Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires

  • Released on Jun 23, 2009
  • By Omega Force for PS3, Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires Tips

Obtaining thousands of kills
Level up a weapon with the leech ability, and make sure your character has a decent enough level to take out enemy hordes non-stop. The healing ability of leech should help you reocver when trying this out >> To get an infinite amount of kills in any mission, take over every enemy base save for one, and the enemy main base. So long as the small base connects to the main base, you should be able to slay enemies in the main base without overtaking it (as you haven't connected the main battle lines yet). With the leech ability you can heal while dealing damage. You'll also run into healing items if random officers/lieutenants drop them when they spawn at the main camp (after defeating them of course).

Good idea to have the restore skill too (so you can heal yourself if need be) as well as the steal skill, and/or the flame/blizzard skills to attack the whole area around you. Note: blizzard attacks in a full 360 degrees while flame attacks in an 180 arc in front of you.