Dungeon Hack Cheats

Dungeon Hack cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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F6 Changes all the texture/color settings on a level.
F4 Changes color of floor/cieling textures on level(can get funky!)
F5 Changes color of wall textures on level
F2 Changes floor and cieling textures on level
F3 Changes Wall textures on level.
F9 Displays some game info, but poisons player.
F7 Moves player one floor down. (like falling down a pit but harmless)
F8 Moves player one floor Up.
F10 Outline of level in automap, similar to finding a map in game.
F1 Toggles reduced decoration -takes decoration off walls


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List of cheats
You have to be in the DOS prompt to do this. Get into the Dungeon Hack directory and type in:

then go into the game, still in the DOS prompt.
When in game type in the letters:

Code Effect
O Creates objects in the first slot of your inventory
A lets you Kills everything on screen
X will Level Up
I will let you Walk through walls