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Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring cheats, and Codes for PSX.


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To get the third costumes for normal Ehrgeiz characters, complete the following and they will be released.
Beat arcade mode without continuing.
Beat arcade mode and get EHRGEIZ with any character.
Perform a 10-hit combo in practice mode.
Get 35,000 points in Battle Beach.
Get 2,000 points in Infinite Battle.
Have all FMVs in the Movie Player.
Get a perfect score on Evil Panel(Computer must have 0 panels).
Beat the computer in Battle Runner on any level with any number of laps.
The costumes will be released in this order as you complete the objectives: Yoko, Han, Prince Doza, Inoba, Sasuke, Jo, Lee, and finally Godhand.*To get the alternate uniforms, hold down and pick the character.
*Note it depends on which task and character you use to get the costumes
Extra Battles
To get two extra batles, you must defeat Sasuke in less than 3 min and 20 seconds, the door that looks like the entrance to the Gold Saucer (Final Fantasy VII) will open and you can fight Cluod and Tifa before the finale batle with Django
This is the Copy right of SS4Frieza so any other use of this faq will be punished.
Ehrgeiz is a game produced by Squaresoft and Dreamfactory, that has been brought
over from the arcade to the Playstation.
The Playstation edition includes five new characters, four mini games, and an
RPG mode.

The Playstation version of Ehrgeiz was released on the 17th of December.
This movelist is a translation of the Character movelists at with
some amendments.
Story translation from
I have put up the movelists of all the characters.

Squaresoft, Dream Factory and Ehrgeiz are registered trademarks of their
respective companies. All rights reserved.

This movelist covers:

Clair Andrews
Cloud Strife
Dasher Inoba
Han Daehan
Koji Masuda
Lee Shuwen
Prince Naseem
Tifa Lockheart
Vincent Valentine
Yuffie Kisaragi

[17 out of 17 characters (MAX)]

Hidden character release criteria:

-Vincent Valentine: win the game with Tifa

-Yuffie Kisaragi: win the game with Cloud

-Koji Masuda: win the game with any male character

-Clair Andrews: win the game with any female character

-Zax (the guy called 'Zack' in FF7): win the game with all the FF7 characters

-Django: win the game with every single non-secret character


About Arcade Mode

When you play the arcade mode, you have to fight a total of 9 characters
normally, and if you are fast enough, you get to fight "Guardian" Cloud and
"Summoner" Tifa in addition. There is no way to fight with the other guest

After you complete the game with any character, you get an ending. The only
characters without endings are:

Clair Andrews
Cloud Strife
Koji Masuda
Tifa Lockheart
Vincent Valentine
Yuffie Kisaragi

Upon getting the ending, you can view it under the movie player option, using
the D-pad left or right to toggle between ending titles.

Saving Game Data

When you release a character or movie sequence, you must save your game under
the memory card option. When you turn on the Playstation again, you must
remember to load the game, because there is no auto save or auto load.

Here's what they memory card options are:


When you select load, they will show 2 options, asking you if you are sure:

No (highlighted as default)

When you select save, they will ask you if you are sure or if you want to
overwrite a previous save game, showing you the same options above.
Once the little text box seems to have stopped changing and its words end with a
fullstop, then it has finished saving and just press any button to return.

Character Select Screen

At the character select screen, you can do a number of things. Pressing L1 or R1
will allow you to switch between different control settings in this order:

Joystick 1
Joystick 2

Here, you will be able to check you control settings and set your custom control
settings by pressing the Select button.

In the custom control settings screen, you can hold on any button and use the D-
pad up and down to select what controls you want to set (nice sounds when you
press up or down).

These are the settings you can assign to a button:

High Attack
Low Attack
Special Attack
Not in use
Middle Attack

* The first 4 options are compulsory

You can hold on either the D-pad up or down as you confirm your character to
select his 2nd or 3rd outfit respectively.

Character Outfits

When you are selecting your character, you can pick his/her/its alternate outfit
by holding on the D-pad up, as you press any button.
You can also select a character's secret third outfit after you have satisfied
certain conditions by holding on the D-pad down as you confirm your character.

These are the condition that I know of so far:

+ Cloud Strife - Win the game with Yuffie Kisaragi

+ Dasher Inoba - Get 35000 points or higher in Beach Battle
(See: my Minigames Faq)

+ Godhand - Beat CPU in Evil Panel

+ Han Daehan - Kill Red Scorpion and get EHRGEIZ

+ Jo - Win the game at normal difficulty or higher without using any continues

+ Lee Shuwen - Do a 10 hit or higher combo in practice mode
Tip: Just use Godhand's Maha Punch as it can do 10 hits.
Use Shuwen's Down, Up attack on Django until 10 hits.

+ Prince Naseem - Get 2000 points and higher in Infinity Battle
Tip: Set Game difficulty to very easy.

+ Sasuke- Do a 10 hit or higher combo in practice mode
Tip: Just use Godhand's Maha Punch as it can do 10 hits.
Use Shuwen's Down, Up attack on Django until 10 hits.

+ Tifa Lockheart- Win the game with Vincent Valentine

+ Yoko- Beat the CPU in Battle Runner

Satisfying a specific condition will bring about a fixed release of a certain
character's third outfit.
This may not be true in the case of Shuwen or Sasuke.

2nd Outfit Descriptions

Clair Andrews Blue vest and green shorts
Cloud Strife Red coloured Soldier uniform
Dasher Inoba Business suit
Django Red body (Redder than arcade version)
Godhand Army singlet worn
Han Daehan Blue Takwando uniform
Jo Blue Jeans
Koji Masuda Brown Outfit (like Indiana Jones)
Lee Shuwen White Chinese costume
Prince Naseem Black vest and pants (some street punk)
Sasuke Black/Golden Ninja costume
Sephiroth Without shirt (Final Showdown with Cloud)
Tifa Lockheart Red clothes
Vincent Valentine Blue Turk outfit
Yoko Japanese school uniform
Yuffie Kisaragi Red Outfit
Zax Red coloured Soldier uniform

3rd Outfit Descriptions

Cloud Strife FF7 Shinra uniform
Dasher Inoba Sumo Wrestler costume
Godhand Punk outfit with red hair
Han Daehan Casual Wear: Singlet and jeans as in his ending
Jo Jail uniform (like SFA3 Cody), grey wolf form
Lee Shuwen ?
Prince Naseem A different pair of boxer pants (shorts rather)
Sasuke A cool black ninja outfit showing Sasuke's hair
Tifa Lockheart The clothes Tifa wore when she took the picture
in Nibelheim (includes hat too!!!)
Yoko Red ICPO outfit (Ehrgeiz demo second outfit)

Practice Mode

This is the mode in which you cannot die. In this mode, you can easily train
your skills.
The computer's difficulty level is incredible, because it can counter you
attacks, do the most powerful attacks and break nearly all of the throws you
dish out.
I would like to explain what some terms in the player and enemy setting do.

Guard- Guards against all attacks
1 Hit Guard- Guards attacks after being hit once
Defensive- Defends once in a while
Counter- Rolls and gets up when knocked down, Attacks when you attack

You can restart the battle by pressing L2 and R2 together

The Story of Ehrgeiz

50 years ago, a sword containing an unknown material was found in the ruins
of an ancient German castle. The blade of the sword was broken and a mysterious
stone was set in its handle. The weapon took on the name "EHRGEIZ" and became
the symbol for a tournament, which would decide the world's strongest fighter.
The sword was presented to the champion.
Meanwhile, a secret excavation of a Middle Eastern desert ruin was ordered by
a secret organization called 'Red Scorpion'. It was rumoured that the ruins
contained the secret of immortality. As a front, Red Scorpion claimed to be an
international organization established to protect international archaeological
treasures and ruins. In reality, they are a weapons manufacturer collaborating
to develop bio-weapons. They hope to rediscover and use technology founded by
hyper-ancient cultures.
After months of excavating, Red Scorpion located the ancient ruins. They
located a door to the ruin but it could not be opened. A special key was
Does the key still exist? If so, where is it? The strongest theory points to
a mysterious stone set in the EHRGEIZ. On the same day the door was discovered,
the mysterious stone in EHRGEIZ radiated an eerie luster and brilliance. Legend
says those who come in contact with the stone will be overwhelmed with a burning
desire to answer a mysterious calling.
Koji Masuda, the defending and consecutive three-time champion is the current
holder of EHRGEIZ. Like a magnet, the sword navigates Koji to the Middle East
and eventually the ancient ruin. The Red Guardians are not at all pleased by
this intrusion into their secret finding. Disregarding the call of the sword, he
has no choice but to flee the Middle East. If caught, he would surely be
Koji now realizes the dangers of the tournament and the sword. EHRGEIZ is far
more than a mere symbol of fighting excellence. Understanding the sword brings
danger to his life, Koji reluctantly decides to withdraw from the tournament and
relinquish his right to the sword. In a letter to his daughter, Yoko, Koji asks
her to succeed his will and use her martial art skills to regain the sword. But
news of the mysterious stone has travelled afar and now many more have the
curiosity to seek it.


This is the order of events:

+ Stage 1 - The Dome

V.S. Dasher Inoba

This is where the tournament starts and ends. Defeating Inoba grants you to
possess the EHRGEIZ.

+ Stage 2 - On the Roof

V.S. Jo

After getting the EHRGEIZ, you decide to head straight for the hyper-ancient
ruins. Thus, you make your way to the roof of a building, to board the airship,
but you are stopped by Jo, the wolf girl.

+ Stage 3 - On the Airship

V.S. Godhand

Having defeated Jo, you take the ladder up to the airship, before you get to
enter the airship, Godhand appears and challenges you.

+ Stage 4 - Streets of Hongkong

V.S. Lee Shuwen

With Godhand out of the way, you successfully board the airship and fly to
Hongkong. Here, you end up in a fight against Chinese martial artist Lee Shuwen.

+ Stage 5 - On the Train

V.S. Yoko

After a tough match against Lee Shuwen, you decide to head to Germany by train.
During the train ride, you find that Yoko from the ICPO has been informed of
your arrival and you are forced to have a match with her on the train.

+ Stage 6 - In the Coliseum

V.S. Prince Naseem

Upon arriving at the destination, Naseem appears to challenge the winner of the
EHRGEIZ tournament. You have to defeat him to proceed.

+ Stage 7 - Digup

V.S. Han Daehan

After jumping down the entrance to the basement, you find that you are ambushed
by Han Daehan. You are then forced into another fierce fight.

+ Stage 8 - Shelter

You proceed on and reach an area with high security. Here, the powerful Ninja
Sasuke attempts to take your life. You begin another duel again.

+ Bonus Stage 1 - Elevator

V.S. Cloud Strife

You defeat Sasuke easily the doors to the elevator open. You proceed, and a a
mysterious "Guardian" appears and challenges you. You pit your skills against

+ Bonus Stage 2 - Underground

V.S. Tifa Lockheart

The elevator stops after you defeat the guardian and you appear in another
basement area. Another strange opponent, the "Summoner", appears.

Stage 9 - Computer Lab

V.S. Django

You make you way to the secret lab where you find a strange beast guarding the
place. It attacks you instinctively and you fight back.

Stage 10 - Unknown Area

V.S. Red Scorpion

When you defeat the beast, the place starts exploding and you are soon shrouded
in darkness. The next thing you know is that you are in a strange dark room with
a ferocious monster, which looks several times more powerful than you. You find
that you cannot injure it, and realize that you have to use the 2 swords in the
boxes. Quickly, as a time limit unspoken of is closing in on you, you manage to
free the swords and deal the beast a final blow. The beast explodes in to many
goodies and you collect them. Then, the broken EHRGEIZ in your possession which
you then realize had mysteriously disappeared falls from the sky. But the sword
is no longr broken and is complete. With the complete EHRGEIZ, you thus continue
with your quest.



Arcade to Playstation

Ehrgeiz was released by Squaresoft in 1997 in the arcades with the help of
Namco. Namco helped distribute the game and provided the hardware while
Squaresoft had Dreamfactory work on the software. By the end of 1998, Ehrgeiz is
finally available on the Playstation.
But there has to be changes. With the exception of the addition of the mini
games and the Quest mode, there is a difference in the arcade mode.
Firstly, the graphics look different. It is hard to say whether the 3D
characters look better or not, but it is evident that the characters and
surroundings have a lighter tone. In the arcade, the characters seem to have a
darker and smoother complexion where the characters on the Playstation have more
beige skin. Many different details have been made more obvious, like the
flashing white of a character before he is about to be thrown.
The next difference is in the 'explosions' or impact when a character is hit.
I remember clearly that in the arcade, there will be a nice big sphere of energy
with 'electricity' upon impact, and I do not think the Playstation version has
the 'electricity'. I also saw that when Cloud did Omnislash in the arcade, there
were yellow sparks flying when he hit the opponent.
The next thing is about the winning poses and the zoom in and zoom out. The
winning poses are short and abrupt, and the poses have all been shortened by a
significant length of time. The camera does not zoom as far in and as far out as
in the arcade version.
Another thing easily noticed is the replay that you see when you knockout the
opponent or vice versa. It gives the game a different feel. Also, they do not
show you the sequences between fight, like the map of the area and such, unlike
in the arcade.
If you look at the backgrounds, they have become disappointing. In the
arcade, they were 3-dimensional, now they are but 2D, motionless picture strips.
You may think that it is perhaps the fault of the Playstation's lack of power,
but strangely enough, if you play the Ehrgeiz demo included with the FFVIII demo
which was packaged with the Japanese version of Brave Fencer Musashi, you will
notice that the men in the first stage background are totally 3D and moving,
just like the arcade's! Why has this reduction in graphics been brought about?
Another significant difference is that the endings are different. It seems
that there are differences in the Playstation endings and arcade endings.
The only so called improvement, is the addition of characters, character
outfits, and sound. Voices have been added to the fighting of all the
characters. Although moves remained unchanged, voices have been added. One
important addition is the newly arranged music that you can select in the option
setting. There are also secret outfits for the characters originally included in
the arcade.
One other minor change is the time given to you when you are choosing
characters. In the arcade you have 20 seconds. On the Playstation, you have 60

This is about all the changes from the arcade to the Playstation. Nevertheless,
Ehrgeiz still works and plays great.



Playstation Controls
for Arcade (default) control setting


D-pad = Run
Square/Triangle = Weak High Attack
X = Weak Low Attack
Circle = Special Attack
L1/L2 = Jump
R1/R2 = Guard

Key: Up = Weak High Attack
Down = Weak Low Attack
Special = Special Attack
While standing up = while getting up from crouched position
J = Just Frame
Gameshark code
Game Shark Codes

North American Version

Unlock All Characters 801F19FC FFFF
Unlock All Endings 801F1A00 FFFF
Infinite Time in Battle 800F6C94 0930
Infinite Time to Chose Fighter 800F69EE 0EB2
Time is Always 0:00:00 800F6C30 0000
Box is Always On 800F7FD4 0001
Box is Always Off 800F7FD4 0000
Level Modifer 800F6D34 00??
Player 1 Codes
Infinite Health 8011EADE 00B8
75% Health D011EADE 00B8
8011EADE 008A
50% Health D011EADE 00B8
8011EADE 005C
25% Health D011EADE 00B8
8011EADE 002E
No Health 8011EADE 0000
One-Hit Kill D011EADE 00B8
8011EADE 0001
Max Power Bar 8011F7D6 00D0
No Power Bar 8011F7D6 0000
Character Modifer 800F69FC 00??
Player 2 Codes
P2 Infinite Health 801228F2 00B8
P2 75% Health D01228F2 00B8
801228F2 008A
P2 50% Health D01228F2 00B8
801228F2 005C
P2 25% Health D01228F2 00B8
801228F2 002E
P2 No Health 801228F2 0000
P2 One-Hit Kill D01228F2 00B8
801228F2 0001
Max Power Bar 801235EA 00D0
No Power Bar 801235EA 0000
Character Modifer 800F6A2C 00??
RPG Mode Codes
Infinite Health 801E84D0 0080
Infinite Power Bar 801F363E 0080
Infinite Money 801F37D0 FFFF
Max Magic Stones 801F37A8 270F
Max Max HP Base 801F3642 00FF
Max Attack Base 801F3644 00FF
Max Defense Base 801F3646 00FF
Max Magic Atk Base 801F3648 00FF
Max Magic Dev Base 801F364A 00FF
Max Dexterity Base 801F364C 00FF
Max Speed Base 801F364E 00FF
Max Consum. Rate Base 801F3650 00FF
Max Exp Gain Rate Base 801F3652 00FF
Max Max HP Current 801F3654 00FF
Max Attack Current 801F3656 00FF
Max Defense Current 801F3658 00FF
Max Magic Atk Current 801F365A 00FF
Max Magic Def Current 801F365C 00FF
Max Dexterity Current 801F365E 00FF
Max Speed Current 801F3660 00FF
Max Consum. Rate Current 801F3662 00FF
Max Exp Gain Rate Current 801F3664 00FF
Max Power Bar 801F3640 00FF
Experience Modifier [Note] 801F366C ????
Quantity Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Codes
00 - Rio
01 - Han Daehan
02 - Godhand
03 - Lee Shuwen
04 - Dasher Inoba
05 - ?
06 - Sasuke
07 - Prince Naseem
08 - YoYo Yoko
09 - Jo
0A - Cloud Strife
0B - Tifa Lockhart
0C - Django
0D - Sephiroth
0E - Koji Masuda
0F - Clair Andrews
10 - Yuffie Kisaragi
11 - Vincent Valentine
13 - Zax
Quantity Digits to Accompany Level Modifier Code
01 - Roof
02 - Airship
03 - Hong Kong
04 - Train
05 - Coliseium
06 - DigUp
07 - Shelter
08 - Elevator
09 - Underground
0A - Computer
0B - Random

Note: Replace the '????' with 'FFFF' for quick level gain.
Play as Zacks
To play as Zacks, Cloud's mentor in Final Fantasy 7, beat the game with all of the Final Fantasy 7 characters. Zack has the same moves as Cloud.
Play evil panel game
Defeat the CPU 10 consecutive times in the Battle Panel Mini-Game. Then in the top menu select Battle Panel while holding L1,L2,R1,R2
Tifa and Cloud's third cosutme
For Cloud's 3rd Secret Costume defeat the game using Yuffie. For Tifa's 3rd Secret Costume defeat the game using Vincent.
To get Secret Characters the hard way
To get the secret characters, do the following:
Koji Masuda-Defeat the game using any Male Character
Clair Andrewsi Defeat the game using any female Character
Yuffie Kisaragi- Defeat game using Cloud Strife
Vincent Valentine- defeat game using Tifa Lockheart
Zax- Defeat game using all the FF7 Charecters
Django (aka Neo-Red XIII)- Defeat game using all Ehrgeiz Characters (All except for the FF7 crew.)
Vincent's Alternate Costume
Once Vincent is unlocked you can be him in a TURK outfit you do this by holding UP on the directional pad. The picture will remain the same but. If you care to see the alternate picture the role the directional pad in a 90 degree rotation, this dose not give you the costume just the pic, you still have to hold up to use it.