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[edit] Background

Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends is the updated expansion of Dynasty Warriors 8 where players control Lu Bu, the new protagonist as he and his faction have their own scenario. The story is faction-based and various characters now have their own scenarios also.

It was developed by Omega Force and published by Koei for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and also for the PC.

[edit] Game Play

The weapons system in this game has been enhanced and some new features have been added to improve it. Weapons can be bought from the blacksmith pre-battle and enemy Officers drop weapon boxes of weapons already owned by the player; a unique or special character will still leave their main weapon once defeated for the player to collect. The highest level weapons are “Final Weapons” and these can only be collected in the higher game difficulty levels. There are 40 different weapon attributes that can be used to modify weapons however the result of the modification is randomized.

Combat in the game follows the standard Hack and Slash style set by the previous games in the series. Players are able to combo their attacks and have a variety of different moves to learn; once all characters are unlocked the player is able to carry up to 1000 weapons.

The Story Mode for the game follows the protagonist of Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends and his faction. There are also various characters from the Story Mode which are not playable or are minor characters; they have a separate storyline which is formed from a range of hypothetical scenarios. The hypothetical storyline is focuses on combat and features alternate versions of already existing ones. Once the required objectives for the main 4 kingdoms have been completed, the player will unlock more scenarios.

Free Mode provides a way for players to endlessly play stages they've unlocked in the Story Mode however this mode lacks the cutscenes and dialogue; it allows players to gain more experience before continuing the Story Mode. Certain characters are only able to unlock special weapons and items in this mode and players have the option to play as a different character to what the Story Mode is set to.

In this game, Ambition Mode is a simulation mode where the players goal is to unite Han China; this mode is locked at the start of the game and to unlock it the player must construct the Tongquetai Palace. This mode allows the player to build relationships with characters they have earned in their ranks in order to grow the palace, improving relations with characters will expand the territory the player has control over. In order to claim territory from the enemy, the player must kill the needed number of soldiers and also defeat the boss. There are Gems that can be earned in this mode, earning these allows the player to customize their weapons.

In addition to the other modes, Challenge Mode has returned with an online ranking system. Each of the five challenges in this mode are based around the three weapon attributes. Players are also able to play in local and online co-op battles.

[edit] What's New

There have been various changes and enhancements made to this game over the original Dynasty Warriors 8 game. The game now uses an upgraded bodyguard system which allows the player to bring up to three bodyguards into combat with them; the maximum level cap was raised from 99 to 150 instead. An option has been added to the game which the player can activate to only see the enemy general's health on the screen.

Cross-platforming has also been added to the game for the local and online multiplayer modes.

[edit] Features

Obtain powerful weapons – Beat the higher difficulty modes to obtain the most powerful weapons!

Hypothical Storylines – Play through 'what if' scenarios with various minor and unplayable characters

Repeat the fights in Free Mode – Play through the most entertaining stages without any dialogue or cutscenes

Unite China – Expand territory in the Ambition Mode with diplomacy and war

Beat the scores of other players – The online ranking system in Challenge Mode allows players to compete across 5 unique challenges

Multiplayer – Fight in local and online co-op battles

[edit] Players Liked:

  • Every character feels different
  • Enjoyable storylines
  • The weapons are unique

[edit] Players Didn't Like:

  • No graphic improvements
  • Bad voice acting
  • Some character models are bad

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