Driver: Parallel Lines Unlockables

Unlockable cars and weapons
UnlockableHow to unlock
F70 WeaponFinish the mission "Tailgate".
Gangster WeaponFinish the mission "Tailgate".
Service 9 WeaponFinish the mission "Last Chance".
L15 WeaponFinish the mission "Jail Break".
TOKENSCollecting certain numbers of tokens unlocks permanent additions to the game that enhance the player's abilities, e.g. double health, double nitro , double ammo, etc. Once collected they don't go away within the current game.
Atlus RacerTo get this Car Complete the Game.
Ram RaiderTo get this Car Complete the Game
Negotiator VehicleTo get this Vehicle Complete the Game
Then & Now (Era) Change OptionTo get this Option Complete the Game