[edit] Features

  • Create your own world with its own settings and history!
  • Embark anywhere in the world ranging from isolated islands, to fiery volcanoes or barren glaciers!
  • Lead 7 Dwarves to turn a fledgling outpost into the new capital of your civilization!
  • Harsh lessons in how to survive!
  • Exciting ways to eliminate nobles!
  • Fight off Sieges from Goblins, Elves, Humans, and even Necromancers!
  • Fight back Forgotten beasts, dragons, titans, and colossi that attack your fortress with the intent to destroy it!
  • Unparalleled amounts of fun, especially if you discover the circus or cotton candy!
  • Necromancers and their towers!
  • Magma!
  • Grisly combat, ranging from small cuts, to infection, dismemberment, and nerve damage.
  • More magma!
  • Manage several economies, food supply, dozens of Dwarves, your natural enemies, and diplomacy with Humans and Elves!
  • A separate Adventurer Mode where instead of commanding a fortress, you play as a meager Human, Dwarf, or Elf and traverse the world you created, and you can even visit destroyed fortresses!
  • A Legends Mode where you can view the histories behind your characters, the deities, civilizations, megabeasts, and more!

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Release Dates
  • North America: Aug 8, 2006