Earthworm Jim 2 Cheats

Earthworm Jim 2 cheats, Codes, Passwords, Easter Eggs, and Codes for GBA.

Command codes

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Hyper Cheat Menu
Anytime during the game, pause and then press the following buttons in sequence: Select, Left, Right, A, B, B, Left, and Right.
View Ending
Pause the game at any time and enter the following buttons in sequence: Select, Left, Right, L, R, Left, Right, and Select.


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Level Passwords
Flamin' YawnRCXQNB
Inflated HeadL6RGDG
Puppy Love Part 3H3NB86
Secret LevelTotally Forked SDZNLM
See Jim RunCZK9C9

Easter eggs

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Hidden Level
During "Level Ate", when you reach an area where a bacon strip is next to three forks, jump and hold the A button and try to navigate yourself between the bacon and forks. This should teleport you to a secret level called "Totally Forked."


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Jump a Level!
To jump a level enter the following codes to get to the desired level ...

Lorenzo Soil - P 9 V N L 8

Puppy Love Part 1 - F 1 L D B Z

Villi People - N 8 T N L 8

The Flying King - J 4 P J G 4

Puppy Love Part 2 - G 2 M G D 2

Udderly Abducted - K 5 Q J G 4