Dungeon Siege II Cheats

Dungeon Siege II cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Be the Best
To succeed at this game you basically need to ensure that you always have the best gear possible. It is as simple as buying the best gear available at all times. If you cant afford the best helmet for your fighter or best staff for your mage then wait a bit get the money and buy it.

Following this system I have never run into any trouble of being under equipped for any situation at any point during the game on all 3 difficulties.
easy money
press enter during gameplay and use the three free items cheat (+luvtana-aeviyaa) and get those items and sell them and repeat this process to gain money.
Known Glitch - Beating It
A known glitch of the game is when during Act 1 you meet the Azunite Scholar and he clears you a path to proceed to the Kithraya Caverns. Sometime when you speak to him he will simply repeat his dialogue over and over and not clear the path for you.

To counter this just make sure you have cleared the area of enemies and if he still doesnt do what he is supposed to just head off and do some side quests and things and come back. He should then proceed as normal.
Mightiest of all
If you have the demo game and GETTING the full game complete the demo and get the highest lvl you can on the demo and when u get the full game get all your save files and put them in a different folder like my documents then unistall the demo and install the full game then put all ur save files in the "Save" folder in the full game files, so there you go u have very strong characters and you can use them from where the demo ended so you can be the mightiest of all
P.S. im already lvl 36 on the demo and im getting the full game tomorrow when this cheat was posted.
Pets are one of the most interesting and useful additions in Dungeon Siege 2. To get the best from your pets you must feed them items and have them grow to maturity. Pets gain different bonuses depending on what you feed them:

Ranged weapons - big dex bonus
Ranged armor - big def bonus + small dex bonus
Melee weapons - big str bonus
Melee armor - big def bouns + small str bonus
Mage weapons & spells - big int bonus
Mage armor - big def monu + small int bonus

Ensure that what you feed your pet corresponds to the type of fighter they are.

Also remember that Unique, Legendary and Purple Items give higher bonuses and will 'grow' your pet faster.
The city of Darthrul
This is an easy way to pass it without having to go through all those doors you must have a combat mage in your party and the spell grave beam because grave beam shoots through walls so just go to the thing of the lance and Kill the guy with the orange ring around him.


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Three Free Items & A Good Ring for Beginners
To get three free items type in +luvtana-aeviyaa you'll get a bow, throwing axe, or throwing dagger, a piece of armor, & ring all three items have a plus 16 dex on them.

To get a kick ass ring for beginners type in +opnauticus & you should get a ring that has two effects one is 5% gold dropped & plus 24 to intelligence.
Various Cheats
Press [Enter] during game play and type [ + ] followed by one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. To disable a code, type [ - ] followed by the code.

Silver ring, weapon, and garment------imalittalteapot

Less chunky------------------------extracreamy

More chunky------------------------superchunky

Instant kill--------------------------quwhba


Record a movie-------------------------movie

Display version-----------------------version

Activate developer gallery teleport sequences (Only during game teleports)-------twilightzone

Glittering Silver Ring of Knowledge (+24 intelligence, +5% Gold Dropped)-------opnauticus