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Drone Tactics Action Replay Codes

title in desription (DS) North America

Game ID for drone tactics
AWCE 524748B1

Max Money
021E47EC 0098967F

K-Buto Max Exp
121E4834 0000FFFF

All bots w/ full experience
121E4834 0000FFFF
C0000000 0000000D
DC000000 0000001C
121E4834 0000FFFF
D2000000 00000000

(for the all bots full exp go to bad lands and select mission 1 since it is quickest defeat it and you should level up till 30 for all the bots you have currently)

but it orignaly says this
(Do a mission or a badlands mission to gain levels; doesn't matter which one)
i did a mission and it messed up my game so then i tried badlands mission 1 and it level all my bots to 30 i saved restarted game without the code and your still at level 30!!!!!