NHL 2001 Cheats

NHL 2001 cheats, and Codes for PC.

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NHL 2001 Cheats

Cheat Codes
Use the following table to determine cheats to employ to activate specific cheats. Note that the codes must be used in specific screens or situations.

cheat codescreeneffect
broken tomatocredits screenplayers bleed
starsruscredits screendo all dekes with any player
magnetcredits screenif manual goalie is set, loose pucks fly to goalie.
homegoalduring a gamehome team awarded a goal
awaygoalduring a gameaway team awarded a goal

Create Super Players
When creating a character, use a name of one of the developers to get maxed out super stats. Try names from the manual or from the credits screen.


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Creating a player with maxed stats.
Enter a programmer's name when you're creating a player.
superstar clone
when creating a player type in the name of an nhl star ie. Paul kariya and the player will have the skill of the player you chos
Press V after scoring a goal or winning a fight and you will taunt the opponent!