Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires

  • Released on Jun 23, 2009
  • By Omega Force for PS3, Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires (PS3) Cheats

Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires cheats, Trophys, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
A Challenger Appears (Bronze)Completed battle as a custom character.
One-Eyed Wolf (Bronze)Completed battle as Xiahou Dun
Menace on the Battlefield (Bronze)Completed battle as Dian Wei
Master of Intrigue (Bronze)Completed battle as Sima Yi
Feared Throughout the Land (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhang Liao
Man of Vision (Bronze)Completed battle as Cao Cao
Loyal Companion (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhou Yu
Rising Star of Wu (Bronze)Completed battle as Lu Xun
Tomboy of Sun (Bronze)Completed battle as Sun Shang Xiang
Rough-and-tumble (Bronze)Completed battle as Gan Ning
Tiger of Jiang Dong (Bronze)Completed battle as Sun Jian
Little Dragon (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhao Yun
God of War (Bronze)Completed battle as Guan Yu
Jovial Warrior (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhang Fei
Master of Strategy (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhuge Liang
Benevolent Ruler (Bronze)Completed battle as Liu Bei
Elegant Dancer (Bronze)Completed battle as Diao Chan
Mightiest in the Land (Bronze)Completed battle as Lu Bu
Gourmand (Bronze)Completed battle as Xu Zhu
Quick as Lightning (Bronze)Completed battle as Xiahou Yuan
The Warrior's Art (Bronze)Completed battle as Xu Huang
Refined Warrior (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhang He
Bringer of Peace (Bronze)Completed battle as Cao Ren
Unrivaled Ambition (Bronze)Completed battle as Cao Pi
Unwavering Honor (Bronze)Completed battle as Taishi Ci
Triumph of Knowledge (Bronze)Completed battle as Lu Meng
Pillar of Wu (Bronze)Completed battle as Huang Gai
Silent Warrior (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhou Tai
Cold As Ice (Bronze)Completed battle as Ling Tong
Hot Blooded (Bronze)Completed battle as Sun Ce
Young Tiger (Bronze)Completed battle as Sun Quan
Righteous Crusader (Bronze)Completed battle as Ma Chao
Seasoned Veteran (Bronze)Completed battle as Huang Zhong
Fierce Barbarian (Bronze)Completed battle as Wei Yan
Son of the God of War (Bronze)Completed battle as Guan Ping
Mysterious Traveler (Bronze)Completed battle as Pang Tong
Paradise of Tyranny (Bronze)Completed battle as Dong Zhuo
Proud Nobleman (Bronze)Completed battle as Yuan Shao
Grand Master (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhang Jiao
Enchanting Beauty (Bronze)Completed battle as Zhen Ji
Exquisite Flower (Bronze)Completed battle as Xiao Qiao
Brains and Beauty (Bronze)Completed battle as Yue Ying
Nanman King (Bronze)Completed battle as Meng Huo
Cleared Yellow Turban Uprising (Silver)Reached end of Yellow Turban Uprising scenario
Cleared Battle of Guan Du (Silver)Reached end of Battle of Guan Du scenario
Cleared Battle of Chi Bi (Silver)Reached end of Battle of Chi Bi scenario
Cleared The Three Kingdoms (Silver)Reached end of The Three Kingdoms scenario
Cleared Chaos (Silver)Reached end of Chaos scenario
Unlocked All Bonuses (Gold)Unlocked all bonus material
Cleared All Scenarios (Gold)Reached end of all scenarios
True Warrior (Platinum)Obtained all trophies


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Unlockable Artwork
  • Clear the given requirement to unlock the artwork's.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Wu - AllUnlock all bonus material for Wu officers
Wei - AllUnlock all bonus material for Wei officers
Shu - AllUnlock all bonus material for Shu officers
Other - AllUnlock all bonus material for Other officers
Unlockable Costumes
  • Complete the given requirement to unlock the costumes.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Hawk or OwlComplete Missions Shao Hua Bandits - Ju Zhang Bandits - Hei Shan Bandits
Occult or SageComplete Missions Stop Insurrection - Suppress Insurrection - Crush Insurrection
Tribal or WildcatComplete Missions Tribal Encounter - Tribal Invasion - Tribal War
Imperial or PrincessComplete Missions Guard Lady Cai Wenji - Accompany Lady Cai Wenji - Defend Lady Cai Wenji
Kung Fu or SummerComplete Missions Wu Tai Monk's Training - Wu Tai Monk's Challenge - Wu Tai Final Trial
Water Dragon or PirateComplete Missions Jin Fan Pirates - Qian Tang Pirates - Bai Bo Pirates
Unlockable Weapons upgrade
  • Have the following materials to unlock the weapons upgrade
UnlockableHow to unlock
LeechHave 1 Agate - 1 Jade - 1 Pure Crystal - 1 Pure Ruby
True MusouHave 2 Silver - 1 Moon Steel - 1 Moon Diamond
Swift StrikeHave 2 Moon Amber - 1 Moon Malachite - 1 Tiger Claws - 1 Dragon Jaw
Phantom HandHave 1 Ruby - 1 Pure Diamond - 1 Pure Steel
Mystic SealHave 2 Gold
ConcentrationHave 1 Ruby - 1 Pure Topaz
Guardian SpiritHave 1 Moon Topaz
Wind SealHave 2 Moon Agate - 1 Star Malachite - 1 Dragon Heart
Lightning SealHave 4 Moon Sapphire - 2 Star Diamond - 1 Dragon Liver
Fire SealHave 3 Moon Silver - 2 Moon Ruby - 1 Phoenix Feathers - 1 Star Ruby
Ice SealHave 4 Moon Crystal - 2 Moon Jade - 1 Dragon Beard
FlashHave 9 Star Topaz - 7 Dragon Scales - 5 Dragon Hair - 3 Dragon Claws
Arrow SightHave 1 Steel - 1 Pure Sapphire
BerserkHave 1 Sapphire - 1 Pure Malachite
BalanceBalanceHave 1 Amber - 1 Pure Gold
TauntHave 1 Crystal - 1 Pure Silve
HideHave 2 Diamond - 1 Pure Gold
BraceHave 1 Ruby - 1 Pure Malachite
True SpeedHave 1 Malachite - 1 Pure Amber
FireHave 2 Sapphire - 1 Pure Malachite - 1 Star Agate
IceHave 2 Gold - 1 Amber - 1 Pure Jade
StealHave 1 Topaz - 1 Pure Agate
DoubleHave 1 Malachite - 1 Pure Ruby
FocusHave 2 Jade - 1 Pure Gold - 1 Pure Crystal
StunHave 2 Agate - 1 Pure Ruby - 1 Moon Gold
RockfallHave 2 Ruby - 1 Pure Topaz - 1 Star Sapphire
BlizzardHave 4 Star Jade - 4 Star Topaz - 1 Lion Tail - 1 Dragon Liver
FalconHave 2 Star Crystal - 1 Star Gold - 1 Dragon Hair - 1 Dragon Tail
FlamesHave 5 Star Steel - 2 Star Silver - 1 Phoenix Feathers - 1 Dragon Eye


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Obtaining thousands of kills
Level up a weapon with the leech ability, and make sure your character has a decent enough level to take out enemy hordes non-stop. The healing ability of leech should help you reocver when trying this out >> To get an infinite amount of kills in any mission, take over every enemy base save for one, and the enemy main base. So long as the small base connects to the main base, you should be able to slay enemies in the main base without overtaking it (as you haven't connected the main battle lines yet). With the leech ability you can heal while dealing damage. You'll also run into healing items if random officers/lieutenants drop them when they spawn at the main camp (after defeating them of course).

Good idea to have the restore skill too (so you can heal yourself if need be) as well as the steal skill, and/or the flame/blizzard skills to attack the whole area around you. Note: blizzard attacks in a full 360 degrees while flame attacks in an 180 arc in front of you.