Drawn to Life Tips

How To beat Monsters
Frostwind: Once you are on the level ( Frostwind ) walk over to the edge of the snowy cliff, their will be a short clip after that Frostwind will appear, shoot your snowshooter at him he will fall down, then when you jump to the otherside Frostwind will chase you for a short-amount of time. Keep repeating this and then you will land under a little Raposa called Heather. Then Frostwind will attack you and shoot shiny peices of ice, then shoot him when you have the chance to, bounce on your bottom above him keep repeating it. After you will defeat Frostwind. Deadwood: Go to the mission Deadwood, Deadwood will appear from a tree, here is where it gets harder, go the pause menu and hold down L & R and press A,X,B,B,Y that should give you Invincible mode, evil shadows will appear avoid the bats and shoot the pincones with your acorn blaster then the floor will shake and you will be eaten, shoot the goo wizard 1-5 times the mission is now complete. Angle Fish King: Do the cheat code again and kill all the bone fish once you meet the king just shoot him/ hope this helps