Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (PS3) Cheats

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon cheats, Trophys, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
Hangin' Tough Survive 100 (total) waves in Survival mode
TrophyHow to unlock
All Dressed Up... (Bronze)Level up an armor completely.
Amateur Ant Killer (Bronze)Kill 100 Ants.
Bedside Manner (Bronze)Revive 250 teammates.
Campaigner (Bronze)Unlock all Armors.
Collateral (Bronze)Destroy 500 world objects.
Daddy WarBugs (Bronze)Purchase all weapons for all armors.
Demolition Derby (Bronze)Destroy 500 cars/vehicles.
Eyes Up! (Bronze)Destroy 10 Carriers. Tora! Tora! Tora!
Gunship Down (Bronze)Destroy 1000 Gunships.
[b] Hector? What? (Bronze)Kill 10 Small Hectors
Helping Hand Award (Bronze)Revive a teammate
High Roller (Bronze)Purchase all available weapons for a single armor
I Heard Them Scream... (Bronze)Get 500 kills with the Tank
It's a Bomber (Bronze)Kill 10 Bomber Spiders
It's a Start (Bronze)Destroy 100 Gunships
Lander Commander (Bronze)Get 250 kills with the Lander Turret
Lemon Squeezy (Bronze)Beat the game on Normal
Lifer (Bronze)Level up all armors completely
Look What the Rookie Did! (Bronze)Kill 5000 enemies
Mechs Master (Bronze)Get 500 kills with the Mech
Nesting Instinct (Bronze)Destroy 10 Anthills/Spider Nests
Newb (Bronze)Kill 100 Spiders
Nothing Turret (Bronze)Get 500 kills with Base Turrets
Scavenger (Bronze)Collect All Dropped Weapons
Smells Like Team Spirit! (Bronze)Incapcitate a teammate
Social Dead Butterfly (Bronze)Get 10000 kills in Survival mode
Survive-O-Rama (Bronze)Survive 500 (total) waves in Survival mode
Surviving... (Bronze)Get 1000 kills in Survival mode
The Architect (Bronze)Destroy 500 buildings
The Sting's the Thing (Bronze)Kill 10 Wasps
Tick Picker (Bronze)Kill 100 Ticks
Welcome to the EDF (Bronze)Kill 1000 Ants
Ant Farmer (Silver)Kill 10000 Ants
Carrier Dropper (Silver)Destroy 100 Carriers
Fleet Depleter (Silver)Destroy 10000 Gunships
Good Start (Silver)Make it through 5 Survival Mode Waves in one session
Hector Wrecker (Silver)Kill 100 Small Hectors
Homewrecker (Silver)Destroy 100 Anthills/Spider Nests
Spider Fighter (Silver)Kill 10000 Spiders
Tick Tock Ya Don't Stop (Silver)Kill 5000 Ticks
War Against Soaring Pests Award (Silver)Kill 100 Wasps
Who Ravages the Ravagers? (Silver)Kill 25000 Enemies
EDF! EDF! (Platinum)Earn all Trophies in the game
Secret Trophies-
Hectorcide (Bronze)Kill a Large Hector
Manticide (Bronze)Kill a Mantis
Patricide (Bronze)Kill a Daddy Long Legs
Regicide (Bronze)Kill a Queen Ant
Chopper's Choice (Silver)Beat the game on Hard
Manticore (Silver)Kill 10 Mantises
Infernal Master Destroyer Deluxe (Gold)Beat the game on Inferno Dante?