Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure Cheats

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBC.


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Dragon HP Glitch
If you have a dragon that can learn "Be Dragon" use it and then use a "World Dew" on it after it is transformed into the dragon and it will have 999 HP for the rest of the round or until somebody uses "De Magic".
Get a KingSquid
You can get a KingSquid to join you. Go to Sea World (world you get to by using the Pirate Key) and walk up north until you reach the ocean. Ride the TidalBell north until you see a monster in the middle of the screen. Talk to it and battle it. I suggest having monsters with 230-350 ATK and 170-290 HP.If you have a monster with Heal, HealMore, HealAll, HealUs, or HealUsAll. Breeding a MadCondor and an OctoKid would create an AquaHawk with high ATK, DEF and HP and will have Heal and HealUs.If you beat it, it will join you! It will be at LV 38.
Get Darck
You must have at least 10 TinyMedals to get Darck. After you beat Darck and obtain the MagicPlug, you return to GreatLog. Go to the man who trades TinyMedals for items. You can now get Darck for 10 TinyMedals. You can find 16 or 17 TinyMedals throughout the game (aside from worlds you get to using Magic Keys that are not yet appraised).
get the change staff in sky world
hi, to get the change staff first lower all of your monsters wild Pt's to 0pts then enter the light tower in the city with the grave. then when you get to the top you see a bird steal the light orb after you see the bird fly off with the light orb go to the grave and talk to the monster he will say "who disturbs me" the you tell him about the bird and he tells you to get it back and tells you to look behind his grave for a gift the change staff then use it and go over the bridge! there you have it i hope this helps!
how to get GranSlime though breeding
use 2 Metaly(male) & Metaly(female) to breed into Metabble.Metabble(male) & Metabble(male) breed into Metalking.Metalking(male) & Metalking(female) breed into a GoldSlime(male) & GoldSlime(female) will breed into a GranSlime
How to get Lamia or Watabou
Once you get a wonderegg, you can give it stuff to increase its stats and stuff right? Well, heres a cheat that can get you two of the rarest monsters in the game. If you want these monsters you must give at least 3-5 of each of the items directed on the list inside the stradegy guide. Yes, that means at least 4 pltmn capes and meteorbs. once you do this keep trading the egg till it hatches and you will have a 60 percent chance of getting either one of these monster. Rumor has it that a third legendary monster exists...
Lots of tinymedals
After you finish limbo (i think), There is a last set of tournaments.
C = 1k
B = 2k
A = 4k
S = 5k
Something like that.
Anyway, Get a godly pack of monsters ( I use Darck lvl 99 with BigBang, Healer lvl 68 with HealUsAll, Andreal lvl 70 with Sicklick, Poisongas and lots of good supports skills ). Make sure your inventory isnt full. When you finish the S class, You may get a TinyMedal, Meteorb Or Magic Key
P.S Dont just go skipping to S class, first train your monsters in limbo or traveler world.
More Cash...
If you want more money instead of arena prizes, fill your pack with cheap crap until you cannot hold any more items. Enter and win an arena match and instead of items, your character is awarded 6000 GP instead.
S Class and other things.
In the S class i would suggest u get monsters that can do heal us all.And have alot of hp and defense. Also to get that rare key from that guy who used to travel alot get 10 tiny medals and go get that monster. Then put it in your party and he'll give you the key when you go to see him.


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250 Tinymedals. (Gameshark Cheat.)
Gameshark Code:

Note: It gives you 250 Tinymedals
when you talk to the Tinymedal Collector.

Repeatable: Yes.

I found this Code very useful.
You can use it to get unlimited
amounts of stuff from the Tinymedal
Collector. I used it to breed a bunch
of Darcks, and kept breeding all of
them together, and got a very powerful
Darck. It's stats were in the 450 - 570
range at level 1.