Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet Cheats

Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Earth 2150 Cheat Codes

Before you can use cheats, you first have to enable cheatmode by pressing Enter, typing I_wanna_cheat, and then, pressing Left Shift + Keypad 0 + Enter to enable cheat mode.

Once cheatmode is enabled, you can then press Enter, type in one of the following codes, then press Enter again to activate the cheat you wish to use.


Cheaper researchdirt_cheap_research
Create object or building at indicated
one_more_please_[x,y chassis number weapon]
Damage all nearby unitsbad_time_bad_place
Destroy all objects at range of 8massacre
Destroy all visible units and objectshasta_la_vista_enemigos
Destroy selected unitsee_you_next_life
Disable fast exploration, player onlyhelp_me_please_0
Disable fast explorationeinstein_0
Enable fast explorationeinstein_1
Enable fast exploration, player onlyhelp_me_please_1
Faster researchtime_is_relative
Full mapno_more_secrets
Kill all enemies at range of 8the_hammer_of_thor
Meteor showerarmageddon
Receive indicated number of CRi_love_this_game_[number]
Repair damage and reload ammox-mas_pack
See all unitsno_one_hides
See alleagle_eye
Set unit CR limit to indicated numberi_hate_limits_[number]