EA Playground (DS) Cheats

EA Playground cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more EA Playground cheat codes.


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Soccer cheat
What you have to do is master the soccer challenges. Well here is the tip. Stay at the FRONT (just in front of goalie) and stay there for the whole thing and a lot of balls will go up to there, so you can shoot much better because a person will actually kick a ball and it can usually go to you.

Easter eggs

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Free marbles!
Hi everyone,
This is a cheat for getting free marbles. Follow the steps carefully. There are two ways of getting free marbles without winning:

Way 1:
1: Find a ball lying around
2: Find a person to dump it on where you are so if in the school yard, and it is a soccer ball, take it to Lucy's ground.
3: Sometimes this won't work but it will work on the first time you do this. It can work after your first time as well but not very often.
4: Now you have got at least 100 more marbles (probably more than that). This will only work if it is a basketball for example, must go to the nearest basketball leader.

Way 2:
1: Go to the schoolyard
2: Find that pole and ball thing
3: Press a
4: This only works rarely after your first time. You have now got more marbles!