ECW: Hardcore Revolution review
Hardcore Indeed...just not Hardcore enough

The good:

The only oficial ECW wrestling game. Includes all the top ECW stars with actual voices & moves. Lots of secrets to unlock. Good create-a-wrestler feature.

The bad:

Poor graphics & gameplay. Subpar controls.


Although this title is based somewhat on ECW, featuring all the major superstars of ECW's prime (including Rob Van Dam, Tazz, Sabu, & Shane Douglas among many others), the gameplay is basically the old game WWF War Zone with ECW wrestlers instead. Controls are stiff and complex moves require several different button sequences that aren't always easy to pull off. In tag team matches, tagging your partner is a chore in itself. The game is also quite hard, even on easy skill levels.<br>The only nice things are the gameplay is deep with a nice Career mode, Create-a-wrestler feature, and an option allowing you to create your own ECW PPVs and ave them to a controller pack.<br>While Acclaim does get credit for getting an ECW title out, they could've done much better than copy one of their previous WWF games and using that subpar gameplay engine. ECW diehards will get some good mileage out of it, but you're better off with one of THQ's WWF titles instead.

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