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Now this is a force to be reckoned with ~ Duke Nukem


Here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, Duke Nukem is both a celebration and a parody of 80s and early 90s action movies, and Duke Nukem 3D is the same thing, only with 90s first person shooters. It doesn't take itself seriously; it revels in stereotypes and exaggerates bits and pieces in the name of humor. With references to cult films such as Big Trouble In Little China, Army Of Darkness (even going as far as to have the cover look like the movie's cover), They Live and many others, That isn't to say that the game is Doom with a more colorful protagonist – in fact, this was one of the first...


Hail to the king baby!

The good:

Ability to store certain items
Innovative weaponry
More realistic than Doom

The bad:

Not much


Duke Nukem was effectively 3D Realms' answer to the Doom games from ID Software. This wasn't Duke's first outing in a game, he'd had a few side scrolling games before this. But this game was what turned Duke Nukem into the famous guy he is today. The plot is that aliens are invading Earth (original huh?) and you're the one man army that has to stop them. Working your way through three episodes each consisting of 9 levels with an end boss at the end of each episode, and using everything from pistols to rocket launchers, it's up to you to save the babes of Earth.

When you start off you have on...

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