Drakengard 3 Cheats

Drakengard 3 cheats, Trophys, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Chain King (Bronze)Land 50 consecutive hits.
Chakram Master (Bronze)Obtained every chakram weapon.
First-time Shopper (Bronze)Went shopping for the first time.
Fresh-blooded Intoner (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies.
Gimme Your Money! (Bronze)Fulfilled one of Accord's requests.
Immortal Intoner (Bronze)Reach player level 30.
Knuckle Master (Bronze)Obtained every claw weapon.
Momentary Perfection (Bronze)Pulled off a successful counterattack.
Power of the Song (Bronze)Activated Intoner mode for the first time.
Resurrected Intoner (Bronze)Reach player level 5.
Ruler of the Skies (Bronze)Earn every perfect bonus during air-battle stages.
Skilled Combatant (Bronze)Pulled off a weapon-change combo.
Spear Master (Bronze)Obtained every spear weapon.
Sword Master (Bronze)Obtained every sword weapon.
Treasure Hunter (Bronze)Opened 50 treasure chests.
Trial Period (Bronze)Completed at least one mission with every disciple.
Weapon Collector (Casual) (Bronze)Collected 5 weapons.
Weapon Collector (Hardcore) (Bronze)Collected 25 weapons.
Weapon Collector (Serious) (Bronze)Collected 15 weapons.
Chain Master (Silver)Land 100 consecutive hits.
Crimson Intoner (Silver)Defeat 1000 enemies.
Fork it All Over! (Silver)Fulfilled 20 of Accord's requests.
Gold Master (Silver)Earned a cumulative total of 300,000 gold.
True Treasure Hunter (Silver)Opened every treasure chest.
Weapon Master (Silver)Collected every weapon.
Every Last Coin is Mine! (Gold)Fulfilled all of Accord's requests.
Weapon Maniac (Gold)Raised every weapon to level 4.
Secret Trophies-
A painfully exquisite gift! (Bronze)Accepted the second present from Decad.
As kind as I am beautiful. (Bronze)Accepted the second present from Cent.
Chapter Zero (Bronze)Complete chapter 0.
Go on. You know you want it. (Bronze)Accepted the second present from Dito.
Poison and Flowers (Bronze)Defeat Raphael.
The Ancient Progenitor (Bronze)Defeat Ezrael.
The Dragons' Purpose (Bronze)Defeat Gabriel.
The Flood of Lust (Bronze)Defeat Phanuel.
The Frigid Castle's Fall (Bronze)Defeat Armaros.
The Immortal Color (Bronze)Defeat Galgaliel.
The pleasure is ALL mine... (Bronze)Accepted the second present from Octa.
The Puppet Wrangler (Bronze)Defeat Almisael.
The Servile Dragon (Bronze)Defeat Zophiel.
The Sullied Dance (Bronze)Defeat Abdiel.
The Twin Walls' Slumber (Bronze)Defeat Egregori.
Ending A (Silver)Complete branch A.
Ending B (Silver)Complete branch B.
Ending C (Silver)Complete branch C.
Ending D (Gold)Complete branch D.
The Final Song (Platinum)Obtain all other trophies.
DLC TrophiesTwo's Chapter: Bliss
Two's Chapter, Verse 1 (Bronze)Complete Mission 1.
Two's Chapter, Verse 2 (Bronze)Complete Mission 2.
Two's Chapter, Verse 3 (Bronze)Complete Mission 3.
Serenity Obtained! (Silver)Defeat Homunculus.
Terminus of Bliss (Gold)Raise Two to her maximum level (10).
DLC TrophiesThree's Chapter: Play
Three's Chapter, Verse 1 (Bronze)Complete Mission 1.
Three's Chapter, Verse 2 (Bronze)Complete Mission 2.
Three's Chapter, Verse 3 (Bronze)Complete Mission 3.
Toys Complete! (Silver)Defeat Greater Gigas.
Epitome of Play (Gold)Raise Three to her maximum level (10).
DLC TrophiesFour's Chapter: Frigidity
Four's Chapter, Verse 1 (Bronze)Complete Mission 1.
Four's Chapter, Verse 2 (Bronze)Complete Mission 2.
Four's Chapter, Verse 3 (Bronze)Complete Mission 3.
Justice Prevails! (Silver)Defeat Pirate Fleets.
Peak of Frigidity (Gold)Raise Four to her maximum level (10).
DLC TrophiesFive's Chapter: Hunger
Five's Chapter, Verse 1 (Bronze)Complete Mission 1.
Five's Chapter, Verse 2 (Bronze)Complete Mission 2.
Five's Chapter, Verse 3 (Bronze)Complete Mission 3.
Food Obtained! (Silver)Defeat the Big, Juicy Crab.
Climax of Hunger (Gold)Raise Five to her maximum level (10).
DLC TrophiesZero's Chapter: Fate
Zero's Chapter, Verse 1 (Bronze)Complete Mission 1.
Zero's Chapter, Verse 2 (Bronze)Complete Mission 2.
Zero's Chapter, Verse 3 (Bronze)Complete Mission 3.
Partner Obtained! (Silver)Defeat Michael.
Cycle of Fate (Gold)Raise Zero to her maximum level (10).


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Bloodstained Garb
Upgrade all weapons in the game to the maximum Lvl.4 to earn the Bloodstained Garb dress (also referred to as the "crimson dress") for Zero. When equipped, your Intoner gauge refills automatically, even when empty!
DLC: Last Year's Outfit
Complete Zero's DLC chapter to unlock this new costume, which increases the duration of Intoner mode when activated.