrolls.
Also if you have multiples of an item you are duplicating drop all but one of them on the ground before the duplication process. (like arrows for instance)
It just makes things easier.
(thank Satchel for this info)

Easier Version
1.switch to fist
2.punch o
4.go to books 3 to 5 times only
6.drop item u want
8.pick up
9.sell happy =)


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Infinite money
1. Go to the Talos Plaza and find Dorian's house
2. Get a paralyze spell or scroll
3. Bribe Dorian
4. Paralyze him
5. Tap x straight away
6. Keep tapping on his gold and you'll be a millionaire


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Infinite Money Glitch
This glitch will let you loot Dorian's Body for Infinite Amount of Money.

Okay to start it off, You need to have a Paralyze Spell, you can buy a Debilitate off of Ita Rienus in Bravil for about 142 gold. She is in the basement of the mages guild 'round 6 am to 6 pm.

Soon as you have acquired the spell, and hopefully you have the skill to cast it. Fast Travel to the Imperial City, Talos Plaza. Find Dorian's house, and Enter. Dorian is mostly always home, so you don't have to worry 'bout have to find him in the streets.

Walk up to Dorian, and cast Debilitate on him. Soon as your done casting loot his body, when you loot him you'll find the amount of money on him, will never go down! But its a messily sum of 10k, so its gonna take awhile. To get a nice round sum of 1 mil. So what you should do is loot him a few times, and wait for the spell to were off, he'll stand up and start to attack you.

Just block and yield to him, he'll eventually accept your yeild, when he does talk to him and bribe him till the meter is full. Then use your Debilitate spell on him again, now the amount is up to 20k. Loot to your hearts desire, or wait for him to get up again, and bribe him to max again which will increase the amount on him by another 10k.

Rinse and repeat to your hearts desire.

Small warning thou, while doing this. Don't loot his body while guards are there, your bounty will go up by the same amount of money you stole!

Thats how you use the money glitch, on the Ps3 Version of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

On the Xbox 360 version, it had you kill Dorian, and you'd be stuck with looting only 20k, least on the Ps3 Version all you have to do is Bribe, Paralyze, then loot.
Item Duplication
To duplicate your items in the PS3 version of Oblivion do the following:
1) Get two magic scrolls of the same type.
- The scrolls must NOT be stolen
2) Click on the scroll twice.
3) Then drop the item from your inventory that you want duped.
4) Exit inventory and collect your items.

- Certain weapons and armor won't work
- The health of the item must be 100 (Get it repaired by an NPC just to be safe)
- The charge on a magical item must be full

Sneak Master
Sneak Master Glitch
Just like in the PC and 360 version, you can easily get Master Sneak level for some all out plundering and assassinating fun.

To do this, simply find a door that doesn't take you to a loading screen when opening it (Fort Urasek has a perfect place for this). Simply go in to sneak, and walk against the door and your level will increase so long as you are not heard. This means that if you are below Journeyman if you sneak too fast you will be heard. All you'll have to do is sneak off until you hear the fight music turn off, then sneak back over and continue.

I used a paperclip to hold my joystick forward so I didn't have to hold it myself, and checked back once an hour or half hour to hit X when I got to each next Sneak level, and by morning I was a Master.

This opens up plundering fools like no other, as well as most enemies you can keep hitting for 6X damage. If they have high security, or another enemy sees you whacking away at 'em you stand a chance of getting caught, but if you keep sneaking, or better yet put on an invisible spell potion, you can sneak away and they'll lose track of you. I've found that high damage bow and arrow combinations are the best way to never get caught.