Dynasty Warriors 5 Tips

How to quickly gain weapon/item boxs + upgrades.
For this tip, I am going to explain a good way to train your unused characters or even max them out!

Map: Guan Yu's Escape
Force: Shu's Forces
Difficulty: Higher the difficulty level, higher upgrades - Easy recommended for new characters

I've chosen this map because at each gate (5 gates), they all contain boxes that contain an 'Item' and a 'Weapon' box (Except the last gate). Also, every officer gives a good upgrade such as +2 Attack/Defense on Easy. Normal gives you +4 and Hard to Chaos gives you +8 (Chaos not recommended but you can choose a challenge if you want).

One other thing, on the 3rd gate, destroy a vase which contains Mousou up and when you kill Xiahou Dun, you get Life up. So make sure you encounter every officer and defeat them before Guan Yu or your bodyguard; if enabled, kills the officer before you as this will give you some points to rank up too. Keep doing this until you max out! Good luck and happy playing.

Remember to also keep the carriage safe!