Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires

  • Released on Jun 23, 2009
  • By Omega Force for PS3, Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires Trophies

Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
A Challenger Appears (Bronze)Completed battle as a custom character.
One-Eyed Wolf (Bronze)Completed battle as Xiahou Dun
Menace on the Battlefield (Bronze)Completed battle as Dian Wei
Master of Intrigue (Bronze)Completed battle as Sima Yi
Feared Throughout the Land (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhang Liao
Man of Vision (Bronze)Completed battle as Cao Cao
Loyal Companion (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhou Yu
Rising Star of Wu (Bronze)Completed battle as Lu Xun
Tomboy of Sun (Bronze)Completed battle as Sun Shang Xiang
Rough-and-tumble (Bronze)Completed battle as Gan Ning
Tiger of Jiang Dong (Bronze)Completed battle as Sun Jian
Little Dragon (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhao Yun
God of War (Bronze)Completed battle as Guan Yu
Jovial Warrior (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhang Fei
Master of Strategy (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhuge Liang
Benevolent Ruler (Bronze)Completed battle as Liu Bei
Elegant Dancer (Bronze)Completed battle as Diao Chan
Mightiest in the Land (Bronze)Completed battle as Lu Bu
Gourmand (Bronze)Completed battle as Xu Zhu
Quick as Lightning (Bronze)Completed battle as Xiahou Yuan
The Warrior's Art (Bronze)Completed battle as Xu Huang
Refined Warrior (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhang He
Bringer of Peace (Bronze)Completed battle as Cao Ren
Unrivaled Ambition (Bronze)Completed battle as Cao Pi
Unwavering Honor (Bronze)Completed battle as Taishi Ci
Triumph of Knowledge (Bronze)Completed battle as Lu Meng
Pillar of Wu (Bronze)Completed battle as Huang Gai
Silent Warrior (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhou Tai
Cold As Ice (Bronze)Completed battle as Ling Tong
Hot Blooded (Bronze)Completed battle as Sun Ce
Young Tiger (Bronze)Completed battle as Sun Quan
Righteous Crusader (Bronze)Completed battle as Ma Chao
Seasoned Veteran (Bronze)Completed battle as Huang Zhong
Fierce Barbarian (Bronze)Completed battle as Wei Yan
Son of the God of War (Bronze)Completed battle as Guan Ping
Mysterious Traveler (Bronze)Completed battle as Pang Tong
Paradise of Tyranny (Bronze)Completed battle as Dong Zhuo
Proud Nobleman (Bronze)Completed battle as Yuan Shao
Grand Master (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhang Jiao
Enchanting Beauty (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhen Ji
Exquisite Flower (Bronze)Completed battle as Xiao Qiao
Brains and Beauty (Bronze)Completed battle as Yue Ying
Nanman King (Bronze)Completed battle as Meng Huo
Cleared Yellow Turban Uprising (Silver)Reached end of Yellow Turban Uprising scenario
Cleared Battle of Guan Du (Silver)Reached end of Battle of Guan Du scenario
Cleared Battle of Chi Bi (Silver)Reached end of Battle of Chi Bi scenario
Cleared The Three Kingdoms (Silver)Reached end of The Three Kingdoms scenario
Cleared Chaos (Silver)Reached end of Chaos scenario
Unlocked All Bonuses (Gold)Unlocked all bonus material
Cleared All Scenarios (Gold)Reached end of all scenarios
True Warrior (Platinum)Obtained all trophies