Driver: Parallel Lines review
Ouch. that gotta hurt.


First off I'm not gonna mention how similar this game is to the current lead game in this Genre. You know the one I'm talking about. It's similar in many ways but everything that has been copied from R* has been ruined by Reflections.

The Story:
TK (The Kid) gets framed in 1978 and sent to prison for 28 years. He gets out in 2006 and seeks revenge on those that framed him 28 years ago.
You start the game in 1978 and progress through missions as normal, then halfway through after you come out of prison 28 years later everything has changed, clothing, cars, city and of course TK himself.

The Graphics.
The FMV is pretty good, smooth and crisp. That's the good news. The In-game graphics however leaves you thinking that it's a PS1 game. Okay I might be exaggerating a bit there but it's not far from the truth.
The city (New York) I'm told does look like New York and the cars match their era.
It's definitely not the best graphics you'll see in a game.

Game Play:
It's Driver, so the driving aspect is pretty good. Cars handle pretty good and you can pimp your ride at a garage.
On Foot however becomes a bit tedious. The targeting system is fiddly and the animation is not the most smoothest.

The Missions:
This is where Driver PL really looses points. The missions are lame and very very easy. Drive here, go there, follow that vehicle etc etc. Even in the second half of the game the missions lack a challenge.

The only way to earn money is not through the main story line. Instead you can only earn cash by doing side missions. Lame, repetitive side missions. Some might even seem familiar such as a Taxi mission and a Checkpoint race mission.
Okay so you've done loads of side missions and are loaded, now what??
Your cars are the only thing you can spend your cash on. There's nothing else in the New York that might require cash. You can add engine upgrades, tinted windows, bullet proof glass and tires etc etc to your vehicles...but who cares? There are free cars roaming the streets.

It took me about 3 days to complete the whole game without the side missions. If you wanna torture yourself by going back through the bland city to do all the Side Missions and collect all Unique Stunts then that will add to the life span of course.

Bad. You don't get Busted in this game. Instead you get shot. It's either escape the cops or be killed by them. Even if it's just for speeding, they'll come after you with all they've got and start shooting at your vehicle with shotguns..just for going over the speed limit!
They can easily be lost by going into a side alley. For some reason they almost never follow you inside even if they were right behind you when you entered the alley.
Even pedestrians lack personality. You feel like the whole city revolves around you. Nothing really happens in the city. If you steal a car the guy just gets out and runs away. He doesn't try to retake his car.

In General:
This game is everything a FRG (Free Roaming Game) shouldn't be. If the scoring system was out of 10 I would've given it a 6 but it's out of 5 so I'm giving it a 3.2 which is just above average.

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