[edit] Background

Ramses II is dying and with him the glory of Egypt shall fall. Amon-Ra, the Sun-God, promises to extend his life in exchange for the most magnificent temple ever built. Trouble is not far away as the building site for the temple is affected by a number of sinister incidents. Maia, a young priestess, must solve the mystery behind these events and save the life of the Pharaoh.

[edit] Gameplay

Maya will encounter many problems and puzzles in both the earth realm and in the realm of the gods. Invoking magic and the powers of mystic objects, she periodically leaves her earthly body and enters a dreamlike state. In those visions, Maya will travel to many beautiful locations, meet the Egyptian gods and ask for their intervention. The gods will test her worthiness by asking her to perform tasks and deeds - rewarding her with information or an actual event. The results of Maya's actions in her visions will effect what happens back on the earth plane of Egypt. While playing The Egyptian Prophecy, experience a story full of authentic Egyptian mythology. Meet and talk with 15 non-player characters, explore six varied locations, and learn to perform ancient ritualistic magic by consulting the in-game encyclopedia.

[edit] Features

  • Travel along the Nile and explore magnificent locations and monuments such as: Karnak, Memphis, and the labyrinth of Ptah
  • Interact with various characters and encounter Egyptian gods, including: Osiris, Seth, Isis and Ptah
  • Decipher an array of intriguing 3D real-time puzzles set in breath-taking environments
  • Easily concoct sacred potions and perform ancient Egyptian rituals using the customized game interface and inventory
  • Scour the in-game encyclopedia for historically accurate information on rituals, ancient monuments and artifacts, and Egyptian mythology

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP ®
600 MHz Pentium III or Equivalent (800 MHz Recommended)
16x CD-ROM Drive (24x CD-ROM Drive Recommended)
32 MB DirectX Compatible 3D Video Card
DirectX7 Compatible Sound Card
64 MB RA

This game is also known as Egypt III: The Fate of Ramses in Europe.

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Release Dates
  • North America: Mar 30, 2004
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