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Duck Hunt review
Kill the Ducks!


Oh yea!!! An old "gem" (game from USA) that still brings big entertainment for those that still preserves this wonderful game and console. This game is possibly the best action shooters of its days. What I like about this game is that it comes with a plastic, well-done gun that can be connected to the Nintendo Entertainment System and plaid with the game. The ducks are basically little bit map images moving and you need to shoot it with the gun. Yes! The gun, the gun makes this game very interesting because you don't need to use a joystick in order to move or shoot with the gun. The sound effects are well done and the graphics are welled scripted. Maybe this game would have been best if the perspective image moves in different areas such as moving to a different bit map image after shooting down a certain amount of ducks. Even though it just stays in one area it still makes this game very interesting because of its sound effects and the gun of course. This game is a real classic for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

This game is very hard-e! You need to have a really good pointer, know how to pull the trigger and you need to know how in the world you can re load your TV gun! The main thing that makes this game really interesting is basically the gun. This game wouldn't be so exciting if we would just use a joy pad in order to shoot those ducks. The gun rules and makes the game very interesting to play.

There are only a few minor problems with this game. The game sometimes buffers and goes slow because of the image and shooting over loads. If you drop the gun than you have a risk to break it! Yes, the gun is plastic and it easily brakes if you don't take care of it. Maybe an aluminum gun would of done much better than a plastic gun therefore the material would just make the gun more expensive but resistible. The ducks are not that clear and they look more like a flying brown sea urchin. I think they should have put more line structures into the duck to make the ducks look more interesting and more fun to kill...Hey! Its fun to kill the pretty ducks!

Even though I gave some bad pointers about this game I will rate this game 4 out of 5 (4/5). It truly deserves it and it doesn't deserve any higher or lower than that score I gave this game.

"This game is a true shooter game because of its gun," said Oscar. Even though it gets a semi-descent score this Nintendo Entertainment System game called Duck Hunt will maintain in are gaming history forever and ever. It will never stop being fun to play and we can use the gun to play Indians and cowboys if the game ever breaks!

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kratoscar2011 May 6, 12
I dont have a nes but here in Honduras have the Funstation thas is a ps1 like system but the system only plays 8 bits games and the cartridge did come with 2000 games being Duck Hunt in it (Yes the funstation comes with a plastic Gun) and it was good. Such long review for such a short game, still good work as always.
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