Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Unlockables

UnlockableHow to unlock
Grand Histories Complete chapter 3
Meng De's Manual Complete game as Wei
Art of War Complete game as Wu
24 War Manuals Complete game as Shu
Book of Illusions Completer chapter 6
Imperial Seal Victory in many battles
Dragon Ring complete many bonus objectives
Shadow Runner Win several legends quests
Awards of Valor Collect a great number of spoils in 1 battle
Way of Peace win a battle with every character once
He's Jade Level character to 50
Red Hare Defeat Lu Bu many times
War God Statue Defeated all mosou officers
Banana leaf fan obtain an ultimate weapon
Mo Xie sword learn all 5 star Chi Skills
5 Colored stones Collect all 5 star orbs
Shan Hai Jing collect all officer cards
bronze phesant fully level up city
4 Gods statueMake friends online (more than 2)
Hex Markwin a large number of versus mode