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[edit] Background

Earth Defense Force 2025 is a third person shooter game which is set in the near future; in this timeline, a multinational military has been founded in response to the discovery of an impending alien visit which may not be friendly.

The aliens were named “Ravagers” and invaded Earth with a variety of forces, however the Earth Defense Force prevailed in the fight and the planet was saved. Some of the invading force survived and hid in underground nests as they waited for another chance to strike. The game is set in this time, when the Ravagers have returned with another alien species to take over the planet.

The game is available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and also the PlayStation 4.

[edit] Game Play

The player takes control of an EDF soldier and is able to select from four unique classes that all play different roles and have different playstyles. The Ranger is a foot infantry who is able to use vehicles and mechas, the Wing Diver is the airborne class which uses jet packs and high tech weaponry while the Fencer is a heavy unit which is a close-range fighter. There is also the Air Raider which is a support class that can summon vehicles, call for air raids and deploy various support items such as health and force shields.

There are a variety of weapons available such as sniper rifles, rocket launchers and assault rifles; player can also use grenades, remote bomb launchers and much more. Each mission allows the player to take two to four weapons with them and the class of the player will impact what weapons the player can use.

In each of the missions, the player can find AI controlled EDF soldiers which can help the player get through the level; the soldiers can be recruited to support the player or the player can help them defeat enemies. Any party AI soldiers can be directed to attack enemies and the player can also listen to the radio to receive information about the situation.

There are a variety of difficulty levels and more powerful weapons are dropped for completing missions on higher difficulty levels; completing levels will also reward the player with armor enhancements which add permanent health bonuses.

Destructible environments are featured in the game and the player is not penalized for destroying buildings; the game takes place across various levels and each one uses a destructible environment.

The game can be played co-op with other players; this mode has players work together in groups to fight the invading aliens. Two plays can play on local co-op and up to four players can play together with the online mode.

[edit] Features

4 unique classes – Play as one of 4 specialized classes to defeat the invasion with

Recruit AI soldiers – Have the AI help deal with the waves of enemies to support or to kill

Various difficulty levels – Play the missions of all of the difficulty levels and get stronger weapons each time

Multiplayer – Play co-op with friends to take on the invasion

[edit] Played Liked

  • Good controls
  • Co-op is fun
  • Good weapon variety

[edit] Players Didn't Like

  • Audio isn't very good
  • Air Raider class is not much use
  • Graphics are not too good

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  • North America: Feb 18, 2014
  • Japan: Jul 4, 2013
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