Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires

Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires Cheats

Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires cheats, Trophys, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
A Leisurely Time (Bronze)View the "Boredom" event.
A New Breed of Hero (Bronze)View one of the game's endings with a created character.
Appreciation for Talent (Bronze)Use the Three Visits to befriend an officer.
Assiduous Cultivation (Bronze)Participate in a joint training exercise.
Double-Tongued (Bronze)Use the "Slander" command.
Drinking With Friends (Bronze)Hold a banquet.
Eternal Love (Bronze)Get married for the first time.
Halcyon Times of Peace (Bronze)Have 3 or more territories in a state of Happiness.
Hard-liner (Bronze)Obtain the highest "Orderly" Fame Rating.
Hero (Bronze)Obtain the highest "Brave" Fame Rating.
Knows No Fear (Bronze)Enter enemy territory alone and defeat an enemy officer.
Living in Style (Bronze)Obtain all of the abodes within the game.
Magnate (Bronze)Obtain the highest "Affluent" Fame Rating.
Mandate of Heaven (Bronze)Become Emperor for the first time.
Marshal Appointment (Bronze)Be appointed Marshal for the first time.
Peach Garden Oath (Bronze)Swear a sworn sibling oath for the first time.
Prefect Appointment (Bronze)Be appointed Prefect for the first time.
Rags to Riches (Bronze)Start a rebellion and become a Ruler of your own kingdom.
Sage (Bronze)Obtain the highest "Wise" Fame Rating.
Saint (Bronze)Obtain the highest "Kind" Fame Rating.
Signs of Betrayal (Bronze)Betray your commanding officer.
Sorcery Practitioner (Bronze)Learn the Stratagem, "Sorcery."
Strategist Appointment (Bronze)Be appointed Strategist for the first time.
Superficial Obedience (Bronze)Be abandoned by one of your subordinate officers.
The Executioner (Bronze)Execute 10 officers.
The Negotiator (Bronze)Successfully negotiate 10 diplomatic treaties.
The Power to Lead (Bronze)Become Ruler for the first time.
The Root of Ambition (Bronze)Raise a banner of your own for the first time.
Total Dominance (Bronze)Win a battle while retaining 90% or more of your troops.
Tyrant (Bronze)Obtain the highest "Evil" Fame Rating.
Unparalleled Warrior (Bronze)Capture a powerful enemy officer.
Virtue Above All (Bronze)Obtain a new territory through virtuous means.
A Golden Era (Silver)View the ending for the "Affluent" Fame Type.
A Land of Benevolence (Silver)View the ending for the "Kind" Fame Type.
A Land of Greed (Silver)View the ending for the "Evil" Fame Type.
A Nation of Heroes (Silver)View the ending for the "Brave" Fame Type.
A Nation of Iron (Silver)View the ending for the "Orderly" Fame Type.
A World of Reason (Silver)View the ending for the "Wise" Fame Type.
Fearless Leader (Silver)Win a battle without swinging your weapon even once.
Unite the Three Kingdoms (Silver)Complete one of the scenarios within Empire Mode.
Yes, I Can (Silver)Go from a common free officer to Emperor and view one of the game's endings.
Conqueror of Chaos (Gold)Complete one of the scenarios on the Chaos difficulty level.
Equipment Collector (Gold)Obtain all of the edit parts for your created characters.
Ingenious Strategist (Gold)Use all of the available Stratagems.
Empires (Platinum)Obtain all of the trophies in the game.