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Dungeon Lords cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Easy Money
You can make an infinite amount of money in Arindale (or elsewhere, I didn't test it in other cities yet) if you have some scrolls with you. I had some scrolls of Summon Undead and I sold one for 135 gold. Now here's the trick : if you have more than 1 scroll and if you sell them one at a time, the amount of scrolls stays the same! So you have infinite scrolls and you have to repeat this procedure until you have the desired amount of money. I raised my money to 50000 just for starters. The place where I did it was in Arindale, in the Warrior's Guild. I don't know if it works with all game versions, I have V 1.0
ya know the dragons north of arindale? Go ahead and try to kill em at 15... they give you about 1/4 of exp of every kill... invest the points in fighting skills on one lv and the other on armour... then go have fun in the forbidden Lands...
The forbidden doors...
Can't get the doors to open to the forbidden lands? Kill a minotaur in the arena... then invest in acrobatics... at lv 4 you can do backflips... with that, go to the wall... there is a log that leans on the wall on both sides... get in front of it and start flipping... eventually, you wold have made it over the wall... but be warned! nasty things are in the forbidden lands... even if they are tough, they are worth excellent exp! GOOD LUCK:)


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Infinite Money
You can earn an infinite amount of money the second you walk into Arindale. The only catches are that you have to be playing an Elf character, male or female, and you have to have at least 2000 Gold to start with. Walk into the Weapons Shop, and talk to the shopkeeper. Click through the talk options until you find the one that says "Treasures". Tell him you will pay him 2000 Gold for the sword. Close the talk dialog box, and open it back up. A new option will appear, right underneath Trade. Click this to recieve 500 Gold for returning the Elven Sword of Flames. The option is still there! You can click on it as many times as you want, to recieve 500 Gold each time you click. Voila! Infinite money! You can repeat this whole trick as many times as you want, because there is no limit to how long you can borrow the Elven Sword of Flames.