[edit] Background

Just a normal day. Erin was quite happy how things were, studying biology and off to see her boyfriend. He, however, was about to change everything.

Her boyfriend, Terry, wants her to just watch him as he listens to a tune. He says it will be a special experience. She says he should stop joking but since he insists she gives him what he wants. After all, it's only wasting a few seconds of time.

Terry puts his headphones on. The next moment - the bedroom no longer exists. Erin has entered another world. She can only call out as she sees Terry across a bridge from where she is standing just moving away from her. Further and further away. Then, she is alone with nothing around her.

What has happened? Will Erin pierce the secret of Dreamscape? And will she ever find Terry again?

[edit] Game Play

  • The Magical Crystal
    This grumpy, living Crystal has a special power - each time you touch him your body feels a warming energy that totally restores your abilities. If you are in danger and can't manage anymore there is just one way out: the Magical Crystal!
  • Keeping Your Dream Intact
    You will be tempted to use the Magical Crystal in your Adventure - but like all temptations, he is also has a negative side effect. Requesting his assistance will spoil your dream. A dream that is not completely pure will ultimately restrict you compared to what your freed imagination could have created.
  • Original Dreams (are made of this)

The original dream is the very first dream that you make.
If after the first dream you make another dream, then it does not count anymore as original.
Original has nothing to do with spoiled or not - you can spoil any dream by touching the Crystal, only your very first dream is the original one.

  • The Glitches
    They are your fears, your uncertainties, your doubts. A dream would be a walk in the park without them.

The Glitches don't like you as they consider you a danger to Dreamscape and so they will keep trying to kick you out!
Don't let them do so! Fight back and show them who you are!

  • The Dream Catchers
    As you are eventually spotted venturing into Dreams a kind of police called the Dream Catchers, much more powerful than normal Glitches, will try to kick you out at any occasion. They are dangerous and very fierce. They don't like you. To them, you are a threat to the normal course of Dreamscape.
  • The 7 Dream Lords
    Angeria, Shia, Tidus etc.

They command the Dream Catchers and although they are not as zealous as their minions, they won't turn down a battle if you dare to challenge them. Beware, as your quest starts to endanger the whole Dreamscape, they will HAVE to stop you, however lazy and blasé most of them are. And if they catch you, they won't let you escape!

  • The Renegates
    They are failed Dream Lords. They were never able to really fit in the system.

As such, they have a grudge with the Dream Lords, and they will take any opportunity to prove themselves and their superiority.

  • The Gates of Hell (aka the Hell World)

This place is both at the same time legendary and feared by the Dreamscape inhabitants.
Nobody knows where it is though.
The story tells you have to go through Hell to open your eyes and be in Hell World.

[edit] Features

  • 4 modes: Ataraxia, Utopia, Dream and Nightmare
  • Lots of Goodies to discover
  • Loads of Awards to obtain
  • 4 hidden characters and 1 secret world
  • Multiple of worlds and places to discover
  • Exciting and funny quest with delirious characters
  • Face the dangerous Dreamlords, their minions the Dream Catchers, and their rivals the Renegates
  • Awesome music and artworks from the Millennium award-winning team
  • Enter the imagination of everyone you meet

[edit] Hardware Info

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 98/XP/Vista,RAM: 256 MB

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