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The PlayStation's Fastest, Most Furious Space Shooter Makes the Scene!

The good:

That's right, folks! Get ready to have your space helmets blown off, because the PlayStation's greatest, fastest, and most furious space shooter has arrived! It's like Space Invaders, but with 10 times the enemies, and 7 times the weapons! With a variety of stages to battle through, this challenging, yet beautifully made space shooter will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end!

Einhander is one of those games that you thought, when developed by none other than SquareSoft (now known as Square Enix), that it was going to be a flop. Well, to you neigh-sayers, I say don't say neigh! This is one game by SquareSoft (other than Final Fantasy VII) that you need to play at least once in your lifetime.

The levels are beautifully made, as it is set in the distant future, where in the game you pilot an aircraft of your choice (there's 3 to pick from, but two you can unlock), and battle your way through different environments, like cities, deserts, facilities, etc. You can have different amounts of "gunpods" in the game, depending on the model in which you pick from. You can have either 1, 2, or up to 3 gunpods, and on one model, you can pick up spare gunpods, or strengthen others on another model. You can also have up to two gunpods at once!

The level bosses and sub-bosses are some of the most downright difficult bosses/sub-bosses known in the history of space shooters. They are big, and extremely hard to kill, and it makes that much more fun, when you know that you've a purchased a good game, and there are challenging enemies to defeat.

The weapons are very different from games today like Call of Duty and Space Invaders; you have many weapons such as, a machine gun, a cannon that can pierce armored ships in a single blow, a missile launcher which can fire salvos and guided missiles, a gun which can fire in five different directions, a grenade launcher that can kill armored ships with one grenade, a mine launcher which inhibits an electric field upon explosion, an actual LIGHTSABER, with sound effects and everything, which can cut through literally everything, and an electricity launcher, which destroys enemy ships from the inside out with special electric currents.

The bad:

There's really nothing bad I can say about this game; the graphics, gameplay, music, and everything has been so well done, that there is nothing bad to say.


Quite possibly the greatest space shooter in history is right here where the 90's lie, on the PlayStation Entertainment System. Einhander nowadays is pretty expensive, right around at where today's games cost, but prices are rising fast. This is one game that you HAVE to play before you die; you won't regret it. SquareSoft has outdone themselves when they made this; the soundtrack is so amazing, that it even came with its own soundtrack that was only released in Japan. The game is overall appealing to the eye, challenging, fun, frustratingly difficult, and overall absolutely fun to play! If...

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