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Welcome to the deck of the Rising Sun. This ultra-high security prison, which is installed on a converted tanker, is one of the crown jewels realised by Sek Tek, a multinational corporation specializing in security systems. The Rising Sun, which was put into operation nine months ago, is a veritable floating city that can hold over 600 prisoners, house 200 guards, and accommodate the entire body of administrative personnel.

Incarcerated on the regrettably well-known Death Row is Seth Gecko who, too happy to have escaped one night in the hellhole, is discussing his case with his lawyer, Bruce Kleinfield. His petition for a pardon has been denied and the convict has just a few days left to live! The helicopter that flies in the monthly contingent of new inmates has just landed on the ship's deck. Ryan Worden, the prison's governor, shouts a brief command. The 20 prisoners line up, standing at attention. "Nobody escapes from the Rising Sun," declares Worden.

Rebellious screams and insults can be heard from the death-row quarter... The Chaplain, Kevin Block, begins the long, last walk by reciting psalms. Behind him, held up by two guards, is the dead man walking. We hear him begging in a childlike voice. A black hood has been tied around his neck, covering his nodding head. The name "Scott Wilson" is visible on the chest pocket of his shirt.

Outside, night has fallen. One of the prisoners walks up to the security desk and says: "I've come for my brother." Worden calls out a short command. A burst of gunfire hits the inmate in the middle of his chest. He falls backwards. The guard, who opened fire on him walks up to his victim and, with his free hand, checks his carotid artery for a pulse. On the chest pocket of the prisoner's shirt is the name: "Clarence Wilson." Opening his eyes, Clarence claws his jaw down on the guard's arm. The prisoners charge in, while from the helicopter a machine gun opens fire, cutting the prison governor to pieces.

Death Row: all of the cell doors open simultaneously, while a siren sounds. The guard leaves the Execution Room, cracks open the heavy iron door and draws his gun, aiming at the inmates who are scrambling toward the opposite exit. Clarence flings his entire weight against the door, cutting off the guard's forearm, which drops on the ground. The guard begins to scream at the sight of his chopped-off limb. Clarence grins at him and says: "dinner time!" Scott, who is sitting on the electric chair, breaks out in a fit of hysterical laughter and yells: "Is that you, brother old boy?" It certainly is!

The vampires have now taken control of the ship, which they divert to New Orleans...

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