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A Fun Game for the Casual Gamer

The good:

+Full use of Touchscreen
+Super Nintendo graphics
+Unique storyline
+Interesting Characters

The bad:

-Some things you draw are just fill in
-Only two save files with three heroes allowed on each
-Can be completed within a few days
-Most levels are easy
-They got lazy and start referring to hero as a "he" later on in the game.


In this game, you are the Creator, a sort of God, to these fox-like creatures called Raposa (Which is Portugese for fox). The raposa's village is falling apart and you have abandoned them because you were stricken by grief over the loss of the pages of the Book of Life. But, when a Rapo calls for you, you return, and make a hero, who is mainly who you speak through.

Through-out the levels, you must find the three trapped raposa and the four fragments to a page in the Book of Life. Your weapons are primarily a type of gun, ranging from a simple snowshooter to a starzooka, which shoots target ...


Drawn to Life

The good:

+ excellent story
+ fun
+ good music
+ reasonable graphics
+ takes full advantage of touch screen

The bad:

- takes too long to load drawing screen
- quick to finish
- not enough room to draw certain things
- not enough variety of weapons.



The village of the rapoza is dying, and you, the creator, draw a hero to save it. You are the creator in this quick game. Draw and customize your own hero, weapons, platforms and much more! All the things you create will help you to restore the rapoza village to greatness!

Game play:

(There are only 2 save files in this game )
Draw your hero and go through a fantastic story line. During the game you will use the control pad, buttons and touch screen. The pad and buttons for basic movement and attack, and touchscreen for drawing! This game has a total of 4 worlds that have 4 story level...

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