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I'm a bit saddened that it's taken me this long to write about Dust. It was a game that came highly recommended from a good friend and it's a game that I'm very glad that I ended up picking up. But of course, good games isn't a rarity, yet this title feels like one of "those" games that is both well built and provides an experience that doesn't feel like just another AAA success story. From beginning to end here is an adventure that is meticulously crafted to engage the player at every turn.

How about we start with the visuals and describe just how stunning they are? Could you imagine what a...


This Game will make you Fidget with Excitement

The good:

  • The Hand Drawn & Animated Art Style is Gorgeous
  • Combat is Fun
  • A Number of Combos Available
  • Multiple Difficulty Modes
  • Tons of Equipment for Upgrading
  • Story is Decent, if not terribly original
  • Even Minor Characters are Voiced

The bad:

  • Even at higher difficulties you can just spam a few different techniques
  • Difficulty Ramps up Fast and then Plateaus
  • Some Notable Aliasing
  • Lackluster Final Boss



Well, this game has been in development since 2009, and has gone through one major overhaul in that time. It has been a long journey, mainly due to the fact that the developer (Humble Hearts) is by and large is one man, Dean Dodrill. He did the graphics and gameplay of the game, and the audio was done by other people (Hyperduck Studios handled the music).

I found out about it 2+ years ago, before it had gone through that major revision and was very intrigued. So, has it been worth the wait?

Very much so.

Major Characters

Dust - This is the one you play as. Dust woke up with no memor...

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