Extreme-G 2 review
Extremely fast & furious

The good:

Several fun gameplay modes for up to 4 players. Lots of gameplay options.

The bad:

Complex controls. Menus are a bit difficult to navigate. Password system has digits that look too much alike, which can cause codes not to work.


The sequel to Extreme-G involves primarily racing with motorbikes that kind of look like they came out of the movie "Tron". There are several ways to play-Grand Prix with up to 12 races, Time Trials against the clock an Arcae-style shooter, plus fun multiplayer battle modes with tanks! You can also play races with or without optional weapons to keep it fair.
Part of the game's appeaal is speed-if you go fast enough and can hold it, it's possible to break the sound barrier in these machines. The courses have lots of turns & cool obstacles and the optional weapons add an extra dimension to gameplay, plus more bikes can be unlocked as you play through. On the downside, it does take time to learn the controls at first, but they can be customized. YOu can save to either a Controller Pak or password, but in passwords gidits like "I" and "1" look alike, so be prepared to mess up passwords sometimes.
If the difficulty level and controls don't cause you to give up, you'll find this game has lots of replay value and some very cool play modes. Give it a go and try to hang on when you break the sound barrier!

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