Dragon's Lair 3D review
Dragon´s Lair 3D

The good:

Good return of an old game idea, especially for all the 80´s arcade generation of gamers which will soon get into a "RETRO MOOD".
Good control with the mouse and after remapping the keyboard.
Nice Graphics in typical Dragon´s Lair style, good soundworks and music aswell as voice acting (very genuine). Addictive! -Just one more room....
Nice plot in the storyline as the game goes on!

The bad:

A bit to Easy.
Original death scenes of Dirk dying are reduced to one standard scene, PITTY! -Since they were realy funny!
Needs at least a 3 button mouse to be played properly.


This game is recommended to everyone who was standing in a queue to play the 80´s original laserdisc arcade game. Good job done converting the old game into an 3D invironment. Nice voice work done (sounds like the original voices from the 80´s), music is very good and fits the game, original score used very well.
Graphics are very good, keeping the original concept alive which made -and still makes Dragon´s Lair what it is, a unique game with it´s genuine "comic style".
The quicksave -quickload feature is very useful especialy since it´s used alot.
Game saves, loads immediately after pressing the regarding button, which helps the game not to get anoying at times.
Riddles are to easy for experienced gamers, game never get´s to hard, no unfair places within the game.

All in all I do recommend this game to everyone who likes platforms with any restriction of players age!

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