Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey Cheats

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for GBC.


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Blizzardy, Pheonix, Garudian and RainHawk
Hi!! I'm a Bird Master and i will tell you how to get
Blizzardy, Pheonix, Garudian and the rare breed, RainHawk..

Bird Family + Metaly = Blizzardy [2 and a half stars]

Bird Family + DrakSlime = Pheonix [2 and a half stars]

ZapBird + Lionex = Garudian [3 stars]

Blizzardy + Pheonix = RainHawk [3 and a half stars]

Here are some tips.
Blizzardy bred to +8 is the ultimate.
RainHawk +4 is the ultimate.
Pheonix or Garudian is the BEST out of these when it is +35 to +50.
how to get a king slime
to get a kingslime, first breed 2 spotslime to get the spotking, then breed it with a madconer to get a kingslime.
How to get an awesome monster
The monster is a grizzly- I have one and if you get it good enough (maybe even +5) it can dominate.

Get a Windbeast and a Gigantes. Gigantes are found in Sky World, and Windbeasts are found somewhere in Pirate World. Anyway do that and keep re-breeding until you get it to +5 or over and its attack is really powerful.
the best monster in the game...
A grandslime is the best monster it has realy good resistance to elemental spells and when is level 99 it has every stat 999 exept agl witch is about 900 agl this monster can not go to sleep be poisioned etc. and stuff like white air blaze most etc dose not affect a grandslime so we have learned today that a grandslime kicks ***
The best of the best
How to get some of the best monsters
Azurile,the 4 star bird:Rainhawk + a ??? monster
Goldslime,3 1/2 star slime: Metalking + Metalking
Granslime,4 star slime: Goldslime + Goldslime
Unlockable: Terry
Clear the game and collect over 150 monsters. You can then find Terry in the GreatLog Arena near its entrance. Defeat him in a battle and a new mode will be unlocked on hte main menu.
very good team
my team is an evilarmor2, a sea horse1, and a rogueknight1.to get evilarmor, breed a darkeye with the guys armorpede; to get seahorse, breed petiteel with kingcobra; to get rogueknite, breed a curselamp with a mummy.to prove this is good, i will tell u the ataks; evilarmor, stopspell, fire/boltslash, clean/aquacut, defeat, palsyair, twinhit/slash; seahorse, speedup, whiteair, ramming, bladed, piosin/twinhits; rogueknite, healall, increase, speedup, paraliz, metalcut, callhelp, twinhits, evilslash (that oneshily recomended.

Easter eggs

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Free Meat, 1st Dream Egg, Terry, Key from Old Man, and Rare Birds.
Free Meat
Found by me.

Empty out your Vault and Sell it all. Then, Put all your money in.
Go into a world to fight a random Master, Merchant, or a green Girl.
the Master Gives you 20 free meats in the Vault, the Merchant Gives you Items, and the Green girl raises one of your monsters lowest stat by 20.

1st Dream Egg.
Found by me.

From the start of the game, NEVER go in to a tower unless it's a part of the storyline.
after you get the key for Limbo, fight Masters in random worlds[not Limbo] to get the key for BlackDraco.
Then, run around with a lot of Repellents and Exitbells. Because these are VERY strong, and you HAVE to use a Exitbell to get out. Also you have to have a WarpWing.
make your way to the right top of the world. there should be a portal on the right and a tower to the left. Go in the that tower. Make sure you get the ElfWater from a box on the 1st or 2nd floor. Do NOT fight anything. Use Repellents. When you get to the top, open the box and that should be the Dream Egg. Then, use an Exitbell and instantly use a WarpWing to GreatLog.It says to talk to a lot of people. NOT NPCS!!!!
You have to trade monsters A LOT for it to hatch.

Found by [???]

After you Beat the world Limbo, go to the Arena. Go downstairs, There should be a guy in blue and white. Talk to him and beat him in a battle.
Then you can use "Terry" in the main menu of the game.

Key from Old Man.
Found by me

There are only 20 TinyMedals in the WHOLE DAMN game.
You can use a GameShark but no true video gamer would to that.

Ok, Get 10 TinyMedals. Keep it in the Vault. Get to the part of the game where you get the rope up to the top of GreatLog and where you can go into Kameha's room. Get the 10 TinyMedals back, and go to the old man.
He'll give you a key from a cabinet you choose. After that, Beat that world you got. Then go to the TinyMedal Trader for a Darck that is 10 TinyMedals. Show it to the Old Guy with the keys to get the key behind him.
I do not know what world it is.

The Rare Bird Set [4]

Blizzardy, Pheonix, Garudian, and RainHawk.

Bird Family + Metaly = Blizzardy [2 and a half stars.]
[+8 is the Ultimate form for a Blizzardy.]

Bird Family + DrakSlime = Pheonix. [2 and a half stars]
[+25 to 30 is the Unbeatable Breed.... Unless its +99 then its *bleep*ed up.]

ZapBird + Lionex = Garudian [3 stars]
[Same as Pheonix]

Blizzardy +5 + Pheonix +5 = RainHawk +10 [3 and a half stars.]
[Even +4 is enough to get it to level 80. +10 is the highest you can go without *bleep*ing up.]

[WARNING] +99 will take too much time and +99 does not work out unless you manually raise breeds to level 10 EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!


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Breeding with friends tips
Their are monsters that can only be bred by the same type ex(Slime+5 with a Slime= Kingslime) If you have two gameboys, a link cable and both versions you can get some monsters alot easier the best example is if you breed an Evilseed with another Evilseed you get Maneater if you breed both of those Maneaters together you get a Snapper
get darck
when u finsh game get 10 tiny medals and go to tiny medal man. Go to last page and you'll find darck egg. exchange the 10 medals for it.
how to get a realy good mimic at the begining of the game
first after u beat pirate breed ur(your=ur) curselamp and ur slime to get a box slime . then train it so it learns incresce and speed up plus other skills . then go catch a matirial or if u already have 1 . then breed the box slime and the matirial together to get a mimic. this mimic will be realy good for u at the begining of the game cuz it will learn blaze most witch i can hit 181s with (good for a noob).
SUPER BREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
to get a niterich(which is a boss in sky world), breed a skelator+octoraid or roboster2 or for a gigadraco it's greatdrak+gigantes. a gorago is darkhorn+orochi and a 4 star rare monster.
just a hint: niterichs have great hp but lacks mp and grow sorta fast.
To get WonderEgg you must mate a Slime and BigRoost over the link cable. The Slime must be the Pedigree and they must be compatable with their personalities. WonderEgg is a shortcut to some rare Slime monsters:
WonderEgg+Devil Family=MimeSlime
WonderEgg+Plant Family=TropicGel