Dystopia Cheats

Dystopia cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for PC.


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Steam Achievements
UnlockableHow to unlock
"I Am Shodan"Deal 8,000 damage with Cyber Weapons
"You're Coming With Me, Punk"Kill 35 enemies with the Machine Pistol
111.11111...Deal 36,000 damage using the Medium Katana
Big Man with a GunDeal 30,000 damage with the Basilisk
Blast MastaDeal 15,000 damage using Frag Grenades
Critical MassKill 5 enemies with EMP Grenades
DaemonKill 20 enemies with Cyber Weapons
Disciple of NikolaDeal 18,000 damage using the Tesla Rifle
Fist Is A VerbDeal 24,000 damage with the Fatman Fist
Get Off My LawnKill 20 enemies with the Shotgun
Grammaton ClericDeal 18,000 damage using Smartlocks
Gun KataKill 20 enemies with Smartlocks
HeadacheKill 2 enemies with Cortex Bomb
High StakesKill 35 enemies with the Boltgun
Hiro ProtagonistDeal 26,000 damage using the Light Katana
Holey WarriorDeal 46,000 damage using the Boltgun
KalashnikovKill 35 enemies with the Assault Rifle
Laser ShowDeal 41,000 damage using the Laser Rifle
Machine-like PrecisionKill 30 enemies with the MK-808
Mad MaxDeal 19,000 damage wth the Shotgun
Nade'FuKill 25 enemies with the Grenade Launcher
One Fist, Two Fist, Red Fist, Blue FistKill 25 enemies with the Fatman Fist
Pew Pew!Kill 40 enemies with the Laser Rifle
Pineapple PunchKill 10 enemies with Frag Grenades
Rawket LawnchairKill 15 enemies with the Rocket Launcher
RedbackKill 10 enemies with Spider Grenades
Rocket WhoreDeal 20,000 damage with the Rocket Launcher
Saito StyleDeal 34,000 damage using the MK-808
ScramblerHit 25 enemies with EMP Grenades
Semper FiDeal 36,000 damage with the Assault Rifle
SpammerDeal 31,000 damage using the Grenade Launcher
SpiderlordDeal 10,000 damage with Spider Grenades
StonewalledKill 25 enemies with the Basilisk
Street SamuraiKill 40 enemies with the Medium Katana
The Cyber ShinobiKill 35 enemies with the Light Katana
The LightbringerKill 25 enemies with the Ion Cannon
They Always Listen To ReasonDeal 32,000 damage with the Minigun
ThinktankDeal 3,000 damage with the Cortex Bomb
Uncle EnzoDeal 14,000 damage with the Machine Pistol
VapourwareDeal 33,000 damage with the Ion Cannon
Voltstein SpecialKill 15 enemies with the Tesla Rifle
esoj'dKill 30 enemies with the Minigun