Dynasty Warriors 2 review
Fairly Unique For The Time

The good:

At the time it was really a unique game
More characters than the first Dynasty Warriors for PSX
Kick-ass bodyguards!

The bad:

Several characters have the same attacks
For those not interested in this series that much hacking and slashing will get boring
After playing the sequels this one seems very basic


I bought Dynasty Warriors 2 because I had the first one and quite liked it. Despite the fact Dynasty Warriors 1 was a Street Fighter-type game and this wasn't, I still bought it because it looked different to everything else on the market at the time.

I was glad to see that all the characters from DW1 were in this game, and then some. The most powerful character, Lu Bu, is only on one map in this game, but he proves very tough to beat considering it's only on the second map. A lot of people run past him and come back to him when their character is more powerful.

Your character levels up by killing enemy generals (who will have names above their heads) and gate captains. They will drop either a sword or a sheild which will raise your attack or defense respectively. As the levels go on and the difficulty goes up, the power of these items increases. To raise your health and musou attack (special attack) bar you have to find Dim Sums hidden in crates. You can do up to a combination of 4 attacks in a row using the square button, or you can press triangle at the end of a combo to do a more powerful charge move. When you fill up your musou bar by hitting other people you can do your musou attack which is a much more powerful attack and you cannot be damaged by anyone while performing this attack.

One of the best things about this game compared to the others in the series is the bodyguards. In this game your bodguards are attached to the character and level up in power as your character levels up. When they become their most powerful they are capable of holding even the most powerful generals at bay for a period of time. In my opinion this is the best thing about the game.

Another positive is that this game is largely based on the events of the Romance of The Three Kingdomes which took place from about 180AD to 234AD in China and the battles and rivalries would have been real. Of course some things have been fabricated to enhance the storyline, but nevertheless you are learning about this time peroid while playing.

The downsides to this game are that it is fairly basic once you play a sequel, and several of the characters have exactly the same attacks. Also after playing a sequel where there are more playable characters and you come back to this game, it's a bit odd to see them as generic officers.

Also, the biggest criticism (but the only real one) is that hacking and slashing can get boring after a while and there's no real incentive to play on with a character. Yes, this might be true, but only really of this game. The sequels attempt to fix this. So if the only thing you can find to criticise about this game is the repetitveness, then I'd say you should buy one of the later ones as well.

But having said that, if you manage to find this game very cheaply you really ought to get it, you never know, you might like it. I'd recommend Dynasty Warriors 3 if you can find that cheaply, but for a few pounds or dollars this won't be a bad buy.

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