El Diablo (PC) Cheats

El Diablo cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive Cheats

Cheat Codes
During gameplay, press Left [Shift] and [F11] to enter these codes:

Show all objectsshow me all
Win current levelclint
Lose current levelschneider
New weaponpowerman
Extra ammojackal
Toggle invisibility modehollow man
Stop timetimeless
View all dialogsfidel castro
Toggle victory condition displayepitaph
Toggle hints displaymedic
Toggle briefing length (short/long)whats my destiny
Toggle sound zone displaysupersonic
[Alt] key kills enemieszeus


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Desperados cheats
Jackal         Ammo

Show Me All        Display All Enemies

Clint        Win Current Level
Help from the gods
Enter ZEUS. Each time you press left alt on a enemy a lighting will strike on the enemy.