EarthBound (SNES) Cheats

EarthBound cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Casey Bat Trick
When you get the Casey bat, Never equip it. However; when You go into battle with Ness, go to items and select the Casey Bat. When Ness will use it during the fight, it will always hit.
Defeat Starman Deluxe easily
In the Stonehenge Base, the Starman Deluxe uses powerful attacks on you, but you can wipe him out fast and easy by throwing a couple of Jeff's Multi Bottle Rockets at him!
Easy Expierence
In the the Belch's Factory, there are enemies called Foppies. These enemies are very useful because there are a lot of them, they get killed easily, not much of a treat, and give you a major 1311 Exp. per Foppy you beat. You can face up to 6 at a time. In that situation, I recommend using PSI Fire.
Faster Pizza!
Everyone hates waiting for Pizza, so, stock up on them, them give most to the Escargo Express guy, when you REALLY need them (like at Deep Darkness) call Escargo Express, he will send you 3 Pizza's in a snap!
Free PP
In the factory behind the falls one room has a magic butterfly. (Magic butterflies restore 20 PP). Get the magic butterfly then go out of the room and re-enter the room. The magic butterfly will re-appear but if it doesn't, keep going out and back in until it reappears. Then repeat the process.
Get money back in Twoson Hotel
You can only do this once, go to the Twoson Hotel, stay there for one night, talk to the guy in the lobby, keep talking to him until he says "Buy yourself a juice, ok?" he will then give you your 50.00 you spent on the hotel, a free recovery! There are other places to, just talk to the same looking guy in the lobby until he gives you the money
Instead of buying Multi-Bottle Rockets at 3k a piece. You can just put up Paula's final level shield, It'll reflect the Starman's attack, so you'll beat him, in like a turn. And you don't have to get hit by his startstorm it hits Him.
Obtain All of Ness's PSI powers
If you're at a low level, this is excellent to use. Once you are in Magicant after obtaining the eighth melody, you have to travel to the Sea of Eden and defeat your dark side (which is symbolized by the Mani Mani Statue). Once you defeat it, you will have realized all of Ness's PSI powers.
Sword of Kings
The Sword of Kings, Poo's ultimate weapon, increases his attack by 30. Any other weapon he equips that all party members can use actually lower his offense. To obtain the Sword of Kings, you must fight the Starman Super in the Stonehenge base BEFORE beating Starman Deluxe. Defeating Starman Deluxe eliminates the Starman Super from the game which means you have no chance of obtaining this weapon. You have a 1/128 chance of obtaining the Sword of Kings. If you can't stand the suspense of fighting each and every one, have Jeff use his spy ability on each Starman Super to try and locate the sword.


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Accessing the area behind the ladder in Saturn Valley
Once you have defeated Master Belch, you gain access to the area with the first coffee scene and a hot spring. From there, go to the corner near the large ladder (the one with a Mr. Saturn at the top), the corner with a Mr. Saturn walking near it. When you are in this corner, spin the control pad wildly (ala Tweaking in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl). Eventually, the party should make its way onto the normally inaccessible ledge. However, it is impossible to leave this ledge the way you got on it, meaning that you're stuck if you don't have PSI Teleport (Beta for best results).


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Easy money!!
First, go to Twoson and buy lots of fresh eggs and the "for sale sign". Walk for some time until the eggs hatch and become chicks, walk for more time until they become chickens. Use the "for sale" sign and sell each chicken for $110. Repeat this for lots of money!
Faster Music
Rapidly press 'select' for faster music.
Jeff's Ultimate Weapon
For those of you who are having trouble obtaining the Gaia Beam, Jeff's best weapon, this is how to do it.

Fight the Uncontrollable Spheres in Lumine Hall. There's a 1/128 chance of you getting a Broken Antenna. Jeff can fix this and make it into the Gaia Beam when his IQ level is 65 or higher.
Rock Candy Trick
In order to do this awfully usefull trick, you a Rock Candy. Once you've found one, buy as many Sugar Packet as you can. Arrange the inventory of the character who has the Rock Candy in way that all the Sugar Packets come first and the the Rock Candy in last position.

Now the fun part, find an easy monster to defeat (be sure you won't kill it one shot!). During the fight, make everyone defend themselves expect those with Rock Candies and Sugar Packets in their inventory. Those with Rock Candies should use them at will! While you use the Rock Candy, only a Sugar Packet will be taken. Doing so, you can boost any of your character to new limits!

Be sure that if you to boost someone a lot, the character shouldn't be about to level up, so you have plenty of occasions to boost him up before he gets a new level!

Now have fun!
Unlimited magic butterflies
Unlimited magic butterflies:Go to the cave in Onett and find the location where you can see the giant step but cannot get to it. Keep entering and exiting this location, heal yourself, then get more butterflies as needed.

Find the hole in the ground in the maze of tunnels under Tenda Village. Use it to drop down to a small cavern with a black talking rock and a butterfly. The rock will say similar to 'You're in the Earth's belly button'. Get the butterfly, then walk just far enough out of that room so the rock is no longer visible. Walk back in and the butterfly will re-appear. Keep collecting the butterflies as needed for full HP and HPP.