Duke Nukem 3D (PC) Cheats

Duke Nukem 3D cheats, and Codes for PC.


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"Damn I'm Good" difficulty level on God mode
Begin a new game at the "Come Get Some" difficulty level. Enable the God mode cheat code and begin a new game under "Damn I'm Good" difficulty level.
All Weapons and Items
Type DNSTUFF during the game and you'll get everything.
Cheat Heaven
DNKROZ - Same as Cornholio
DNCORNHOLIO - God Mode (And Unlimited Jetpack).
DNKROZ - Same as Cornholio, just quicker to type.
DNVIEW - Same as the F7 key in the game.
(Also prints the message "You're too good to be cheating")
DNHYPER - Puts you in Steroids Mode.
DNITEMS - Gives all inventory items and keys.
DNWEAPONS - Gives all weapons and ammo.
DNKEYS - Gives all the keys.
DNSTUFF - Gives all weapons, keys, inventory items.
DNSCOTTYxyz - Level Warp. x is the Episode Number, yz is the level number.
DNSKILLx - Changes the difficulty mode to x. (x can be 0 to 3)
DNUNLOCK - Opens all doors and unlocks all locked doors.
DNMONSTERS - Turns off (or on) the monsters in the game.
DNCLIP - Walk Through Walls
DNSHOWMAP - Shows the entire map.
DNCASHMAN - Spews money everywhere when you press space.
DNCOORDS - Shows extremely detailed map coordinate/level information.
DNDEBUG - Shows some debug information.
DNRATE - Shows your frame rate onscreen. You must be in full screen mode for this to be anywhere near accurate.
DNCOSMO - says "Register Cosmo Today"
DNBETA - Prints the message "Pirates Suck!"
DNALLEN - Prints the message "Buy Major Stryker"
DNTODD - Prints the message "Register Cosmo Today!"
DNSKILL# - change skill level#
Fast final Boss defeat
Enable the dnscotty 309 code to appear at the final Boss. Enable the dnstuff and dnstu codes. Switch to the Devastater. When you finally get up on him turn, back up slightly, then fire.
Floating dead
Enable the dncornholio code and go to the cogs on level 3. Go behind them and continuously run into them, which would normally kill Duke. Keep doing this and you should appear above the cogs, dead but floating and still being able to move, shoot, and fall. Jump to return to normal again.
Level select values
Use the following entries with the dnscotty code.

105 (Boss)
209 (Boss)
309 (Boss)
Lunar Apocalypse: Get into space
When you start the second level on Lunar Apocalypse, you can get into space. Enable the dnkroz, then dnunlock codes. This should send you back to the room you started from. Kill the drone sensory, then enable the dnunlock code and run out before the room comes in. Note: When you get into space, you can walk around the outside of the level.
Maximum health and ammunition
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding.

Use a text editor to edit the "user.con" file in the game folder. Find the "MAXHEALTH" or "MAXPLAYERHEALTH" entry and change "100" to "9999". Find the "MAXAMMOFORPISTOLS 100" entry and change it to "MAXAMMOFORPISTOLS 500". Do the same for the other weapons in the file.
More guns at the final boss
If you have a jet pack, fly up and destroy the beer blimp. Guns and health will scatter on the ground, allowing the final Boss to be killed easier. Note: One of the best weapons to use against it is the Devastater.
Opponent view point
Begin a modem multiplayer game and enable recording on the options screen. Press K during game play to view the game from your opponent's view point.
Remain shrunk
Go to a level with a shrinker that shoots you to shrink. Jetpack up to the ceiling and when you grow, you will die. After dying, enable the dncornholio code and you will remain small. Note: If you walk over water or put a jetpack on, you will float towards the ceiling and stay there until you turn off the jetpack or float over the ground.
Shrapnel city: Tier Drops
There is a tenth level on Shrapnel City called Tier Drops. To get there, go to the movie level and go to the stage with the NASA sign and the body parts with a telescope. Kill the alien with the chain gun and press [Space] on the sign. A door should appear with the caution sign that ends the level. Do not go to the stage with the ship, or this will not work.
Third person view of players 2-8 in demos
Begin a game and hit [F7]. Press [Esc] and select "Quit To Title". You will now see players 2 to 8 from a third person view.
To enter cheat mode
Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Codes may not be enabled in multi-player mode.

Code Effect
dncornholio Toggle God mode
dnkroz God mode and unlimited jet pack
dnstuff All weapons, maximum ammo, all keys, all items
dnitems Maximum armor, all keys, all items
dnhyper Use steroids, even if not in inventory
dnscotty<episode number x><level number xx> Level select (example: dnscotty309 for episode 3 level 9)
dncashman Press [Space] for money
dnview Alternate viewpoint
dnrate Display frame rate
dnskill<skill level 0-4> Change skill level
dnbeta "Pirates Suck" message
dncosmo "Register Cosmo" message
dnallen "Buy Major Stryker" message
dnclip Walk through some walls
dnkeys All keys
dnweapons All weapons and ammo
dndebug Display debug information
dncoords Display coordinates
dnshowmap Display entire map
dnunlock Toggle all doors
dntodd Display message
dnmonsters Toggle monsters
dninventory All inventory