Drakengard 2 Cheats

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easy combo move
If you are training a very weak weapon but are facing very strong soldiers then do this combo move... here is what you do:
-hit the triangle button (this will lunch the opponate up in the air)
-IMMEDIATLY after you hit triangle hit the X button to jump into the air after him
- right when you get up to him hit the square button (this will hit him if done right)
finally hit the triangle again to come crashing down on the enemy and doing some more damage
  • this might take a while to get it right and the speed at which you have to do it in varies a bit between characters. Also you get no extra bonus damage for doing this nor is it possible to do on every enemy
beat the game once:
enables you to play through a second time w/all your items/levels from the first runthrough. Also unlocks new wepons

unlock the solder orb for nowe so that he will change costume at your will.

Unlocks even more great stuff (and by now you can kick any body's A** XD

Unlocks nowe's 'new breed' form orb, so that you can change to a new breed at will

Even MORE cool stuff, and the most powerfull weapons in the game are unlocked.

by now its a one hit kill on most everyting =^-^=
leveling up faster
this tip is for easy leveling in drakengard 2 in every fight were there are many hard enimies like when your fighting yaha and is gnomes fight and l up as much as possible then die.