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Dynasty Tactics cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Zhao Yun for Shu
Zhao Yun is a vital officer for Shu, to get him do the following

ally with Lu Bu within the first 2 turns (send diplomat around lu bu's area and go through Kong Rongs area, then in the next part of the game, put liu bei as an envoy, send him to Ping Yuan *SAVE THE GAME* and end your turn

next turn move liu bei to Bo Hai *SAVE THE GAME* and end your turn, next turn Gongsun Zan should visit you, along with Zhao Yun <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

*Saving your game is important because as liu bei hasnt got the diplomat skill he might get caught and sent back to your capital


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Early unit types
If you have an item that increases the EXP of a certain unit category (for example, Arbalest - Archery EXP +30), equip it on a person with the corresponding unit category. After doing so, choose a certain unit type with the higher EXP points. After you have selected one, you can unequip the item, and have the new class with your basic EXP.
Easy way to get Brigadiers, Crossbows, and Hvy Arms.
Here's a quick to get any of your characters to a high Unit Type. What you do, is get the special item with the respective Unit type bonus. (I.e. The Harness=+30 Cavalry type, The Arbalest=+30 Archer Type, etc.) Then, equip it on a Officer, then select the best job that you can get. If you have 40 exp for a unit, then you can select the best unit type. After you select it, you can remove the special item, but the Unit type will still remain. Sweet eh? This way, you can have a team full of Brigadiers very early, and it is very helpful...
Item locations
Chang An: Avenger- STR +15
Xu Chang: Blue blade- STR +15
Luo Yang: Seven star- STR +20
Jian An: spell book- INT +10
Ping Yuan: Way of peace- INT +15
Liao Dong: Book of Gods- INT +20
Jian Ning: Treatise- LEA +10
Zi Tong: Analects- LEA +15
Yu Lin: Histories- LEA +20
Cheng Du: Arbalest- archer EXP +30
Xiang Yang: Book of arms- Special EXP +30
Tian Shui: Harness- Calvary EXP +30
Pu Yang: Pike- Infantry EXP +30
Ye: 3 strategies- skill wile
Wan: The 6 books- Skill strategie
Jiou Chuan: Arabian- skill speed
Bei Ping: Legends- skill fortitude
Ru Nan: Wo Tzu- skill guard
Pan Yang: On policy- skill diplomat
Ling Ling: On Valor- skill zeal
Jian Ye: Sun Tzu- skill genius
Han Zhong: War manual- skill spy
Yu Nan: Wu Tzu- skill support
Xin Pi: Xun Tzu- skill fame
---Items obtained by generals--- (you get them by getting high combos 3 or above)
Sun Blade- STR +10 got by Sun Quan/Ce
Blue dragon- skill might got by Guan Yu
Crescent- skill menace got by Lu Bu
Lao Tzu- skill hero got by Yuan Shao
Meng Da- skill overlord got by Cao Cao
On archery- skill archery got by Huang Zhong

Obtain the almighty Lu Bu early with Cao Cao!
Ok, this is actually easier than it should be. If you want to obtain Lu Bu very early on, then do this. Play as Cao Cao. For your first objective, you are given a choice of eliminating Yuan Shu or Lu Bu. Go eliminate Yuan Shu. Then, your next objective will be to eliminate Lu Bu, and you have 20 turns! It is so easy. Once you do this, Lu Bu will surrender, and he will join your party! See how easy?! He starts off at Level 6, with an attack of 71! Give him the Avenger, and he has an attack of 86! Plus his skill is Menace already, so you can give somebody else the "Crescent", which will give them Menace. Wow is he amazing!