Drawn to Life (DS) Cheats

Drawn to Life cheats, Codes, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Drawn to Life cheat codes.

Command codes

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Cheat Codes
Make sure to hold down the L button when inserting the button sequences; otherwise, none of the codes will work.

Health Recovery - Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, A
Invincibility - A, X, B, B, Y
Unlock all Alien Templates - X, Y, B, A, A
Unlock all Animal Templates - B, B, A, A, X
Unlock all Robot Templates - Y, X, Y, X, A
Unlock all Sports Templates - Y, A, B, A, X


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How To Get Tons Of Money And No Die!!!
1. Go to Pause Menu,
2. Enter AXBBY, for no-one to kill you, YXYXA, for full health and XYBAA for 5 lives, you MUST hold L down!!
3. Go on Continue and walk into a Creature, you don`t die and you get money every time!
PS. This only works for DS (I think ).
UnlockableHow to unlock
InvicabilityA X B B Y
Full HealthY X Y X A
5 LivesX Y B A A
Town Fountain Unlockables
Either tap on or press 'A' next to the town fountain to deposit coins. After a certain total is achieved something is unlocked.
UnlockableHow to unlock
2 Extra Lives200
5 Extra Lives500
10 Extra Lives6000
20 Extra Lives8000
Developer's Grove10000
Music available "Alt."7000
Music available "City Funk"3000
Music available "Special"1000
Palette available "Horizontal"2000
Stamp available "Shape2"5000
robots template1000
super jump combo90000
New SongEnter 300 Coins at once
Lightning shadow6000
The Wilfre Rose Secret EndingUnlock Developer's Grove
Unlockable Stage
do every thing in stages down is the chart
UnlockableHow to unlock
Drawn to life Secret endingBeat Final boss
Game overno lives be naked get hurt when naked 1 time
Snow gamebuy at shop
bad endingGame over in final boss
restart to titlehold l hold r hold a now hold start select
Secret developerdeveloper edison is not there
invincibilityL + A X B B Y =cheat ready get tons of money


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50 Coins in 30 Seconds!
In Mt.Snowy, in the part where there is a sled, get off the sled and try to go back up the slope. You will find a cave. Go in to go back to the top of the slope where you can kill the same enemies over and get upto 30-50 coins.
Easy coins
Go to the level "mt snowy" and get to the sled and ride on it. After you do it walk up the mountain until you see a cave and go in it, it will take you back to the sled.

Repeat this until you have the amount of coins you wanted.
easy lifes and easy coins!
*easy lifes.
in the first sea level(3-1) jump into the first water area and keep goin kill the baki(the purple puff thingys)on the way and you should see a life get it pause game exit area and go into again and do it all again.
*easy money/coins/rapo coins/whatever you wanna call them.
1.go into first sea level(3-1)
2.collect the coins from above the frst house and kill baki.
3.go into first sea bit and do stuff explained above.
4.then exit and head right until you get to the hammock and jump on it and head up the top bit and kill baki and click on door to get coins and kill baki.
5.keep goin till you get to next water bit(*note kill everything that moves/gets in your way*)
6.head down and up the first tunnel you get to.
7. bounce on hammock and head up there and kill baki in your way.
8. jump on hammock until you get up collecting all coins in the way.
9.exit level like above and go into again and follow these steps.
final note i am pro at this game so i should know my way about every level and square pixel of every level!
get heaps of lives
1. go to star forest level and go down the nearist metor till you see a secret spot pick up the extra life token 2.press start and go EXIT MAP 3.keep doing the same agian and eventally you will have heaps of lives
your welcome
How To beat Monsters
Frostwind: Once you are on the level ( Frostwind ) walk over to the edge of the snowy cliff, their will be a short clip after that Frostwind will appear, shoot your snowshooter at him he will fall down, then when you jump to the otherside Frostwind will chase you for a short-amount of time. Keep repeating this and then you will land under a little Raposa called Heather. Then Frostwind will attack you and shoot shiny peices of ice, then shoot him when you have the chance to, bounce on your bottom above him keep repeating it. After you will defeat Frostwind. Deadwood: Go to the mission Deadwood, Deadwood will appear from a tree, here is where it gets harder, go the pause menu and hold down L & R and press A,X,B,B,Y that should give you Invincible mode, evil shadows will appear avoid the bats and shoot the pincones with your acorn blaster then the floor will shake and you will be eaten, shoot the goo wizard 1-5 times the mission is now complete. Angle Fish King: Do the cheat code again and kill all the bone fish once you meet the king just shoot him/ hope this helps
Its always good to have extra coins....
If you ever find yourself on lo ammounts of Rapo coins, then just head over to one of the first areas, or an easier one if you can find one, and then just fly through the area as fast you can. Each time you beat an area, you should get 100 rapo coins, plus any ammount of coins you pick up in the area.
sleeping snowman = big combos
Go into one of the levels in Snow Path (I prefer Banya Fields myself) that contains the enemy itself (sleeping snowman). I highly suggest grabbing alot of ammo for your snowshooter. The snowmen are the really cranky enemies. They will get really ticked at you when you try to wake them up. If you manage to wake one of them, it will start sending out angry "snowmen midgets" after you. You will have to slowly sneak past it to avoid this. Getting back on subject, how to execute this charade, you will have to sneak up right next to him. (try to restrain yourself from killing it) Then face it (still asleep) and shoot at it with your snowshooter. The effect of which will cause absolutely no damage it. (don't ask me why) The advantage to this is you will start racking up combos like mad, that is until you run out of ammo. (sorry for holding you up)
Super Flip Jump, to the rescue!

To do a super flip jump, stand under the platform you want to get up onto. Do the move "flip". You will hop up onto the platform. If your target platform is not a cloud, then stand near your target platform. Do the move "flip" while pressing the control pad left or right depending on which side of the platform you're by. You will hop up onto the platform. Hope this helps!


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Die Twice in a row
Beat the game all the way up to "Shadow Lair" Go all the way into the level until you get to the hole that leads to the jumping to Wilfre. Touch the trident and jump down immeadeatly (Make sure you have full health.) As soon as the goo drains to just below the ground race all the way to the edge jump off. As you are falling move as close to the wall you fell from. You will reach into the wall and if you're timing was correct you should die twice. Once for the goo. Once for the pit.
On the level with water, swim to the bottom. (of the water <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />) Then hold down. Your guy should squat. Then Keep pressing A. He'll float up without swimming!


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a few cheats
In Pause hold L and press the following

Invincibility: AXBBY
Full Health: YXYXA
5 Lives: XYBAA

A sound will confirm you did it correctly.

Hope I helped, .
Animal Templates
To unlock the animal templates, hold the L button while drawing your character and press B, B, A, A, X. The animals consist of a gecko, a fish, a sheep, a cat (I think...), and a bunny wearing a skirt (weird...).

Hope this helps you be more creative on your character!
Full health
Go into any level and when you want more health just press start (you have to hold down the "L" button while entering this cheat) then while holding "L" press "YXYXA" ps: if your volume is up you will hear some rapos say awwww if the cheat is done ( if you do not here this you have to get out of pause then repeat the cheat) HAPPY CHEATING
Invinciblity From Everything
1.Press Start
2.Hold down 'L'
3.Press the buttons in this order: A, X, B, B, Y
4.Repeat in every new level

Happy cheating!
-Buggy l:3>
Robot Templates
To unlock the robot templates in draw mode hold L button then press Y,X,Y,X,A button.The robots consist of a one eyed gear robot,an egg shaped robot with a satallite on its head,a cat driving a cyborb,a plate headed blue robot and an armor plated robot
Secret Village
Throw 10,000 rapo coins in the well and get a secret village. If you throw it all in at once you will get 30 lives and templates as well as the secret village. I won't spoil it, but the secret village is COOL!!
Sports templates
In draw mode hold the L button button and press(Y,A,B,A,X) to unlock the Sports templates.