DragonVale Cheats

DragonVale cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for iPhone.


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UnlockableHow to unlock
Air Competitor (10 points)Earn Gold Trophy for air dragon event from Colosseum
Breeder (5 points)Breed any two dragons
Cold Competitor (10 points)Earn Gold Trophy for cold dragon event from Colosseum
Double Rainbow (50 points)Acquire and hatch 2 rainbow dragons
Earth Competitor (10 points)Earn Gold Trophy for earth dragon event from Colosseum
Every Last One (25 points)Acquire every dragon type
Fire Competitor (10 points)Earn Gold Trophy for fire dragon event from Colosseum
Level 10 Dragon (25 points)Level dragon to full maturity
Level 10 Park (10 points)Get park to level 10
Level 15 Park (15 points)Get park to level 15
Level 20 Park (50 points)Get park to level 20
Level 5 Park (5 points)Get park to level 5
Lightning Competitor (10 points)Earn Gold Trophy for lightning dragon event from Colosseum
Metal Competitor (10 points)Earn Gold Trophy for metal dragon event from Colosseum
Plant Competitor (10 points)Earn Gold Trophy for plant dragon event from Colosseum
Water Competitor (10 points)Earn Gold Trophy for water dragon event from Colosseum
Dragon Breeds
UnlockableHow to unlock
Air DragonFire + Air
Blazing DragonFire + Air
Bloom DragonLichen + Cold
Bone Dragona lvl 10 Earth Dragon + a lvl 10 Fire Dragon
Brass Dragon (Availible Level 17)Metal + fire
Cactus DragonPlant + Lightning|
Chrome DragonMetal + Air
Crystal DragonLightning + Earth
Flower DragonFire + Life
Lichen DragonCold + Life |
Moon DragonSonic Dragon + Storm Dragon (the same level)
Quake DragonEarth + Lightning
Rainbow DragonIce Dragon + Blazing Dragon
Tree DragonPlant + Earth


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Dragon Track Help
The Dragon Track is a building which you can buy at level 15.

  • Price: 250,000 DragonCash
  • Unlocked: Level 15
  • EXP: 50,000 EXP
  • Time: Takes 4 hours to build

    There are multiple different tracks your dragons can race on:
    Tutorial: Which is: Plant and Water
    Electric Skies: Which is: Lightning and Air
    Ulster Meadows: Which is: Plant and Earth
    Blast Furnace: Which is: Fire and Metal
    Dramoria: Which is: Cold and Metal
    Marshlands: Which is: Plant, Water and Earth
    Year of the Dragon: Which is: Earth, Air, Water and Fire
    Cherry Road: Which is: Plant, Earth and Fire
    Rime or Reason: Which is: Cold and Air
    Shimmering Faultline: Which is: Lightning and Earth

    Did you know!?:
  • Kairos, the legendary dragon is the only dragon CURRENTLY that cannot participate in races?
  • Apparently, if your dragon gets 4th or 5th on a race, the track will not change the next race.
  • The Dragon Track was the first minigame in DragonVale.

  • Gems (Rare).
  • DragonCash.
  • Treats.
  • If you have the Perch of Kairos in the making, then you can get Artifacts.
  • You can also earn Magic at some parts of the year.

    Thanks for reading (if you did),
  • Friend Codes
    In version 2.1.0 (one of the latest updates), there is something on the bottom of your screen called 'Social'. If you click on that, it comes up with a box, and at the bottom of the box it says REDEEM CODE.

    You can click this and enter promotional codes, or friend codes. Both types of the codes give you Gems.

  • Promotional codes vary in how many you get.
  • Friend codes will always give you 25 gems. The persons code you put in will give them the amount of gems of what level you are. 10-50. You need to be atleast level 10 to be able to use Friend Codes.

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  • Olympus
    The breeding combos for the Gold Olympus is the same as the Bronze and the Silver Olympus.

    One breeding combination is: