Dynasty Warriors 5 Cheats

max our ur character
Stage: Battle of Bai Di City
Side: Wu
Difficulty: Normal

1 - Go to where the three roads converge at the bottom left of the map, behind a shack there is a jar, break the jar to get Musou increasing wine.

2 - Go down the the bottom path to get Liao Hua who will yield a +4 defense shield.

3 - Go kill Guan Suo( sub-general of Guan Xing) who has a +4 attack (and one of soilder has a Musou Rage badget).

4 - Go kill Guan Xing who will give you a +8 attack sword.

5 - Go kill Ma Dai who will give you a +8 attack.

6 - Go to the east gate or right side of the BaiDi city where Yang Yi ( Yang what ? I am not exactly sure of the chinese pronunciation of this word even I am a chinese myself)will give a 8+ defense if you kill him the gate will open.

7 - Then go inside the City to kill Fei Wei who is at the top of the city, he will give you a +8 defense shield,(be watchful for the crossbow machine there).

8 - Go through the north gate to kill Jiang Wei outside the city who will yield a +8 attack sword.

9 - Go kill Jian Yong who is the the sub-general of Yue Ying when she later on come to help Liu Chan as reinforcement. Jian Yong will yield a Health Gauge increasing snack.

10 - Kill the last sub-general of Liu Chan who is located at the bottom of the city who will give you a +8 defense.

11 - Kill Liu Chan to finish the level.

All in all: +28 Defense and +28 Attack.

P.S. As for Yue Ying, Xing Cai, dont engage them if possible coz they dont give you ability enhancing items, besides, there are two boxes that contain weapon items. One is located above an attack point another is located above a supply point on the top right go for those weapon items if you don't have a good one.