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: : : : Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 Weapons/Stable/Unlockable Players Guide

Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 Weapons/Stable/Unlockable Players Guide

by shinobipride   Updated to v1.01 on
 Dynasty Warriors 2 PSP                              
 Weapons/Stable/Unlockable Players Guide                          
 By shinobipride                        
 version 1.00                        


Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Weapons
   2.1 Different Levels and Names
   2.2 Different Attributes
   2.3 Evolutionary Weapons
   2.4 Combination weapons
   2.5 Stats-up on weapons
   2.6 How to Get the best weapons

3. Stable
   3.1 Colour frame
   3.2 Abilities
   3.3 Four kingdom stallions
   3.4 How to unlock good horses/elephants

4. How to unlock playable characters 

5. Updates


1. Introduction

Dynasty Warriors 2 is a great game with introduction of a stable consist up
to 8 horses/elephants that you can take out to battlefield at the start of 
each battle. Like all the Dynasty Warriors series, a good weapon is the key 
to success, and now that the stable is introduced, the horses/elephants 
can even make the pace faster (if you hav a good horse/elephant that is). 
There are total of 48 playable characters. But some of which you have to 
unlock by fufilling certain conditions. The following is a guide to get 
the best weapons,horses/elephants, and your favorite characters to make 
the game even more enjoyable.


2. Weapons
2.1 Different Levels and Names

Each of 48 playable characters has three levels of weapons rank from 
strength - level 1 weakest, level 2 medium, level 3 strongest. Level 2&3 
are the only ones that can have attributes to it (see 2.2 for more info) and 
only level 3 has evolutionary attacks (see 2.3 for more info). A level 3 
weapon can have BOTH a evolution attack and an attibute.
Level 1 have up to 4 attacks, level 2 up to 5 attacks, and level 3 up to 
6 attacks (evolutionary weapons do up to 9 more detail on 2.3). Below 
listed all 48 playable characters with all ranked weapon names:

Cao Cao
level 1 - broad sword
level 2 - general's sword
level 3 - sword of heaven

Cao Ren
level 1 - buckler blade
level 2 - strike buckler
level 3 - crane

Cao Pi
level 1 - twin blade
level 2 - dual fang
level 3 - pure havoc

Da Qiao
level 1 - twins fans
level 2 - violet fans
level 3 - true beauty

Dian Wei
level 1 - hand ax
level 2 - strike ax
level 3 - bull

Diao Chan
level 1 - mace
level 2 - great mace
level 3 - enchantress

Dong Zhuo
level 1 - tyrant sword
level 2 - great tyrant
level 3 - fear

Gan Ning
level 1 - pirate sword
level 2 - river sword
level 3 - river master

Guan Ping
level 1 - iron blade 
level 2 - giant blade
level 3 - flying dragon

Guan Yu
level 1 - crescent blade
level 2 - moon blade
level 3 - blue dragon

Huang Gai
level 1 - iron rod
level 2 - great rod
level 3 - shadow rod

Huang Zhong
level 1 - war sword
level 2 - veteran's sword
level 3 - sage sword

Jiang Wei
level 1 - trident
level 2 - great trident
level 3 - vapor

Ling Tong
level 1 - wood nunchaku
level 2 - iron nunchaku
level 3 - rising phoenix

Liu Bei
level 1 - long sword
level 2 - imperial sword
level 3 - gold dragon

Lu Bu
level 1 - halberd
level 2 - great halberd
level 3 - sky piercer

Lu Meng
level 1 - glaive
level 2 - great glaive
level 3 - tiger hook

Lu Xun
level 1 - twin sabers
level 2 - wind sabers
level 3 - eagle

Ma Chao
level 1 - iron spear
level 2 - stallion spear
level 3 - silver stallion

Meng Huo
level 1 - nanman gauntlet
level 2 - beast gauntlet
level 3 - beast master

Pang De
level 1 - war pick
level 2 - sturdy halberd
level 3 - pole ax

Pang Tong
level 1 - vision staff
level 2 - mirage staff
level 3 - wind staff

Sima Yi
level 1 - strategist's fan
level 2 - command fan
level 3 - black feather

Sun Ce
level 1 - tonfa
level 2 - studded tonfa
level 3 - conqueror

Sun Jian
level 1 - tiger sword
level 2 - tiger claw
level 3 - lone tiger

Sun Quan
level 1 - wolf sword
level 2 - wolf claw
level 3 - king wolf

Sun Shangxiang
level 1 - chakram
level 2 - moon chakram
level 3 - luna chakram

Taishi Ci
level 1 - twin rods
level 2 - spiral rods
level 3 - wolf slayer

Wei Yan
level 1 - double voulge
level 2 - strike voulge
level 3 - double star

Xiahou Dun
level 1 - scimitar
level 2 - great scimitar
level 3 - kirin blade

Xiahou Yuan
level 1 - rod
level 2 - strike rod
level 3 - power rod

Xiao Qiao
level 1 - double fans
level 2 - peach fans 
level 3 - true grace

Xing Cai
level 1 - long fork
level 2 - cobra fork
level 3 - sacred light

Xu Huang
level 1 - battle ax
level 2 - great ax
level 3 - destroyer

Xu Zhu
level 1 - club
level 2 - spiked club
level 3 - bone crusher

Yuan Shao
level 1 - noble sword
level 2 - regal sword
level 3 - sword of honour

Yue Ying
level 1 - war spear
level 2 - martial spear
level 3 - horizon

Zhang Fei
level 1 - bronze pike
level 2 - iron pike
level 3 - serpent blade

Zhang He
level 1 - iron claw
level 2 - strike claw
level 3 - peacock talon

Zhang Jiao
level 1 - magic staff
level 2 - mystic staff
level 3 - fire staff

Zhang Liao
level 1 - pole blade
level 2 - great blade
level 3 - blue wyvern

Zhao Yun
level 1 - bronze spear
level 2 - great spear
level 3 - dragon spear

Zhen Ji
level 1 - flute
level 2 - iron flute
level 3 - moon flute

Zhou Tai
level 1 - eastern sword
level 2 - katana
level 3 - dawn

Zhou Yu
level 1 - bronze sword
level 2 - iron sword
level 3 - elder sword

Zhu Rong
level 1 - boomerang
level 2 - spitfire
level 3 - magma wheel

Zhuge Liang
level 1 - war fan
level 2 - warlord fan
level 3 - white feather

Zuo Ci
level 1 - cursed deck
level 2 - mystic deck
level 3 - crane deck


2.2 Different Attributes

There are 4 different attributes you can have on weapons. However each 
weapon would only have one attributes. Only level 2&3 weapons can 
have attributes. The four attributes are:

1)fire - with a fire symbol beside the weapon

2)ice - with an ice symbol beside the weapon

3)holy - with a sun symbol beside the weapon

4)dark - with a moon symbol beside the weapon

Fire weapons allow you to burn enemies momentarily so they can't fight 
back and is defenceless. Enemies continue to lose small amounts of life 
bar while being burned.

Ice weapons allow you to freeze enemies momentarily so they can't fight 
back and is defenceless. The enemy's defence is cut in half while being 

Holy weapons allow you to break the enemy's guard when they try to 
block attacks.

Dark weapons kill anyone without a title in one shot but depletes the 
musou gauge when you do anything other than normal attacks. For 
example, if you do four normal attacks and finish with a combo attack 
(press 1/2/3/4 times on [] button and then 1 time on /\ button) your 
musou gauge would be drained.

Fire weapon and ice weapon both stop enemy temporarily but in 
my opinion ice is much better. The enemies only lose small smount 
of life when being burned but while frozen the enemies would take 
enormous amount of damage from weapons. Holy weapons are fine 
too though they don't always work 100% of the time. But by using 
dark weapons in hard mode is really suicidal. As mentioned above, 
when you try to pull a combo attack your musou will be drained. 
Normal attacks are not good enough in hardmode because any 
enemies with titles (patrol captain, offiers, enemies with names) will 
block like crazy, but combo attacks are very effective as attacks go. 
And very very bad if you are in a chaos mode, its almost guanrantee 
death sentence going in with a dark weapon.So when your are 
surrounded by a bunch of officers they can just air-juggle you to 
death or gang up on you like there's no tomorrow if you don't have 
a musou attack handy. Try dark weapons in hard/chaos mode at 
your own risk. 


2.3 Evolutionary weapons

Evolutionary weapons can deal up to 9 hits (only when you use 6 
normal attacks on [] button and with a full musou gauge by the 
end of 6 normal attacks). You have topress the button is quick 
succession for it to work. A combo attack will not trigger an 
evolution attack. Only level 3 weapons can have evolutionary 
attacks and it's represented by a light blue windlike symbol. 


2.4 Combination weapons

Level 3 weapons can have both an evolution attack and an 
attibute. This means you can perform up to 9 attacks and 
burn/freeze/break guard/instant kill with just one weapon.


2.5 Stats-up on weapons

Weapons generally have 1-6 stats-up (but each character's starting 
weapon doesn't have any stats-up). Just like the word sounds, it 
boosts up your stats one way or the other. Below is a list of all the 
possible stats-up and their maximum value on a weapon:

Attack (max 20) - boost attack

Defence (max 20) - boost defence

Horse (max 20) - increase horse/elephant's attack power 
(how much damage they do by kicking/stamping)

Fill (max 20) - increase how fast musou gauge auto-refills

Speed (max 20) - increase speed of character when he/she is 
on foot

Luck (max 20) - increase chance of getting better 
weapons/horses/elephants after a battle

Musou (max 20) - increase length of musou bar

Growth (max 20) - increase growth rate

Charge (max 40) - increase power of charge attacks 

Attack speed (max 40) - increase attack speed

Attack range (max 80) - increase weapon's range

Life (max 200) - increase length of life bar


2.6 How to Get the best weapons

So the big question: how to get all the best weapons? I suggest playing 
free mode instead musou mode. For one thing, the OTHERS forces (Lu Bu, 
Diao Chan, Meng Huo, etc) can't participate in the musou mode. Plus 
there are only 5 stages, (sometimes even 4 stages depend on which 
battle you start at and which victory condition you fulfill), and sometimes 
by the end of it you don't even get a single level 3 weapons. 

The benefit of free mode is you can pick a total of 8 stages from 8 eras. 
Even in easy mode you could get level 3 weapon as early as in era 3, 
and by playing through all 8 stages you'll be guanranteed to get at 
least 4 or 5 level 3 weapons. By now you should be at your command 
cap (60000 exp). If not you should be close. So now you can pick the 
weapon with highest luck and tear through normal mode with good 
officers and good abilities. As early as era 2 you'll be getting level 3 
weapons. By the end, you should be getting some +5 stats-up weapon. 
If you are lucky you might get a +6. Then if you want, you could try 
hard mode, which guanrantee almost all level 3 weapons and some of 
them bound to be a +6. As early as era 1 you will be getting level 3 
weapons. Definitely a +5 weapon by the end of all 8 stages. You could 
also try, said try because not all characters are fit in chaos mode. The 
difficulties are insane and going in with a relatively weak playable 
characters is no less than a suicide attempt. The advantage is very very 
good weapons, that is, if you can survive to take it. I suggest playing 
normal/hard mode several times through and you should be getting a 
good weapon with no time. Also +6 weapons usually have evolutionary 
attacks and/or attribute, which makes the weapon even better. Just 
keep in mind: +20 luck (or the highest luck weapon you have in your 
arsenal), normal/hard mode several run-throughs and patience is the key.


3. Stable

Stable can hold up to 8 horses/elephants of your choice. Your horses 
starts at level 1 (except the four kingdom stallions which are already 
max leveled) and you have to level them up and riding them and 
using them to attack enemies. The max level is level 10. Usually 
horses are much faster than elephants but has less powers and rear up 
at officers and enemies with names. On horses you can attack with 
your weapons or just ride it to run enemies over. Elephants are very 
slow but they are very powerful and can run over over every enemy 
in the game at level 10. But you can't attack with your weapon when 
riding on elephants. You can only attack with its nose ([] button) and 
stamp (/\ button). 


3.1 Colour frame

Many players may think reputation have anything to do with how 
horses/elephants react with enemies. But its not true. Some horses 
with reputation kingdom stallion will rear up at officers but others 
won't. It all depends on the colour frame of the horses/elephants. 
Heres a list of colour of the horses/elephants frame and how each 
frame affect their reaction to enemies

Gold - run over all enemies except final boss at the end of battle
The 4 kingdom stallions have this frame at the start are all max 
leveled. Other horses start with silver frame and upgrade to 
golden frame at higher levels. Only some horses with reputation 
Kingdom Stallion and Legendary Stud MAY level up to golden frame.

Silver - run over all enemies below rank of officer (patrol captain, 
defence captain, captains of villages, common enemies)
Only Legendary Stud and some Kingdom Stallion have this frame 
for start. The other horses will eventually gain this frame as they 
are leveled up.

Bronze (brownish colour) - run over only no-name enemies
Most of the horses start at this level. Some of the reputations 
include: general's horse, kingdom stallion, famous steed.

Gold - run over all enemies
Only legendary tusker start with this frame. Other elephants 
will attained this frame when they are leveled up

Silver - run over all enemies
All elephants start at this level. Some of the elephant's reputations 
include: kingdom mammoth, famous giant, war elephants.


3.2 Abilities

None of these abilities are limited to certain horses; a horse/elephant 
could have any of these abilities no matter what reputation/colour 
frame it has.

Ranger - no damage crossing mountains

Swimmer - no damage crossing rivers

Champion - raise morale by 1 number at the battle start

Invincible - morale decrease at a slower rate

Tame - rider never falls off the horse but will take damage from hits

Famous - level up faster

Recovery - life recovers after every field battle


3.3 Four kingdom stallions

The four kingdom stallions are what most people would go for. 
Especially red hare which is a legenday horse in the novel, and, 
pretty good in the game too. Well, I thought that too until I unlocked 
some other insane horses. See 3.4 for more detail and for now I'll just 
list the 4 kingdom stallions. It's good to have them, for starters. But 
the more you play, the better horses there are out there.

Red Hare
Reputation: Kingdom Stallion
Ability - Champion
Speed - S
Power - D

Hex Mark
Reputation: Kingdom Stallion
Ability - Swimmer
Speed - A
Power - B

Reputation: Kingdom Stallion
Ability - Tame
Speed - A
Power - B

Reputation: Kingdom Stallion
Ability - Famous
Speed - A
Power - B


3.4 How to unlock good horses/elephants

If you prefer using red hare or the other three kingdoms stallions, 
feel free to skip this section. This is just for those players who 
could use a change once in a while.

Ok maybe I lied. Just a little. Who am I trying to kid? A good 
elephant? Not possible. They have a speed so slow its going to 
give you nightmares. So even if their power is SS it will take 
them hours, no, years, to get close enough to make a hit. So 
elephants can run over everyone in the games, that is, if they 
make it there in time. Horses are so much better. No, I'm not 
talking the four kingdom stallions. Ok, let me list my stables 
and you'll see why I said that.

Name: Little Lady
Frame: gold
Type: Power-oriented
Reputation: kingdom stallion
Ability: champion
Speed: A
Power: SS

Name: Famous Jem
Frame: gold
Type: Balanced
Reputation: legendary stud
Ability: Recovery
Speed: A
Power: B

Name: Magic Lady
Frame: gold
Type: Power-oriented
Reputation: kingdom stallion
Ability: Champion
Speed: B
Power: S

Name: Silver Cloud
Frame: silver
Type: Balanced
Reputation: legendary stud
Ability: Champion
Speed: S
Power: A

Name: Flying Hawk
Frame: silver
Type: Power-oriented
Reputation: legendary stud
Ability: Famous
Speed: A
Power: SS

Name: Silver Dragon
Frame: silver
Type: Speed-oriented
Reputation: legendary stud
Ability: Invincible
Speed: SS
Power: C

Name: Silver Falcon
Frame: silver
Type: Speed-oriented
Reputation: legendary stud
Ability: Champion
Speed: SS
Power: C

Name: Silent Star
Frame: silver
Type: Balanced
Reputation: legendary stud
Ability: Champion
Speed: S
Power: A

My personal one and only choice would be red hare until I got theses 
horses. Now I don't even have a space left for red hare anymore. However 
the choice is always up to you. I personally prefer the ones with speed SS 
or speed S, but I sometimes use the one with recovery ability as well in 
chaos level. The way I got this horses is by playing free mode - normal/
hard/chaos mode from era 1-8 over and over again with luck +20 weapons. 
Of course most of the time I use a strong player to get through the game 
quicker but you could pick anyone you like. But make sure you play with 
a really high luck weapon if you want to get a good horse. Good luck and 
good hunting!


4. How to unlock playable characters 

There are 48 playable characters but some of them have to be unlocked. 
Play in any level (easy/normal/hard/chaos) in MUSOU and FREE mode 
as stated. The rows refer to stage trees which can be viewed at 
Menu -> Camp -> Stage Trees.


Cao Cao - Beat Fourth row with any Wei character

Zhang He - Beat Fourth row with any Wei character

Xiahou Yuan - Beat second or first rows with any Wei character

Xu Huang - Beat second or first rows with any Wei character

Cao Ren - Beat second or first rows with any Wei character

Pang De - Beat fourth row with Cao Cao

Sima Yi - Beat fourth row with Cao Cao


Wei Yan - Beat first or second rows with any Shu Character

Guan Ping - Beat first or second rows with any Shu Character

Zhuge Liang - Beat first or second rows with any Shu Character

Pang Tong - beat third row with any Shu Character

Liu Bei - beat third row with any Shu Character

Jiang Wei - beat fourth row with Zhuge Liang

Yue Ying - beat fourth rows with Zhuge Liang


Gan Ning-beat first or second rows with any Wu Character

Huang Gai-beat first or second rows with any Wu Character

Sun Ce-beat first or second rows with any Wu Character

Xiao Qiao-beat with Zhou Yu in musou mode

Da Qiao-beat with Sun Ce in musou mode

Zhou Tai-beat fourth row with any Wu character

Lu Meng-beat fourth row with any Wu character

Sun Jian-beat fourth row with any Wu character


Zhang Jiao - Beat Yellow Turban 100%

Dong Zhuo - Beat Hu Lao Gate 100%

Diao Chan - Beat Si Shui Gate 100% (Dong Zhuo Forces)

Lu Bu - Beat 100% Battle of Xia Pi (Dong Zhuo Forces)

Yuan Shao - Beat Battle of Guan Du 100% (Cao Cao Forces)

Meng Huo - Beat Battle of Nanzhong 100% (Shu Side)

Zuo Ci - Beat all other side stages 100%

Zhu Rong - Beat Meng Huo Stages or Jiao Zhi Rescue (NanMan Forces)


Lu Bu (Officer) - Beat all other stages with 100%


5. Updates

Sorry to all you hard-core gamers out there, I have to announce that I have
resold the game to EB and probably can't answer to your questions anymore. I
apologize for the inconvience. 

However, should you have any questions, I suggest you contact obeliskofdeath, 
as he is a pro gamer just like me and would be able to answer you questions 
better than I do. 

Other than that, accept my sincere apologies and happy playing!!!


Many thanks goes to obeliskofdeath, for valuable support, 
insight and contribution to make this guide possible.

Copyright 2007 shinobipride. (shinobipride@hotmail.com)

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except 
for personal, private use. 

Dynasty Warriors 2006 KOEI Co., Ltd.